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Scott McCall x Reader *smut*

Charles Xavier x Reader *smut*

Eric Coulter x Reader *smut*

Peter Hayes x Reader *smut*

Jerome Valeska x Reader *smut*

Illya Kuryakin x Reader *smut*

Michael Grey x Reader x Thomas Shelby *smut*

Thomas Shelby x Reader *smut*

Jace Wayland x Reader *smut*

Magnus Bane x Reader *smut*

Joker x Reader *smut*

Nick!Lucifer x Reader *smut*

Eobard Thawne x Reader *smut*

Finn Balor x Reader *smut*

Sami Zayn x Reader *smut*

Chris Jericho x Reader *smut*

Noam Dar x Reader *smut*

Luke Gallows x Reader *smut*

Logan Howlett x Reader *smut*

Lucifer Morningstar x Reader *one-shot*

Logan Howlett x Reader *one-shot*

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Ivory White

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Lucifer x Reader

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A/N: My Mick fic seemed to get more attention than I thought it would, so I thought I’d post some more of my stuff and see what you guys think. If there’s anything specific you guys want to see, my ask box is open! I didn’t edit this, so I apologise for any incorrect spelling and/or grammar.

Warnings: none. 

Word count: 1,644.


If there was anything you loved most in the world, it was stars. When you were much younger, you’d found a way onto the roof from your attic bedroom and it wasn’t uncommon to find you in a blanket staring into the sky when you should’ve been sleeping.

Even years later, the fascination you held never went away. Sam and Dean never truly understood your love for the night sky, but they found themselves grateful that for all you’d seen in the world, you could still appreciate something so simple as stars.

It had become routine now for you to wander off to bed for a nap in the early evening. Sam would grab a thick blanket for you and Dean would slip some snacks into a small basket for you before they woke you and you would either sneak back to bed when the sun had risen or they would find you asleep outside.

They’d all joined you at some point or other. Sam and Dean sat with you when sleep was scarce. Castiel taught you all you know about stars and the constellations and even Chuck had sat with you, admiring your love for one of his favourite creations.

Arriving home from a hunt, you allowed yourself a full night’s sleep whilst you avoided your most recent house guest.

Lucifer had been returned to Nick’s vessel by Chuck after the threat of the Darkness was resolved. Not wanting to put him back in the cage, he limited Lucifer’s powers and asked you and the Winchester’s to essentially babysit the fallen angel.

He’d been incredibly hostile the first few weeks until eventually his situation seemed to sink in. Now he sat quietly, reading mostly and only breaking his silence to give snarky comments.

That lead you to now, as the clock struck 7pm you closed the book on blood drinking creatures and stood, stretching slightly.

“Alright, I’m gonna head to bed,” you mentioned to the group. Sam gave you a smile whilst Dean set his watch to beep at the next hour so he could wake you up. You kissed Sam on the head and Dean and Cas on the cheek before saying goodnight.

Lucifer didn’t even bat an eye as you walked out, the Winchester’s and his little brother echoing a goodnight to you.

By now, he’d learned that you always left around this time to sleep and then you would be woken up and you would spend the rest of your night outside for whatever ridiculous reason.

He often caught you sneaking in after the sun had risen or one of the Winchester’s would carry you to your bed.

He ignored the curiosity niggling at him and resumed reading in the quiet of the library.

Eventually Dean’s watch began to beep and suddenly everyone was in motion. Sam stood and walked into the hallway with Dean whilst Castiel walked towards the stairs and the door.

Lucifer watched them all leave, once again ignoring his curiosity.

You were shaken awake gently.

“Hey, c’mon sweetheart, time to get up,” Dean muttered to you as he slowly helped you sit up. The tiredness was clear in your eyes and as strong shelled as Dean usually came off, he felt himself soften and he ran a hand through your hair.

“Why don’t you sleep a bit longer,” he insisted but you shook your head and shakily stood from his grasp. He chuckled and stood with you.

“I’ll probably fall asleep outside again,” you told him honestly.

Dean crossed to your dresser and pulled open a drawer, rooting around for the fluffiest pair of socks you owned.

“Not without these you’re not,” he said, handing them to you. You laughed and thanked him before walking through the bunker into the war room.

Sam looked up from his book and shook his head as you tiredly stumbled into the room. You smiled sleepily at him as he stood from his chair, taking over from Dean.

“Thanks, Sammy.”

At the top of the stairs stood your basket, filled with blankets and 2 pillows on top.

“It’s not so cold out tonight, but if it gets too much, come inside,” Sam told you, trying to be stern about it but the smile on your face told him you wouldn’t listen either way.

