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So much for that Nicki chick.

It was good while it lasted. 

“All these fake asses influenced by that girl
Dying from botched surgeries, what a sad world
But before the butt job, you was a Spongebob"👊💥

"You a Internet troll, a Web browser, I’m sorry
You can’t get her online with out Safaree” 👊💥 

“You animated like Nickelodeon, you fake, bitch
Only the kids believe in you, you St. Nick
Now when I shoot Nick at Nite, they won’t understand it
I’m Wild'n Out, bout to hit Nick with the Cannon"  👊💥

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OK I’m going crazy there was a TV show that was about a guy who did a lot of shitty things in his life and when he dies he comes back as a dog and has to do good deeds in order to make amends with the shitty things he did. The dog is a German Shepherd and talks but only to one human. What is this fucking show called. I think it was on Nick at Nite but I can’t find it ANYWHERE

anonymous asked:

Okay, I need you to give a blow by blow on how you met your Rick, so I can use it as a map to find my own, lol.

Have I not shared this?  Huh.  (And sorry for the delay!)

Many stars had to align for this. and the following should be noted:

- He won the Talking Dead contest on his second try 
- If I had not been living in Los Angeles, this would not have happened, even if i had won tickets
- I had no tickets when I went to that event
- I worked at that time, literally four blocks away from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery
- I had only started cosplaying as Michonne since SDCC ‘16
- I have been going to SDCC for the last…seven years, and he had been going for the last, like twenty, and we never ran into each other. Can you imagine that? His tall ass is walking around the floor at comic con, dressed as Rick Grimes, even by the Negan trailer, and we never saw each other
- Back to my not having a ticket: me being me, I showed up anyway, dressed as Michonne, sure as shit someone would let me in

Okay, so I roll up there dressed, right, and the lines were already moving.  I scan the crowd, and see this one dude–the only dude–who appeared to be there alone.  Ignoring the line, I cross over three rows and walk up to him and ask, “Excuse me, but did you come here alone?”  Low and behold, he has.  Even better?  His friend was supposed to go, but canceled the night before.  I asked if he wouldn’t mind I go as a stand-in for his friend, to which he agreed.

This also has to be noted: You can’t be afraid.  Many people who didn’t have a ticket would not have showed up like I did.  I grew up watching Nick at Nite, and binging on I Love Lucy.  Lucy Ricardo always had a scheme going.  Even if it didn’t always work, she tried.

As my mother always told me, “Nothing beats a fail but a try.”

I showed up, had two big brass one’s to ask a total stranger for a ticket, and I got in.  Once inside of the grounds, the helpful stranger and I parted ways, and I went to go find seating near the Talking Dead stage. Once I found my seat, I headed back towards the front gates to get a signal on my phone (I was having someone technical difficulties at that time with it; new one now!).  As I was walking towards the front, I see him walking towards me, headed in.

For a split second, I was a bit put off because, I am not totally keen on s1 Rick cosplay.  I’m more of a murder!coat kind of gal.  Anyway, my criticism of his cosplay vanished when he smiled at me.  There were a lot of thoughts going through my head–my phone situation, trying to hurry back cause the show was starting soon, blah blah blah, but I wanted to talk to him.  And…I didn’t.


But I figured I’d see him inside.

And I didn’t, lmao.  Crazy, right?

It took a cosplaying Andrea to bring him to me, literally.  She wanted a photo op with both of us, lol.

There was one moment where it was just the two of us taking photos for fans, and he had his arm wrapped around me, and someone yelled, “You should kiss her, like on the show!”  And I looked up at him, and he looked down at me, and he gave the most devilish smirk.  Between the lights flashing and him looking at me like that, I would not have minded.

Anyway, security broke the photos up, because the show was starting.  This time, I was not going to let him get away.  Nope!  Just as I was about to mention giving him my number, he took my hand and shook it.

Me: Brandenn, right?
Brandenn: Yes. Jill?
Me: Uh huh?
Brandenn: [stares at me, unblinking and quite serious] After the show, I will find you.

I was totally smitten by his certainty about that.  Still, I saw him after the show before he saw me, and I made sure to be in his line of vision, in case he forgot…

In short, my advice would be this: You can’t be afraid. If you see your Rick, go and talk to that man.  Maybe he’s interested, maybe he’s not, but my god, isn’t it worse to not know?