Preston: Sole and Preston are sitting in the living room of Sole’s house, just talking. Talking about everything and talking about nothing. Diamond City Radio in the background, Ella Fitzgerald singing, a few cold beers… In Preston’s mind, it’s the perfect end to a good day. Sole’s going on about different design ideas for different settlements. Some grand apartment layout on Abernathy farm. They were so passionate about it, and Preston couldn’t help but smile at their enthusiasm. Sanctuary had grown to become a beautiful place, and Sole was adding more to it every day. The thought that the whole wasteland might one day look like that… There was no “might”, with Sole’s passion, it WAS going to look like that. And Preston loved that. The passion. The energy. The desire to give back to others. He’s stopped listening to them by this point, he’s too busy thinking about how much he wants to kiss them. Those lips, running a mile a minute, never looked more attractive than they do right now. Maybe it was the slight buzz he had going, but he could swear that Sole was attracted to him. Would they be opposed to a kiss? Only one way to find out. He finished off his beer and scooted a little closer to them on the couch. They didn’t notice; too focused on lightbox designs. A little closer. They still didn’t notice; not when there’s generator layouts to think about. Just a little closer. Still, they didn’t notice. Could twenty turrets be stacked on top of each other? Sole didn’t get to think about that one for too long, not when Preston finally went in for the kill, planting his lips firmly on theirs. They didn’t push him away, didn’t protest, instead reciprocating and wrapping their arms around Preston. They stayed like that for a few minutes, and when their lips finally parted, Sole grinned, saying they had been wondering when he’d work up the nerve. And as Ella sings on about being crazy in love, they kiss once more.

Piper: Sole decided to treat Piper and Nat to some noodles and nuka cola. A fine dinner if ever there was one. Sole and Nat are talking about Sole’s recent exploits, with Nat hanging on every word they say. Piper can’t stop smiling at how well they’re getting along. It’s as though Sole was their big sibling too. Sole was always so kind, not just to Nat, but to everyone. And this dinner they were having right now was like something out of a dream. When was the last time she’d sat down and had a proper meal with Nat? She couldn’t recall. Sole had this interesting way of bringing the two of them together. Yesterday, they’d cooked up some kind of pre-war food for the sisters. It wasn’t very good, but making the dish had been a blast. Totally worth the mess that still wasn’t entirely cleaned up. And when they’d all played hide and seek earlier, Piper and Nat had to really put their heads together to find them. And when they did find them, Sole was waiting with a box of Fancy Lad snack cakes. “I figured you’d deserve a reward if you actually did manage to find me.” Then Nat threw a pillow at them, and a pillow fight, no, a pillow war erupted. Things like this always happened when Sole was around. And Piper loved it. She wanted more. For the rest of her life. She tapped Sole on the shoulder, and when they turned to face her they were met with a great big kiss to the lips. A kiss they eagerly accepted and reciprocated. As they kissed, Nat was making noises of disgust, telling them how gross they were, but Piper didn’t care. Not in the least.