You gave him a quick hug and wished him a good night before closing the door behind you. The crisp, cool air felt nice and you took a deep breath.

The sky was just beginning to go dark and you crossed the gravel quickly before hopping the fence into the field opposite the bunker.

When Lucifer next looked up from the book in front of him, the Winchester’s had long since gone to bed and Castiel had disappeared to wherever he went to. He was more than content to keep reading but the urge to know just what it was the Winchester’s pet did during the late hours became overwhelming.

He sighed and stood, swiftly making his way to the bunker door. Stepping out and closing it behind him, he walked up the steps into the open space. Lucifer’s eyes picked up the glow of a light a bit further off in the distance. The faint sound of wings was unmissable in the silence of the night but you didn’t seem to notice him appear close to you.

Instead, your head was against a pillow, eyes staring up into the night sky and a cozy blanket covered you. Lucifer took a moment to watch you, to see you in what looked to be your safe place.

There was a small, unconscious smile on your face and the stars in the sky seemed to reflect in your eyes and for a second, Lucifer was overcome with an emotion he wasn’t familiar with.

“You know they’re just burning planets, don’t you.”

You barely flinched, but the flicker of panic in your eyes told him you were unaware of his presence. You pushed yourself to sit up and you frowned.

“Yes, I know. That doesn’t mean I can’t look at them,” you replied before asking the question you desperately wanted the answer to.

“Lucifer, what are you doing out here?”

The archangel maintained his standing position and folded his arms and if you didn’t know any better, you’d have said it was protective mechanism.

“I just wondered what ridiculous human hobby you were partaking in.”

You sighed and moved over on your multitude of blankets and patted the space next to you. He narrowed his eyes at you and then decided to accept your unspoken offer.

The closer he came, the colder it seemed but you didn’t mind so much. You’d always been more partial to the cold.

He sat next to you stiffly and you shook your head before scooting down and laying your head on a pillow. You raised an eyebrow, challenging him to do the same.

Lucifer scowled and hesitantly matched your form.

“It’s not a ridiculous human hobby. At least, not to me. I just-” you struggled for words.

“I just like to watch, to see. Maybe it’s because it’s pretty or maybe sometimes I feel the need to remind myself just how peaceful and beautiful this world can be.”

Lucifer had always had an unseen soft spot for you. You’d been one of the only people who actually tried to understand him and watching you fumble for your words in this moment made him feel the need to understand you.

“I see awful things most days, I fight monsters. Sometimes I just want the peace and tranquillity that comes with this view.”

Lucifer was quiet and that scared you.

“I watched my father create the stars, a process that other than Gabriel and myself, no others witnessed. No doubt you would have liked it.”

You stared at the archangel next to you, your mouth agape in the shock that he was willingly sharing something so intimate with you.

“Some people believe that stars are actually windows into heaven,” you mentioned to him.

He laughed a little and you felt a pull in your chest at the sound.

“That’s a ridiculous notion,” he turned his head to look at you and for a moment you found yourself more enraptured with those cerulean blue eyes that seemed to shine brighter than any star.

“It’s a nice thought though.”

The two of you were mostly silent as the darkness in the sky slowly dripped away and the morning light began to bleed through.

You cupped your hands around the mug in your hands. It was filled with warm coffee from a thermos that Castiel had slipped into the basket, if the bee stickers were anything to go by.

Lucifer’s intimidating exterior had melted away as had the hours. He looked more peaceful now than you had ever seen him.

“Why do you suppose that is?” he questioned when you mentioned that to him.

“Well perhaps it was the company,” you joked. “But I suppose there’s a reason they call you ‘Morning Star’ and ‘Light-bringer’ isn’t there?”

Lucifer smiled and nodded, turning his eyes back to the oncoming sunset.

“Many people forget those names for me. Sometimes even I forget,” he confided to you.

You placed your cup to the side and hesitantly settled closer to him.

“I won’t let you forget,” the promise left your lips without a thought from your brain but any negative thought was removed when a cold hand slide around your waist and pulled you closer.

The two of you watched the stars fade from the sky and the orange light of dawn lit up the world before you.

You don’t remember falling asleep and you don’t remember getting to your bed, but you do remember the lingering feeling of cool lips on your forehead and you hoped that Lucifer would join you again. 

The Devil Fell Once More (Nick!Lucifer x Reader) *smut*

Request: Definitely write a supernatural smut featuring Nick!Lucifer -Anon


Word Count:

Warnings: Smut, unprotected sex, language

Tags: @crazychick010 @ccastielnovak @benjerry707 @starstar1012  @casismyguardianangel @adriianas

“Hey Lucy.” You kissed your boyfriend’s head as you walked over to the cabinets to make yourself a cup of hot cocoa. You and Lucifer had been moving from one place to another because the Winchester brothers were on your asses, trying to hunt you down to drag you back to Hell.

