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What kind of relationship do the main 6 have with their siblings (if they have any)?

Skye adores her younger siblings and they really look up to her! In general, the Ketchum siblings are really close with each other. They do a lot together as a family, and Skye always included them when she would go play with Briar as a kid. They do have their squabbles, though. Skye and Reid especially fight a lot and Misty always has to break it up after Calla tattles on them.

Allie and Nick both get along well. They do like to poke fun at and tease each other, though. Plus, Allie needs to yell at Nick to get out of her room a lot. But the two call each other a lot while they’re on their separate travels and fill each other in on what they’re doing. They make a lot of plans to meet up when they can!

Aidan used to think Briar was a really cool superhero when he was little, but the older he got the more he realized that his big brother was actually just a huge nerd. He likes to tease him for it a lot, and tries to give him advice on girls. But Briar insists that he “doesn’t want that kind of advice from his 10-year-old brother”. Aidan always claims that he’s just “looking out for his bro”.

Kierra loves the both of her siblings dearly, but unfortunately Lia doesn’t really get along with her. Lia hold a lot of jealousy towards Kierra since it feels like Kierra is just naturally better than her at everything she does. It’s led to there being quite a bit of tension and a kind of one-sided sibling rivalry between them. Kierra does frequently try to mend their relationship, but Lia never seems too interested. Kierra gets along great with Gavin, though! Granted, we don’t know much about him yet!


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