Nick Valentine: It had been a long day. Tracking down Marty to Faneuil hall, and by extension a nest of super mutants, hadn’t been kind to him and Sole. They found the treasure Marty had died in pursuit of, but in the process Nick took a punch from a super mutant, strong enough to bust something in his neck. He couldn’t move his head, no matter how hard he tried, and was stuck looking at the world from an odd angle. Thankfully, Sole was there, with a screwdriver and some other things to help get him back in shape. Magnolia’s jazzy tunes came in through Sole’s pip-boy as they worked, chatting about a cop noir they’d found a little while back, promising to lend it to him when they were done. He listened as they gushed about how good the book was, saying as much as they could without spoiling anything. It was nice that they appreciated the same sort of books. Nick wanted to talk about a book of his own, but this whole situation felt a little awkward for him. Sole’s body close to his own, peering into his neck and sticking a screwdriver in there, their hand on his cheek. He found that Sole’s hand was really more cradling, though. It brought back memories of the human Nick and Jenny, as he held her close and caressed her cheek, planting a firm, loving kiss on her beautiful, inviting lips; lips which practically had Nick begging to kiss them. Lips that, now that Nick was thinking about it, reminded him of Sole’s. And of course, at that moment, Sole’s thumb brushed across his cheek, and he could feel his fans starting to whir faster, his coolant pumping harder. And Sole, looking into his body, naturally noticed. “Uh, Nick? You feeling okay there?” Sole asked. If Nick could blush, his face would be redder than all hell. “I’m just… Sorry you’ve gotta fix me up like this. Must be awkward for you.” He says. Sole smiles and shakes their head. “It’s fine, I’m happy to help. We don’t get much bonding time anyway.” “Is that what you call this?” Nick asks. Sole just chuckles. “Sure do.” They brush their thumb against his cheek again, and Nick just can’t help himself. He turns his body and with Sole’s face thankfully close to his, he places his lips on theirs. He doesn’t know what came over him, why he did that. He acted without thinking, and he fully expected Sole to push him away, to be angry and confused. But they didn’t. Their other hand held his other cheek, and they happily kissed him back. After a minute like this, Sole pulled away and smiled at him. “I’m not saying I didn’t like that, but how about I finish fixing you, and then we try that again?” Nick smiles. “Sounds like a plan.”

Danse: In Danse’s mind, there may be nothing more beautiful than the sigh of the sunset from the Prydwen. Well, except for the sight of Sole mowing down mutants and synths with a gatling laser. Oh yeah, now there’s an image. Maybe they could paint that onto the Prydwen, like one of those old WWII planes. THAT would be an amazing sight. For now, he was more than happy with the sight of the sunset, and Sole by his side. Danse loved the way they were entranced by the sun’s light bouncing off of the dancing waves of the Atlantic waters. He saw the light playing in their eyes, the smile on their lips. “At least the ocean is still the same. All the buildings may be gone, but at least we still have this. Haven’t seen something this beautiful in a long, long time.” Sole says. “Then I’m happy to have been able to give it to you. You’ve had enough taken away from you.” He’s thankful that Sole’s gaze is so transfixed on the view, because he can’t pull his gaze away from them. The soldiers of the airship moved around them, going about their business, but Danse and Sole were in their own little world together. They may as well have had the whole place to themselves. Danse thinks to himself how he’d love if this moment could last forever. Aboard the pride of the Brotherhood, Sole by his side, and the most gorgeous view he’d ever been privileged to see. Sole practically had a childlike wonder in how they gazed over the horizon, and the wind blowing in their hair… Danse took Sole’s hand and led them inside the ship. “Hey, Danse, wait!” Danse didn’t listen, and brought them inside his quarters. Before Sole could say anything else, Danse bent down in his armor and gave Sole a loving kiss. He silently prayed that he hadn’t been misreading their signals; that what he perceived to be flirtation was honest interest, rather than playful banter. And he breathed an internal sigh of relief when Sole wrapped their arms around him, as much as they could anyway. They pulled away and looked at him with a smile. “Ad victoriam indeed.”

Deacon: “You know I like long, lazy, dull days, right?” Deacon had said. And now here they were in Diamond City, just hanging around the Home Plate, reading some books and listening to the radio. As nice as it was to not be killing anyone, if the day was shaping up to be anything, it was long, and dull. “Hey, Deacon. How about you show me how to disguise myself.” Sole suggests. Deacon gets the biggest smile on his face, like a child who’s been offered free candy. He starts pulling out all of the clothes he’s used for disguises that he thinks will fit Sole. Sole pulls out every article of clothing they have, and it’s less crafting a disguise for Sole than it is just playing dress up with them as the mannequin. They wind up pairing all sorts of articles together, creating some almost nightmarish crimes against fashion. They go down to Fallon’s Basement and peruse her clothes, buying anything that looks like it’d be fun to wear. Deacon starts dressing himself up as well, and at the end of the day, they do a mock runway show of all their crazy ensembles. “Oh my god, I look terrible.” Sole laughs. “I don’t think you’ve ever looked better, actually.” Deacon laughs. Sole demands they prove it, and Deacon saunters over, smooth as you please, and gives Sole a little kiss on their lips. “Proof enough?” He chuckles. Sole smiles the biggest, dumbest smile, and pulls Deacon in for another kiss.

