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what are the companions sexualities?

Welppppp, I hope I did alright with this one little bit nervous about it honestly but still this was kinda fun.

Hancock: Pansexual

Nick: Demisexual (bi romantic)

Deacon: Bi

Maccready: Hetero

Codsworth: Asexual

Preston: Homo

Cait: Bi

Piper: Homo

Danse: Hetero

Curie: Asexual

X6 88: Demisexual

Strong: Hetero

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Oh, I love your asks <3 Romanced companions(+X6, and Deacon react to maybe saying something to harsh/unintentionally saying something that reminded the ss of their past and triggers the ss to cry (Maybe throw in elder Maxson and Valentine)

You are a sweet one <3

It has been too long since I have posted a reaction and I have missed writing for this blog immensely, hopefully I can get more time again to write and answer as many of the hundreds of great asks as possible.

Cait: Cait was still mad as hell at Sole for pissing her off, but she hated the thought of hurting the one she loved and the only one that loved her. “Listen… I’m sorry for what I said, I say things I don’t mean sometimes, just remember I love ya,  yeah?” Her anger faded while she sat by Sole’s side.

Curie: “Oh my love! I am so terribly sorry! I love you so much please, please, please! Forgive me for the awful things I’ve said” Curie continued to wrap herself around Sole, she was more upset at the thought of hurting Sole, than Sole over what had been said.

Codsworth: “Oh sir/mum… I can only apologise in my entirety for that remark, I didn’t realise what I was saying. I hope you can find it in your heart and I implore you to forgive me”

Danse: “Soldier… I… I’m sorry, I spoke out of turn, please… pay no attention to my remarks, I was out of order. I’m sorry” Danse hangs his head slightly in shame at the thought of upsetting Sole

Deacon: “Ah… crap. Hey look… I’m… I’m sorry for what I said, ignore me.” Deacon then put an arm around Sole, “Hey, how ’bout I take you on a tour of the fun places round here, might cheer you up a bit”

Hancock: “Shit…” He said to himself, though distinct enough to hear. “Love… you know I’m sorry, dont ya? I feel like a real jackass for this, I’m really fucking sorry, I just hope ya forgive me”

MacCready: “Ah jeez… look… I didn’t mean what I said, I just got a bit upset. C’mon drinks on me for a change” Mac threw his arm around Sole’s shoulder and with his other hand, held theirs, cheering them up a little.

Nick: Looking down to hide his eyes under his fedora, Nick let out a remorseful sigh, “Listen, you know I don’t mean any of that…and I’m sorry I hurt you, I forget sometimes in this place that we’re not all murderers and criminals but people, with feelings, and I’m sorry”

Piper: “Blue… I… I…” Piper, one the one instance her words failed her wrapped her arms around Sole and hugged them with a considerable squeeze, “Blue I’m so sorry… god I feel like an ass” With no immediate response Piper softly pulls Sole’s chin up, “I love you Blue, I’m so so sorry for what I said, I love you”

Preston: “General… I’m…. I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that, God I feel awful, I just hope you can forgive me General”

X6-88: “I apologise for the outburst sir/ma’am, but I stand by what I’ve said” X6 was not one to back down from an opinion and he maintained the view that for him to speak out of turn as he did, Sole must have pissed him off quite badly.

Maxson: “Soldier, I realise what I said was wrong, despite that though we still have duties to attend to, we can discuss this later back at my quarters, I have no doubt I will have a way to make it up to you”


@williamdaviddoodlingnoob : Here’s a poorly sketched version of Nick after he taped The Starry Night to the back of the van. I got up at about 3 in the morning and drew this and now I’m posting it at 3:30 (RIP sleep). I put your name for the listen every plate because the dead tired me saw that it had six letters like a listener plate can. Hope you enjoy this half awake drawing of the Van Gogh joke and sorry for rambling about details. :-) Now he can watch the Van Gogh.


OoC: A little off topic, but...

//So Harvey Beaks, The Loud House, and Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness will air on Nick Jr. too?

//And some thought Nickelodeon was just “looking down” on Winx Club and Winx Club alone (though to be fair they did air Rugrats too… once on the Nick Jr. blog back in the ‘90s before it was a 24/7 channel and again on the 24/7 channel a bit more recently).//

//The truth is… I just don’t know if Nickelodeon has any idea what it’s doing with its networks now. They usually aim them at certain niches… but they aired Winx on TeenNick (and more recently Miraculous Ladybug) and they’ve been airing some live action sitcom shows like Drake and Josh or Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn on Nicktoons.. I just don’t know anymore.//

//Although, on that note, Winx Club and Rugrats now hold the distinct honor of being the only two shows to air on all four of the Nick-operated networks. If they air The Legend of Korra, Miraculous Ladybug or anything from the ‘90s blocks on Nick Jr, or if the first three shows I mentioned ever air on TeenNick, they will join the club.//