nick and siri

man imagine that “siri what’s 1 billion to the tenth power” except nick

hancock: “hey nick what’s 1 trillion ^ 10?”
nick: *tries to stop the process* “It is one-zero-zero-zero-zero…”
hancock: *starts beatboxing*
sole survivor: *provides vocals*
nick: *still trying to do the machine-mind equivalent of ctrl-alt-delete* “zero-zero-zero-zero-zero…”

Danielle, [27.02.16 16:05]
jokes on them after they’ve had their laugh and nick can’t stop

Danielle, [27.02.16 16:06]
just “zero-zero-zero-zero-zero-zero” “ok, nick … we got it … "zeRO-ZERO-ZERO-ZERO-ZERO-ZER”

hollowlaughter, [27.02.16 16:07]
he’s still going a like 4 am and hancock loses it and starts throwing shit out the window

Danielle, [27.02.16 16:07]
you brought this on yourself hancock

Danielle, [27.02.16 16:08]
truth is he cancelled it hours ago but is faking it to piss em off


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