nick iluzada


Bust out your glitter pens! We’re about to get craftacular! Our ADVENTURE TIME #30 comic, out in July (NEXT MONTH!) is going to be a special stand-alone DIY zine issue from the citizens of Ooo!

This totes legit issue features longtime ADVENTURE TIME writer Ryan North and artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb; plus artists Liz Prince, Carey Pietsch, Rebecca Tobin, Kat Philbin, T. Zysk, Missy Pena, Jesse Tise, Ian McGinty, David Cutler, and Yumi Sakugawa.


ADVENTURE TIME #30 Fan Subscription Cover by Nick Iluzada (top) and ADVENTURE TIME #30 Retailer Incentive Cover by Luke Pearson (bottom).

I’m looking for my first studio space and it’s pretty overwhelming. So I decided to do what I do best, which is talk to people and ask them a lot of questions. Today I visited the Greenpoint, Brooklyn studio of illustrator Nick Iluzada, whose name I will link repeatedly.

Nick’s work is bright and cheerful with a whole lot of movement. Sort of like him, basically. He’s done editorial work for like The New York Times and The Atlantic, releases his own prints and zines, and does lots of collaborative projects too. He is in my 2013 weekly planner! He is a nice guy! He has a tumblr!

As a freelancer, he needs to keep busy and focused, but he seems pretty good at both of those things. His shared studio space is full of physical resources (all the paper! risograph printer! a million comics!) as well as people resources (I met cartoonist & illustrator Nick Sumida too!) and tons of good stuff to look at.

I guess a good way to develop your work and explore new ideas is to work with other people, in a space that allows for experimentation, that isn’t just your bedroom. If anyone else around NYC has a cool studio space to check out, let me know!