Hancock: He’s a mentats kind of ghoul, but sometimes a hit of jet is all he needs. Something to make the world turn a little slower. Moments that you just don’t want to end. And more often than not, Sole was the one who causes those moments to happen. Like right now, for instance. A few drinks from the Third Rail, Magnolia singing on the radio, a nice buzz from the booze and chems together, laying back on a couch in the state house with sole lying on top of him, their head on his chest, taking a hit of jet and smiling happily. Hancock placed a hand on their head, stroking their hair. “This is nice.” They said. “Damn right.” The ghoul agreed, his voice low. “You got a ride of choice? I’m a mentats kinda ghoul myself. Makes me feel intellectual.” Another hit on the jet from Sole. “Jet. No question. I just want things to slow down. Just for a while.” Hancock felt Sole clutching at his shirt. “Everything’s been happening so fast… Ever since that siren, everything’s happened so fast. Everything’s just moving around me…” Hancock feels Sole begin to tremble. “The bombs falling, Shaun being kidnapped, my husband/wife murdered, and now Shaun’s an old man… I missed out on my son’s whole life.” Sole begins sniffling, and Hancock can feel the tears soaking through his shirt. He puts down his own jet inhaler and holds Sole tight. “Everyone I’d ever known is dead, has been dead for centuries. The whole goddam world is moving around me at a pace I can’t follow, just leaving me behind to react to it all, and I don’t even know if my reactions matter. I just want things to slow down…” Sole takes another hit, and begins sobbing as the smoke leaves their mouth. Smoke rising up, tears falling down. Hancock doesn’t know what to say, so he simply holds them for a time. He finally does something other than holding them, stroking their head, running his fingers through their hair, when their sobs begin to die down. He pulls Sole closer to him and kisses them. Sole must either be so high they can’t quite process it, or so numb they don’t care, but they don’t pull away or push him back. It’s Hancock who breaks the kiss, so he can look Sole in the eye. “I can’t begin to imagine what you’re feeling. But whatever you need, you just name it, and you’ll have it. Anything I can do to help you.” Sole sniffles, and gives him a thankful smile. “What if I said I needed another kiss?” They ask. “Then consider it done.” Hancock says with a grin. They kiss again, but not before they both take another hit of jet, both wanting the next kiss to last just a little longer.

