nick barba

Law and Order: SVU
Olivia Benson: U have to testify
Fin Tutuola: I came from narcotics
Amanda Rollins: Back in Atlanta…
Elliot Stabler: I hate pedophiles
John Munch: The government has been keeping tabs
Captain Cragen: Liv, Elliot, my office. Now.
Melinda Warner: blunt force trauma to the head
Rafael Barba: Not enough evidence
Nick Amaro: Hola
Victim: Im not testifying

Merry Christmas Indeed ➸ Nick Amaro


Dear Sadie,

It’s me, Mariam! Your Secret Santa :) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, you deserve the world. Here’s your gift :)

Warnings: smut, friends w/ benefits, angst, fluff, Amaro being sexy as fuck



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He was here again. In your apartment. Maybe it was because it was lonely. Maybe because it was Christmas. Maybe it was even because he missed you. And you couldn’t say you didn’t miss him too. But that was besides the point.

It started when you were sitting on your couch. It was a damn comfy couch. There’s a knock on the door and naturally you roll your eyes, trying to find the will to get up and answer it. So you do. You get up and walk towards the door, grabbing the gun under your coffee table along the way. You glance through the peephole and release a breath you didn’t know you were holding in.


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