You looked over to Lucifer who was tired; his baggy eyes swollen and his skin was paler than ever. You walked over to him, with the mug in your hand. “You need to rest more. 3 hours aren’t enough for the King of Hell.” A smile crept upon his lips and nodded.

“I’m tired of those Winchester boys. They’re always right behind us.”

“But we’re always three steps ahead of them. Come on Lucifer.” You offered him some of your cocoa which he really liked. He gave you the half empty mug back and sank his head in his hands as you looked down on him. "Maybe you need something to tire you out.“ You put the mug on the coffee table and slowly started to undress. "Babe I-” As soon as Lucifer looked up to look at you, you were naked before him. He gulped; your hands slowly slid up his chest, his back against the soft pillows of the sofa. You climbed over his thighs slowly; you leaned in to plant a kiss on his lips.

Lucifer’s hands came up to your breasts, massaging them as you kissed. His thumbs rolled your nipples, making you moan at the tingling sensation of his warm hands against your goose bumped skin. He moved his hands down your back, pulling you closer to him. You removed Lucifer’s shirt, his heat radiated off him.

You slowly crawled off him and sat in between his legs. Your warm hand wrapped around his erection that was standing at attention. You licked a nice long line along his prominent vein, making him groan. “Baby…” He groaned as his hands found your hair. You took the tip of his cock in your mouth, sucking it gently. Lucifer threw his head back in ecstasy as you took him whole in your mouth.  

“That’s it baby girl…ah yes that’s the spot!” He bucked his hips as his dick hit the back of your throat, your moans sending vibrations through his wet cock. “Oh yes baby!” He came in your mouth and you swallowed his seed.

He pulled you up and you straddled him. His eyes were blown from lust and his chest was heaving from his orgasm. He took his member and aimed it at your aching core. You leaned closed to him, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to him. You slowly sank down on him, whimpering in the process. You and Lucifer had barely got some “alone time” without the Winchesters interfering.  And it was getting frustrating. You missed him being inside you.

Lucifer slowly thirsted his hips towards you, his dick brushing perfectly against your g spot. “Oh shit!” You cursed.

“I missed being inside you baby.” He breathed as he increased his pace. Your hands found his hair and you gently yanked on it. “Baby I’m coming.” You moaned as you reached your high. Your body trembled as your orgasm washed over you. Soon, Lucifer followed, spilling his seed inside you. You rested your head on his shoulder blade as you both caught your breath.

“I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time.” He kissed your cheek and nuzzled his face in the crook of your neck.

“The devil fell once more.” You chuckled.

“Hey, you were the one who bumped into me last year.”


“You are the devil ! You killed my father !”

“He accaepted this for you. And, maybe one day youll be useful. I keep you safe. I’m not the vilain.”

“Maybe not in this story. But you took my father away. How can I trust you ?”

“You’re still alive. Is it enough ?”

Entwined: Part 1

Lucifer x Reader

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A/N: My Lucifer fic garnered more attention than I thought it would so I decided to post a mini-series I’ve been working on, I have 3 parts already written up although they need a little editing. This is loosely based during season 5 but won’t be entirely canon compliant. If you would like to be tagged in anything I post, hit up my ask box! Anyway I hope you enjoy and any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

In case you missed it:

Entwined masterlist / Part 2 / Part 3

Warnings: none.

Word count: 690

Entwined: Part 1;

You looked at the flames lighting up the night sky as they rose from the house you’d barely escaped.

Sam and Dean Winchester stood either side of you, the elder Winchester swore, out of breath whilst Sam gripped his bicep, blood pooling betwixt his fingers.

“You three look toasty,” a sudden voice startled you.

Leaning against the silky black paint of the impala, a man smirked at the three of you, even as you pointed your guns at him.

You eyed him and something in your gut told you that this man was more than just human. Perhaps it was your many years of experience with the supernatural or it could have been the devilish look in his eyes. You turned your head to glance at Sam and Dean, both of whom wore expressions of anger and if you didn’t know them so well, you would have missed the well concealed fear in their eyes.

His eyes glanced over your trio, landing on you where they remained.

“What the hell do you want, Lucifer?” Dean ground out, an angel blade gripped tightly in his hand.

Your eyes widened. Having never met the fallen angel, you weren’t sure what to expect. The stories and rumours surrounding him were enough to scare even the best and most fearless of hunters. You felt your heartbeat increase and a coil tightened in your stomach. Whether it was terror or anticipation, you couldn’t tell.