MacCready: They’re standing on an overpass, just far enough away from a raider encampment, and they’ve decided not just to kill the raiders via sniping, but also to make a game out of it. One point if you kill the raider, two if you get a headshot, and three points if you kill them with one shot. Five if you manage to kill multiple raiders with one bullet. If you need more than three shots to kill a raider, you don’t get any points. Whoever has the most points when they run out of ammo wins, and the winner can order the loser to do something. And MacCready did not want to lose. What could Sole be planning for him should they win? Spending the night in Dogmeat’s doghouse? Wearing a dress with poorly-done makeup? A lap around Sanctuary naked? He didn’t plan on finding out. Of course, between Sole’s finely modded rifle and Murphy’s law apparently being the deciding principle in MacCready’s life, Sole was naturally the one with the most points. Not wanting to suffer whatever indignity Sole was planning, the only logical conclusion he could come to was that he needed to tip the odds in his own favor. He rolled up his sleeve and waited for Sole to look down the scope. He brought the crook of his elbow to his mouth. The timing of the next step was everything. Just as Sole was firing, MacCready let loose with a fake fart, not only startling them enough to miss the shot, but also enough to cause them to break into laughter. “MacCready, what the fuck was that?” They wheezed. “D-did you just fart?” MacCready just grins. “What? Nooo. What are you talking about?” Sole laughs and takes aim for their next shot. “Hey, what do you call a polite banana?” MacCready asked, grinning ear to ear. “I don’t know. What do you call a polite banana?” They ask, still snickering. MacCready has to fight against his laughter to speak. He’s already proud of himself for this one. “A manner nanner!” Sole starts laughing again, and accidentally squeezes the trigger of their rifle. “That counts as a shot!” MacCready says, all too quickly. He does this during Sole’s next turn as well, and again Sole misses, ensuring that they won’t be getting any points now. MacCready picks up his rifle, ready and eager to start catching up. He takes aim, and he pulls the trigger… “BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS BUTTS!” Sole shouts, startling McCready and making him miss. “Oh, so this is how it’s going to go, huh?” “You started it!” Sole points out. The rest of the game goes like this, as they try to make the other miss their shots through laughter. “Which kind of plant is the hottest? A FERN-ace!” “If Preston was a condiment, what would he be? Preston GRAVY!” The awful jokes go back and forth, and as MacCready had hoped, Sole proved to be susceptible to his humor. Even after the end of their game, they were both sitting against the concrete, laughing their asses off and exchanging dad jokes. “Uh, which of us won? I totally forgot.” “I think you did, MacCready.” Sole admits. “You cheating bastard!” They laugh. “So, what is to be my fate?” MacCready thought for a moment. This had, without a doubt, been the most fun he’d had in a long, long time. Sole was always the one to bring out the best in a situation, to make him smile. To make him… Happy. There was only one thing he could think of. “I want a kiss.” He says before he can really think it through. Sole looks a bit confused, but then smiles. They scoot closer to him and plant their lips directly on his. MacCready was silently thanking god that Sole hadn’t gotten angry, and the kiss lasted a good few minutes. And they said cheaters never prosper!

Cait: Wanting a little training in hand-to-hand, Sole asked Cait to spar with them, and Cait being Cait, was more than happy to oblige. She enjoyed the feeling of beating the all-powerful Sole Survivor, but that feeling didn’t last long. If nothing else can be said of Sole, they adapt. It wasn’t long before Cait found that she was trapped in a stalemate with them. Punches, kicks, tackles and grabs were exchanged between the two. Sole pounced, and soon was straddling Cait, pinning down her arms. That cocky grin on their face, assuming that this meant victory. Not if Cait would allow it! But she’d need an escape plan, and quick. She quickly bolted upright, or at least as much as she could, and planted a big kiss on Sole’s lips. This seemed to have the desired effect, as Sole was clearly left dazed and confused, giving Cait the chance to get out from under them and reverse their positions, with Cait pinning Sole. “I give, I give!” Sole cried. Cait hopped off of them, laughing triumphantly. “Let that be a lesson to ya! Tactics are just as important as anything!” She boasts. And she struts off proudly, leaving behind a very bruised and very confused Sole. As the day goes on though, their match hangs in Cait’s head. Thinking back on it, a spontaneous kiss like that was probably a bit too underhanded. Poor Sole seemed so confused by it. They didn’t deserve that. She keeps thinking about them, and then also thinks of how she may have gone a little too hard on them. They were pretty banged up when they’d finished. Of course, Sole gave as well as they took, but Cait could at least say she was used to it. She started thinking of how their body looked when she’d walked off. Bruised, a little bloody, and very sweaty. Very sweaty. Perhaps even glistening? Yes, glistening was a good word. Glistening in a way that showed off the contours of their body in the mid-day sunlight. And for as brief as that kiss was, Cait had to admit, it was a pretty good one. Of course Sole probably didn’t share that opinion. Hell, they were probably angry as a Yao Guai. Yeah, they definitely didn’t deserve that. After all they’d done for her? They helped her clean herself up, they’d saved her life, and she turns a friendly sparring match into a full on brawl, like she was back in the Combat Zone. She sighs, and goes out to find Sole. They have an ice pack on their head, and Cait can’t help but feel guilty at the sight of it. “Hey,” she says, “I’m sorry about our little fight earlier. I took it a bit too far, didn’t I?” Sole just shrugs off her apology. “It’s fine. I was actually having fun.” They start grinning, and a cut on their lip splits open. “Not how I’d fantasized our first kiss going, though.” Cait can’t believe what she just heard. How could they not be angry over that? Well, if they were really fine with it, then she wouldn’t complain. She grins. “Aw look, your lip’s bleedin’. How about I kiss it better?” She closes the gap, and gives a loving kiss to a very happy, if achy Sole.

