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Current Favorite Ships

1. Oliver and Felicity (Arrow)
2. Bonnie and Enzo (TVD)
3. Captain Hook and Emma Swan (Once Upon A Time)
4. Jamie and Claire (Outlander)
5. Donna and Harvey (Suits)
6. Nick and Adalind (Grimm)
7. Nick and Jess (New Girl)
8. April and Jackson (Grey’s Anatomy)
9. Jace and Clary (Shadowhunters)
10. Emma and Dylan (Bates Motel)
11. Barry and Iris (The Flash)
12. Kara and Mon El (Supergirl)
13. Archie and Betty (Riverdale)
14. Jason and Sam (General Hospital)
15. Eleanor and Jasper (The Royals)
16. Stiles and Lydia (Teen Wolf)
17. Liv and Major (iZombie)
18. Ryan and Alex (Quantico)
19. Weller and Jane (Blindspot)
20. Fitz and Simmons (Agents of Shield)
21. Danny and Riley (Baby Daddy)
22. Josh and Gabi (Young and Hungry)

@florakinesis Happy Birthday Zach!!! Here’s the adorable Nick with a birdy for ya <33 (I’m so so sorry for this being late can I please blame the mushrooms in the back ground sdfghjk >O<” please forgive me) I hope you had a wonderful day buddy ^3^

Fic: Not the Last Time (1/1)

Title: Not the Last Time
Author: Slayerkitty
Genre: Angst, Smut
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Biting/Marking/Hickies, Frottage, Blow Job, Barebacking
Spoilers: Through 5-16-14
Pairings: Will/Sonny
Disclaimer: Days of our Lives and its characters are not mine, no matter how much I enjoy playing with them. :)
Word Count: ~2,000
Summary: Sonny can’t help but keep kissing him and vows to himself that this is not the last time.
Author’s Note: So Friday’s episode kind of sent me on a spiral of WilSon feels and this fic idea would not leave me alone, so I had to write it down. It’s porn, pretty much. :)

Major thanks to all my cheerleaders who pushed me in all the best ways - this fic would not be possible without any of you. <3

Huge thanks to beautifulhigh for the beta.

The first kiss is chaste, heartfelt. It’s meant for comfort. The second kiss is more though, the touch of Will’s lips against his stirring up want in Sonny, just like always. He can’t help it, the kiss grows firmer and he’s pressing Will back into the couch cushions. Will lets him, sliding down so he’s under Sonny. 

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A Surprise Duet!

Hey Nicksters!

If you’re like me, you’re probably feeling kinda bummed about Virtual Playlist’s no-go making Nick a no-show on live stream.

This will make you feel a bit better though - a new vine with Thomas Sanders featuring Nick….. absolutely brilliant follow-on from their  “Unexpected Duet ” vine from Playlist Live NJ last November….

….. your consolation prize - enjoy!!