Lucifer sighed and gave the eldest Winchester a faux look of disappointment. With a click of his fingers, the silver angel blade was nowhere to be seen.

“No need to be so hostile, I’m simply here to meet your lovely companion,” he turned his gaze back to you.

The brothers were slack jawed, no doubt, however you couldn’t seem to tear your eyes from his deep pools of cerulean blue. You understood that they belonged to his vessel, but the spark of mischief and glimmer of danger residing in his eyes was so… Lucifer.

“Why?” was the first word you’d spoken during this whole exchange. “Why would you want to meet me?”

Lucifer tensed, almost unnoticeably if you hadn’t been paying so much attention to him. He shifted against the impala, ignoring the glare that Dean was sending his way.

“The Winchester’s have a habit of attracting death to the people around them. I’m simply curious to see if you’re brave or just an idiot,” his tone was monotonous and the expression on his face read pure boredom.

You refused to look away from him as you contemplated his words.

“They’re my friends. My family. I’d be happy to die for them,” your voice and response were both firm and mentally you applauded your ability to remain calm in the face of Satan.

His eyes turned cold, the glimmer of danger more prominent and outlined with a fire. Despite the inferno behind them, the air seemed to turn icy. You wondered if this was it for you. Every hunter came to the end of their road at some point and you genuinely wondered if this was your last stop.

“An idiot then,” was all Lucifer said before forcing a wide smile at the three of you and disappearing, leaving behind only the faint flutter of wings.

“What a dick,” Dean mumbled, checking Baby over.

Sam placed a gentle albeit bloody hand on your shoulder and his brown eyes held concern.

“Are you okay?”

You took a deep breath and nodded before looking at the wound on his upper arm. You scrunched your nose and pushed him softly towards the car. His wound wasn’t fatal but it would definitely need to be looked after.

“Let’s get you stitched up,” you waved Dean away from the trunk and placed your weapons down, removed the shotgun from its position as a brace and closed the trunk.

A small shiver trickled down your spine and your breath caught at the now familiar voice echoing in your head.

Sam’s voice pulled you from your thoughts and you smiled, getting into the backseat and settling in for the ride back to the motel.

“I’ll see you soon.“

Supernatural Cast + Spouses/Children (06/05/17)

After getting this ask, I realised I hadn’t seen a post like this before… So here’s a list of the regular/recurring (4+ episodes) Supernatural cast’s spouses and children*

Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester) - Wife: Genevieve Padalecki (Ruby 2.0), Children: Thomas Colton Padalecki, Austin Shepherd Padalecki, Odette Elliott Padalecki

Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester) - Wife: Danneel Harris Ackles, Children: Justice Jay Ackles, Zeppelin Bram Ackles, Arrow Rhodes Ackles

Misha Collins (Castiel) - Wife: Vicki Vantoch, Children: West Anaximander Collins, Maison Marie Collins

Mark Sheppard (Crowley) - Wife: Sarah Sheppard, Children: Isabella Rose Sheppard, Max Sheppard (with Jessica Sheppard), Will Sheppard (with Jessica Sheppard)

Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer) - Children: Madeline Rose Beaver (with Cecily Adams)

Curtis Armstrong (Metatron) - Wife: Elaine Aronson, Children: Lily Armstrong

Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer/Nick) - Wife: Tracy Pellegrino, Step-Children: Tess Aziz, Misha Aziz

Rob Benedict (Chuck) - Wife: Mollie Benedict, Children: Audrey Benedict, Calvin Benedict

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester) - Wife: Hilarie Burton, Children: Augustus Morgan

Kim Rhodes (Jody Mills) - Husband: Travis Hodges, Children: Tabitha Jane Hodges

Ty Olsson (Benny Lafitte) - Partner: Maja Milkovich, Children: Dagan Hunter Olsson (with Leanna Nash), Mackenzie Olsson (with Leanna Nash)

Mitch Pileggi (Samuel Campbell) - Wife: Arlene Pileggi, Children: Sawyer Scout Pileggi

Alaina Huffman (Abaddon) - Children: Elijan Huffman, Hanna Huffman, Charley Jane Huffman, Lincoln Julius Huffman (all with John Henry Huffman)

Amanda Tapping (Naomi) - Husband: Allan Kovacs, Children: Olivia Kovacs

Alona Tal (Jo Harvelle) - Husband: Marcos Farraez, Children: Charlie Farraez

Kurt Fuller (Zachariah) - Wife: Jessica Hendra, Children: Charlotte Fuller, Julia Fuller