Curie: She’d stumbled across a collection of the most bizarre facts the other day. All of them related to philematology, the science of kissing. She had never imagined that kissing had an entire science behind it! It seemed important muscle when it comes to kissing is called orbicularis oris, the same muscle you use to pucker your lips. However depending on the kiss up to 34 facial muscles can be used. Apparently passionately kissing for one full minute can burn around 26 calories. Most of the Commonwealth’s people seemed to be in shape. The lack of proper nutrition and their active lifestyles could be a cause, but perhaps they were supplementing it with some kissing? And apparently lips are a 100 times more sensitive than the fingertips. Hell, even more sensitive than genitalia! And it can also be good for your teeth, reduce blemishes, even add years to your life! How could a simple gesture do all of that? Curie had witnessed many kisses from behind the walls of vault 81′s secret vault, but she never imagined that they were keeping themselves healthy by doing so! Perhaps that was a factor that helped the vault prosper? Curie is excited beyond words at these facts, and wants to test all of these theories for herself. But she needs a kissing partner, of course. Dogmeat would of course be happy to give her kisses, but she gets the feeling that these facts don’t apply when a dog is your partner in kissing. So she goes to the next person she can think of. Sole shared in her love of academia, so naturally they would be happy to help! She goes up to Sole and taps them on the shoulder. As they turn to face her, she puts a hand on their face and gives them a great big kiss, directly on the lips, as she had seen so many times before. But before she can run those facts through her mind again, she finds that she can feel her own heart begin to race, and she feels herself growing hotter. She didn’t read about this! When she pulls away, she notices their face has gone very red. She hopes they’re feeling the same way she is right now. “I was not informed that kissing could feel like this…” She explains everything to Sole. “But now I feel a tightness in my chest. I find myself growing hotter. Why is this?” She asks. “Probably because the kiss meant something more to you than just a science experiment.” Sole suggests, and Curie immediately knows that Sole is right. Before she can say anything. Sole leans in and gives her another kiss. Again, all of the facts that Curie had planned on testing fly right out the window as she wraps her arms around them. When Sole pulls away, they give her a happy smile, one that almost matches hers, and say they’d be happy to help her with all of her kissing related experiments. Curie’s over the moon with this, but what was she testing again?

I will find someone someday,
they tell me, who won’t be afraid
of the cities inside of me.
And they are right. I know this.
I know one day I will stop counting
the days between us, will stop
hoping it is you knocking at the door.
But that day is not today,
today is a day for mourning
the death of a love I wasn’t ready to
speak funeral rites for.
—  Shelby Asquith, Rest in Peace, Not Pieces

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like that ask from a while ago that was like "what would the companions tumblrs all be like," what do you think the companion's snapchat stories would normally be like? :0

Cait:  She’s the kind of person to snap everything she’s eating or drinking.  If something funny or awkward is happening near her, she’ll take a picture of herself making a weird face with the event clearly visible in the background.  Also likes to take, send, and receive more risqué snaps, but only privately; those don’t go on her story.

Codsworth:  Most of Codsworth’s snaps are of his own hard work; a meal he prepared, a room he redecorated, a piece of clothing he had sewn.  He’s shy about it, but he also likes to ask Sole to take selfies with him occasionally.  Every issue of Picket Fences that he and Sole came across are always snapped, as well.

Curie:  Snapchat is a fun thing for her; she just takes pictures and videos of things she finds cute or funny.  She loves playing with Dogmeat and posting videos of him rolling around as she scratches his belly, or throwing a toy and watching him excitedly fetch it.  She takes lots of cute selfies with cats that she befriends in the wasteland, and likes taking videos of herself making them dance around a bit as she hums or sings.

