nick brody


Nearly finished my females of rock zine! There are so many more women I wanted to put into this but these are the ones who have influenced me the most. I’m really happy with how it’s turning out. The quotes are from Riot Grrrl and varying artists through the booklet. 


“I love to work with this man” Claire Danes (about Damian Lewis)

every goddamn time homeland pops up on my dash my heart squeezes in my chest and my soul gets ripped apart once again because it just hurts. carrie and brody loved each other and yes, it was a fucked up kind of love and yes, given the circumstances it would’ve taken nothing short of a miracle for them to live the lives they wanted together but they loved each other goddamn it. despite their faults and weaknesses and all their crazy bullshit, they loved each other and that is what i choose to hold on to. their crazy stupid love that no one but them could ever understand.

“why do i feel like this?”

“because you gave it up to me.”



Just some of the photos posted by the cast and crew of CSI. My heart breaks a little every time I see everyone together because I know it’s the last time and I don’t want it to end because the show has had such a huge impact on me, they are like a second family and I’m gonna miss them all sooooo much 😭💔🔫🔪💣💥💉💊💰🃏🎰🔬🔦