Felicia Day (Charlie Bradbury) - Children: Calliope Maeve Day

Katie Cassidy (Ruby 1.0) - Fiancé: Matt Rodgers

James Patrick Stuart (Dick Roman) - Wife: Jocelyn Stuart, Children: Graham Parker Stuart

Julie McNiven (Anna) - Husband: Michael Blackman Beck, Children: Tasman Scott Beck

Sebastian Roché (Balthazar) - Wife: Alicia Hannah

Richard Speight, Jr. (Gabriel) - Wife: Jaci Hays, Children: Steve Speight, Fletcher Speight, Frank Speight

Matt Cohen (Young John Winchester/Michael) - Wife: Mandy Musgrave, Children: Macklin Cohen

A.J. Buckley (Ed Zeddmore) - Fiancée: Abigail Osche, Children: Willow Phoenix Buckley

Jake Abel (Adam Milligan) - Wife: Allie Wood

Gil McKinney (Henry Winchester) - Wife: Kristin Randol, Children: Vivienne James McKinney

Sterling K. Brown (Gordon Walker) - Wife: Ryan Michelle Bathe, Children: two sons

Kevin McNally (Frank Devereaux) - Wife: Phyllis Logan, Children: David McNally, Rachel McNally (with Stevie Harris)

Fredric Lehne (Azazel) - Wife: Ginger Lehne

Lindsey McKeon (Tessa) - Husband: Brant Hively

Corin Nemec (Christian Campbell) - Children: Lucas Manu Nemec (with Jami Schahn), Sadie Joy Nemec (with Jami Schahn)

*most of this was taken from google - let me know if I’ve missed anyone/got anything wrong!

Entwined: Part 2

Lucifer x Reader

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A/N: This has taken longer than I anticipated to get around to editing, mainly because of work. But I have a few days off, so here’s part 2. If you would like to be removed or added from my taglist, just drop me a message. I apologise in advance for any mistakes I may have missed during my editing!

In case you missed it:

Entwined masterlistPart 1

Warnings: Some graphic violence.

Word count: 2080

Entwined: Part 2;

“It’s okay, Dean. I can handle a few vamps on my own.”

“I’m an idiot,” you muttered to yourself, watching the blood drip from some unknown wound on your head into a slowly gathering puddle at your feet.

“I, am a goddamn idiot.”

Everything had gone perfectly. You’d done some research, investigated a little, located the nest and geared up. You’d followed the unofficial guide to hunting.

Getting into the nest had been the easy part, followed by taking down the eight vamps residing within. However, as you stood there, watching the flames lick over the headless bodies, you’d completely missed the shadow looming behind you.

Of course you’d lacked the vital information that the nest had been split with an additional eight or nine vamps travelling further away to add some new members to their creepy family.

Next thing you knew, you woke up tied to a chair with a bleeding face, which considering your captors were blood drinkers, was a worst case scenario.

You took a moment and then raised your head, wincing slightly. The room you were currently trapped in was surprisingly not as dusty as you had expected, in fact it was clean of dust but almost completely bereft of furniture; despite that it still looked like one of those rooms you just know you’re going to die in.

Your weapons had been removed from your person and you felt the rope around your wrists biting into your skin. The vamps had obviously tied you tighter than their usual meals because you were a hunter. Realising there was no way for you to get out, you closed your eyes and sent a quick prayer to Castiel.

Seconds past and the angel had yet to appear.

“Okay,” you muttered forcing away the brief panic. “Okay, think,” you told yourself sternly. You’d been in tighter spots than this, granted the Winchester’s were usually around to offer support.

You strain your ears, listening for any sound that would tell you anything about your captors and where they were. Nothing moved, you couldn’t even hear the wind. That made you a little nervous, and by a little nervous you meant a lot nervous.

Another sigh slipped past your lips and you clench your jaw before slowly moving your wrists against each other in an attempt to loosen the ropes. Your wrists burned and despite everything, you began to tear up.

Suddenly the silence was ruptured and pounding footsteps began to enclose on you room you were trapped in. The door was thrown open and you looked into the eyes of the vampire as his face twisted into a snarl.

“Little hunter, all alone and defenseless,” he mocked you. The look in his eyes was a little more than the usual hatred you saw in an enemy’s eyes.

You swallowed deeply and forced a grin. “I guess you saw my artwork downstairs,” you started, internally screaming at yourself for mouthing off when you were indeed alone and defenseless, “What a masterpiece, don’t you think?”

You must’ve struck a nerve because the vamp approached you swiftly and swung his fist into your face with reckless abandon and unimaginable strength. The sharp pain of the blow quickly descended into sharp pricks of agony as the bone cracked under the force.