Danse:  Danse likes to take pictures of scenery, whether it be an open landscape, cityscape, or dilapidated living room.  When he’s at a Brotherhood base, he’ll sneak pictures of soldiers standing at duty.  He also likes to show off the tech he finds in the field, captioning it with a lot of excited emojis.  His seldom selfies are kind of awkward; he kind of half-smiles and raises his eyebrows, looking unsure, but they’re actually kind of endearing.

Deacon: TONS OF SELFIES.  He loves showing off his disguises after a mission is over and done with, and he knows just the right angles that work wonders for his face.  Occasionally he’ll take videos of unsuspecting Railroad members, zooming in on their faces while they’re talking.  Doctor Carrington is a frequent victim of this; it’s so easy to zoom in and out of his face for laughs when he looks like he smells shit constantly.

Hancock: He loves, loves, LOVES using all of the different snapchat filters and spamming his story with the results. Dumb videos filled with giggles, pictures of his facial features smooshed together or spread far apart, and puking rainbows provide endless entertainment for him, and endless annoyment for anyone who follows him.  His story is always seems to be about 10 minutes long, no matter how hard you try to keep up with him.

MacCready:  Doesn’t snap often; when he does, it’s a sheepish smile selfie or a mirror picture showing off his outfit and gear for the day.  While travelling with Sole, he catches some pictures of them looking off into the distance or walking into the sunset.  His pictures aren’t really that great, but his personality shows through them.

Nick: While Nick’s snaps are few and far between, the ones he does post are in black-and-white and have obscure angles, always expertly arranged for a satisfying image.  Sometimes it’s his work space, buildings, even just an ashtray and a cup of steaming coffee… it’s all surprisingly artistic and aesthetically pleasing.

Piper:  Piper’s good at taking pictures of people in the midst of talking, capturing them making really dumb faces.  She also likes to sneak videos of people talking, zooming in slowly on their faces until only part of the face is the focus.  Occasionally posts nice selfies, sometimes with Nat or Sole.

Preston:  Preston’s a sucker for scenery and pretty flowers. Colorful blooming flowers are few and far between in the wasteland, and he tends to capture each one as best he can.  He also likes to take selfies with the Minutemen, smiling wide and savoring the good moments.

Strong: Snapchat? SMASH CHAT!  If his giant fingers could actually use a phone (or if a giant, indestructible phone was made just for him), he’d probably post lots of pictures of corpses and gore with incoherent captions.

X6-88:  Takes stern-faced selfies with identifiable places in the background, captioned “come to [place] in the next 15 minutes if you want an ass kicking.”  A series of jokes which seems serious at first, but gradually becomes goofier and goofier.

Bonus! Maxson:  Lots of pictures of the view from his deck in the Prydwen.  Occasionally he’ll take pictures of power armor and rifles, and in the evenings he’ll post videos of himself doing target practice in the shooting range.  When he’s drunk, he’ll post a lot of selfies from unflattering angles that are way too close.  Think about the kind of selfie where you can see up their nose and they’re looking down into the camera; that’s drunk Maxson.


The Blacklist: screenshot from 2x19 vs promo pic from 3x15.

Although many of us guessed that it was Nick in the promo video of 3x15, now we know for sure. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Nick is officially back!

So after Reddington, he will be the one saving Tom’s life as well? Must be a heartwarming feeling for him. I think he is the only one, who would want Liz out of his life :) Perhaps I’m wrong…we shall see…

I’m sensing Liz asking for another favor from him. 

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okay but companions (+sturges if you feel like writing him) react to huge history dork sole? ily

(Sturges needs more love tbh)

Preston: It’s interesting hearing about the history of Quincy as they stroll through the town’s streets. In Preston’s mind, though, there’s only one history it’ll ever have, much darker and sadder than what Sole is saying, but hearing about the more positive bits is more than welcome. Aside from that, he loves hearing the tales of America’s history and heroism.

Piper: She struggles to keep up with Sole as they gush about the history of the stadium that houses Diamond City. She plans on writing a historical article, but that might not happen unless Sole can slow down for just one goddam second. “Jesus Blue, you pop some mentats or what?”

Nick Valentine: He’s interested to hear about some of the stories about old world law enforcement. He has a great fondness for hearing how Teddy Roosevelt would walk the beat to find officers sleeping on the job. Makes him smile every time.

Danse: Stories of great battles throughout history are what Danse is all about. He loves hearing about the American revolution, how brave men stood against abusive rulers, but stories about World War II are his absolute favorites, hands down, no question. He asks to hear about the heroism of the Normandy invasion more times than Sole can count. They don’t mind, but it’s getting rather tiring to tell the tale over and over again.

Deacon: They’re on their way back to back to the Railroad HQ, and once again Sole stopped in their tracks to talk about how beautiful the old church is. How the architecture was so far removed from their time, something so classic… And the doors. The doors! Look at the wood, the way it’s constructed, look at the doorknob! “Yeah, just let me know when you’re done with your doorgasm.” Deacon sighs. Sole goes on and on for about fifteen minutes before they can move on. They did this every time. “Seriously, what’s so special about the doors?” Deacon wonders. He dare not say it aloud, lest Sole start ranting again.

Hancock: Sole geeks out every time they swing by the old state house. It’s a good half hour before they’re done and ready to move on to whatever brought them there. But Hancock doesn’t mind, not at all. He’s always happy to listen to Sole talk about America’s history. He knew about his namesake, of course, but the stories of the other classic American troublemakers always had his attention. He was disappointed to hear of how John Hancock’s house was torn down for lousy real estae, but Sole made up for that sad story with the story of how George Washington led his men across the Delaware in the dead of winter, against impossible odds, and won.

MacCready: MacCready can’t particularly say he cares for Sole’s history tales. They’re rather boring, and it’s not like any of these stories are helping them in any way. Sole thinks for a little while about what stories might appeal to him, and they decide to try pirates. They start telling him all the stories they know about pirates, and how those stories affected all kinds of media. It kind of gets MacCready’s interest, but he still can’t say he particularly cares. Sole doesn’t know many pirate tales anyway, so they leave it. 

Cait: Cait only cares for Sole’s tales about the history of boxing, wrestling, and other sorts of fighting. She loves the stories of famous matches between famous fighters, and gets super excited as Sole goes into detail. They’re a little disturbed by how much she likes hearing about the second match between Mike Tyson and The Real Deal Evander Holyfield, but hey, whatever makes her happy.

Curie: She likes to hear Sole’s tales of scientists, and of normal people who did incredible things. There are so many good stories! How Alfred Nobel created the Nobel prize to make people forget how he’d created the destructive force of dynamite. The man who tore down a mountain between his village and a larger city to make it easier to get medicine for loved ones. Inspiring tales of human greatness. They fill her with a sense of hope for the future.

Dogmeat: Naturally he doesn’t understand what Sole is saying, but he likes hearing them talk.

Codssorth: Codsworth loves hearing any of Sole’s stories, but his favorite are the stories about Sole. Different moments of their life, sad stories, happy stories, funny stories, anything they feel like telling. Any story makes Codsworth happy.

Strong: Like Danse, Strong likes war stories. But where Danse like hearing about tactical genius, good triumphing over evil, military heroism, Strong likes hearing about how bloody the battles were; how destructive their weapons.

X6-88: He can’t say he particularly cares for stories of the old world. The Institute wants mankind to start over. They want to destroy the traces of the old world. These stories don’t do anything for him. When Sole goes off on a tangent, X6 listens, but doesn’t really care.

Sturges: Sturges listens in in rapt attention as Sole explains all of the history around Sanctuary. How the first shots of the American revolution were fired on the bridge. The history is why Sole decided to live here, after all. More than that though, he loves hearing of great inventors, great inventions, and the way they helped improve people’s lives.


Last year was Avengers Assemble valentines this years goes to… Fallout (harry potter was close though) My favorite’s the 2nd Nick Valentine one it turned out so good and then there’s Kameo yelling a Nick which is accurate for me at least (I scream Nick at least once every time I play Fallout). Anyways, give this to anyone you please!