You bit into your lip to silence the agonising cry threatening to come out. You could only imagine the state of your face by now as rivulets of blood began to flow down your chin from the mutilated lip.

“Not an art lover then?” you choked out, quickly regretting it as the vamps large hands wrapped around your throat and began to choke the life out of you.

Screaming sounded from the floor below and the vamp managed to lift your choking figure and the chair, throwing you into the wall. The chair you were attached to smashed to pieces and fell to the ground, your body landing immediately after.

The pain in your torso was almost unbearable and you were certain you’d broken a rib or two.

The vamp’s face twisted into a sick grin and he licked his lips as he slowly stalked towards you.

“I’m going to drink you dry, very slowly.”


Lucifer was unsure why he kept tabs on you, something about you seemed to call out to him and he hated it. Soon after that first meeting, Castiel had warded your ribs and whilst he could still feel your presence on the earth, he was unable to pinpoint your exact location; and for some reason, it irritated his very being.

It almost felt like his whole grace was vibrating the longer he was unaware of your location and well-being.  Eventually, it became too much of an annoyance and he sent some demons to find and follow you.

He sat on a bench, watching his father’s creations go about their unimportant lives when a demon appeared close by. Lucifer rolled his eyes as the human’s continued on, not noticing the very obvious sudden appearance of the man.

The demon walked to Lucifer and kept his gaze on the ground as he opened his mouth to relay information to his master.

“Sir, it’s the hunter girl,” he mentioned, “She walked into a vampire nest, she killed all of them.”

Lucifer turned his eyes to demon and sighed.

“And we’re all very proud, do you have anything useful to tell me?” He asked, his tone bored and impatient.

“Well, you asked to be informed if anything critical happened and, well-” the demon stammered, his mouth opening and closing trying to form sentences in his nervous state.

Lucifer’s eyes flickered red. “If you don’t spit it out in the next 10 seconds, I’ll paint this street with your insides,” he threatened.

“More vampires arrived and she hasn’t come out of the house,” the demon blurted out.

Lucifer’s temper flared and he stood. “Where?” he growled out.

The demon scrambled to tell him the address and then Lucifer raised a hand and clicked his fingers. Blood and guts splattered across the pavement and passersby began screaming at the empty spot where the man had once stood.


Your entire body ached as you tried to back up from the vampire’s approaching figure. The wall behind you stopped your escape. Pricks of light were visible through the cracked floorboards beneath you and your heart leapt.

That sort of light only came from an angel smiting someone. ‘Castiel,’ you thought with joy; all you had to do was survive until they found you. The light had briefly distracted the vamp and quickly you pulled your tied hands down the back of your legs and forced your feet through the gap.

Thinking quickly, you grabbed the nearest possible weapon. With the broken chair leg in hand, you forced yourself to leap at the bloodsucker. The surprise of your attack gave an advantage and the vamp fell backwards onto the ground.

You brought the chair leg hard and fast against his temple, disorienting him. As he weakly scrambled to get you off him, you took the opportunity to slam the wood down onto his throat, the resounding snap of his neck was a relieving sound. The vampire tried desperately to claw at his throat but you brought the wood down again and again; adrenaline fueling your bloodlust as the skin began to break and flesh began to give way to the rough beating. The blood pumping in your ears made you oblivious to the door slamming open.

When the already broken chair leg snapped further beneath your bound hands, you threw it to the side and pushed your fingers into the hair of the vamp, placed your knee firmly into his chest and tugged hard, the ripping of his head detaching from his torso brought you back to reality.

You dropped the head to the ground with a thud, your hands and arms were covered in blood. Clapping interrupted any thoughts you had and with adrenaline still lacing your veins, you forced yourself to your feet and into a fighting stance as though it was second nature. You ribs sparked with pain in protest at your sudden movements but you did your best to breathe past it

“That was beautiful,” Lucifer’s voice penetrated the tense air, his tone light as though he was mocking you. You stood in shock and confusion. A single snap echoed through the room and your previously tied hands fell to your sides, the rope disappearing entirely. The fallen angel leant against the doorframe, surveying the scene with impressed eyes. If you didn’t know any better, you’d have said he looked almost in awe. He had one arm crossing his chest and the other was upright, allowing him to press the pad of his forefinger against his chin, almost in a thoughtful pose.

The skin on his right temple seemed to be peeling slightly and you assumed this was a consequence of his vessel not being able to hold him properly.

“Where are the Winchesters? What did you do to them?” you asked, trying to sound stronger than you felt, the worry for your friends dominating you. Lucifer’s brow creased in confusion.

“What makes you think I did anything to them?”

You glared at him. “I saw the light, someone was smiting the vampires and if Castiel is here then the Winchesters are here.”

Lucifer scoffed and pushed away from the doorframe. “Neither the Winchesters or their pet angel are anywhere near here.”

You killed the vampires?” your voice was quieter now, softer and raspier in the aftermath of your strangulation but also coated with disbelief.

“Is that such a surprise?” Lucifer asked, walking closer to you, rolling his eyes when you backed away. “I’m not as awful as you apes have been lead to believe… mostly.”

You narrowed your eyes at the oncoming figure. “I’m just supposed to believe you did that out of the goodness of your own heart? No, thanks. I’m not going to help you convince Sam to become your vessel,” your heart was beating fast, Lucifer could hear it as he came closer, stepping over the body on the floor and placing two fingers on your forehead.

You awaited your imminent death but instead of pain, a warm tingling feeling overcame you, rolling over you and taking the pain away.

“What did you do?” you asked as he placed his hand back at his side.

“I healed you,” he replied sharply, disappearing. You stood stock still, confused and surprised and becoming even more confused by the second. Your throat no longer hurt and as you brought your hands up to feel for the blood on your face, your wrists were no longer raw and bleeding.

Lucifer waited downstairs, still contemplating the many thoughts on why he had healed you and why exactly his grace seemed to recognise you. He already knew what it was, there was nothing else that it could be, but denying it seemed to be the best way to go about this until he was sure. If it came down to it, he’d have to kill you, you would become a distraction if his suspicions were correct.

You walked downstairs, eyes immediately latching onto the Devil’s figure.

You remained quiet as you picked up your scattered belongings that the vampires had obviously pillaged. You had so many questions, but nothing seemed to come out when you opened your mouth to ask. As you made for the front door, you realised that the archangel wasn’t following you.

You turned and were surprised to find him already staring at you with dangerous eyes. You felt something akin to ice in your veins and you were almost sure he was going to kill you… but why would he save you just to end you himself?

“Come here,” his tone was resolute and monotonous as he motioned you forward with his finger, breaking you from your thoughts. Your legs seemed to have a mind of their own as they carried you towards him.

He placed a finger on your forehead once more and there was a sudden flash of heat that made you feel as though you were burning from the inside out.

There was silence and he stared at you. You shuffled uncomfortably whilst working up the courage to ask him why he was watching you so intently and what exactly he’d just done to you. Then he was gone. Nothing but the brief fluttering of wings left behind.

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Just a Human

Originally posted by totallysupernaturaloneshots

Word Count: 840

Warnings: Death, Angst, Sadness, Lucifer gets a little out of character

Pairing: Lucifer x Reader

Tags: @lucifer-in-leather @ravengirl94 @mamaredd123 @myplaceofthingsilove @assbutt-still-in-hell @casbabydontgoineedyou @notnaturalanahi

Author’s Note: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  ‘s week 14 of the 2017 hiatus challenge, I used the dialogue prompt “I never wanted to hurt you.”


You can’t stop the tears now. As you glance from your best friend to the Angel you love you choke back a sob. 

“Y/n,” Lucifer whispers and steps towards you. 

“You killed her,” you cry. 

“I never wanted to hurt you,” he says trying to pull you into his chest. 

“Then why would you kill her? You know how much she meant to me,” you push away from him. 

“She was just a human I never thought it would affect you this much,” he pleads. 

“I’m just a human Lucifer! What if it had been me? What if I had been here instead? What if the demons had found me?” 

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Imagine Lucifer walking in on you in the shower.


Auothers note: you all really wanted this to be written by someone, so here I am writing my own imagine into a imagine oneshot 😂 you have no idea how awkward that was to write and honestly I don’t know what to expect from Lucifer I mean the song im listening to wicked ones so I’ll make this a bit smuty at the end, you’re welcome!

Warning: a bit of smut at the end

Gif: really wanted to use that gif of Elena in the shower I have on another one of my imagines but I couldn’t find it so to damn bad let’s just enjoy Lucifer gif

Female and male version of this will be inclined since im not sure if all of you are females lol

Female version:

Stress relief showers had always been the youngest Winchester favorite kinds of shower.
Not only could she stay in the shower and not be bothered by her brothers but she could have a moment to collect her thoughts.
Closing her bed room door behind her, (y/n) flung her leather jacket off of her body and onto a near by chair she had in her room.
Kicking of her shoes, she leaned against her wall for support as she flung her socks off of her feet and threw them into a near by corner.
Sighing to herself she began slipping out of her jeans and her top, standing in the middle of her room in nothing but a matching set of bra and panties she grabbed the towel that was folded at the end of her bed and made her way to her bathroom.
Turning the water on warm she, her (e/c) eyea watched as the water shot out from the showers headset. Standing with her back faced to her mirror she bent her arms behind her back and undid the bra looks pulling both strings down her shoulders her bra dropping down by her feet, her hands grabbing into the sides of her panties she slid them down her thighs till they fell down to her feet and she stepped out of them.
Turning to the mirror she took a glance at her reflection and sighed, a bruise was already forming on her jaw from were a vampire punched her at.
“Fucking great.” She muttered.
Stepping in the shower the warm water instantly hit her figure and chills ran through out her.
Reaching for her rag and bar of soup she paused at the voice coming from the door way, “Well, what do we have her.” chuckled an amused Lucifer, turning her head slowly to face him she glared not evem bothering to cover up herself. After all her and Lucifer slept together before well when he was just Nick and not Lucifer.
“Get out Lucifer.”
Lucifer could practically hear the growl in her tone, “Well, I’m not going anywhere.” snapping his fingers his clothes were gone and he walked closer until he was standing directly behind (y/n) in the shower his hands ran up and down her curves and he placed his chin in the crack of her shoulder and neck.
“Did you have I have Nick’s little olf memories?”
He askes, rolling her eyes she replied back, “Good for you.”
“Tck. Bad girl, if I remember clearly from his memories you were such a good obedient little girl, Isn’t that right princess?” He says his hands sliding down to her wet folds before he slide a single finger between them.
Finally caving in a soft moan left her lips, “Yes daddy.”
“Theirs my good little princess.” chucking softly he slid his thumb up to her clit and rubs gentle circles in them.
“But call me sir this time princess, Nick may have liked daddy but I’m in charge now. Understand pet?”
“Yes sir.”


Male version:

(Y/n) sighed as he stood under the shower water, he didn’t care that it was hot or that it was turning his skin a light pink.
A hunt had gone wrong, instead of it being a small vampires nest it was a huge one. In fact two nest were working together to form a large nest.
Sam, Dean and him had almost gotten killed, if it wasnt Benny showing up to save them then they all would have probably been goners or worst blood suckers if the vampires felt the need to change them.
Everyone was tension the way home, Benny had left back to his cabin he stayed in and the three male hunters had left off to head back to the motel to collect there things before heading back to the bunker.
Once there each one of them went off to their rooms no words were spoken, that’s how much tension was in the air.
So here the (h/c) haired male was, standing jn the shower recalling the events that had just taken place not to long ago.
“Well lookie here.” came a voice at the door of the bathroom.
Turning his head he was met with the sight of his boyfriend Lucifer, yes he was dating the devil and no the boys didn’t know but he had stopped speaking to the charming angel once he saw and heard what he was doing to Sam and the people on earth.
“Get out Lucifer, I’m not in the mood for chatting.” He said turning his back to the devil once more.
“Well, I’m not going anywhere.” Lucifer said walking closer not even caring that his sleeve shirt was getting wet Lucifer turned off the water and snapped a towel into his hands before he wrapped it around (y/n)’s top part.
Pulling the male hunter out of the shower, Lucifer didn’t seem to care that his boyfriend’s bare cock was pressed up against his very own , which was covered.
“Oh pet-” Lucifer said his hands holding (y/n) face, “I don’t care if your mad at me, but I worry about you.”
“That’s rich, coming from the devil.” a bitter chuckle left his lips.
“The devil was once an angel, pet.”
Lucifer smirked, he knew the perfect way to get his attention snapping his fingers both males now were back in the room.
(Y/n) lied on his back while Lucifer was down by his twitching cock, playfully blowing on it a soft low moan left the (h/c) haired male lips.
“Don’t tease me, Lucifer please don’t.”
“I won’t baby boy just promise me to never shut me out again, no matter what.”
He could feel Lucifers hot breathe over his cock and he took a deep breathe, “I promise.” he whispered.
“Good boy.”
(Y/n) hissed as Lucifers warm mouth wrapped around cock that had been twitching with need, jerking his hips up Lucifer deep throated him gagging a bit at the sudden movement.
“Fuck, you’ll be the death of me.” (Y/n) whispered.
Pulling back (y/n) licked kitten licks against the tip, “Good then, I’ll have to make that happen one day.”
“Death by sex, hmm has a nice ring to it.”

Nicky dear, I love you.  

I did this while listening to the song Human’ by ‘Of Monsters and Men. In my head it’s perfect for Nick, at least the way I write him. I drew him being protective of Lucifer as a plus since, the way I see Nick as most people know, is Lucifer’s loyal vessel <3

And that’s meant to be Lucifer’s Archangel blade btw. For reasons :D Strong reasons.