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Hue hue, well then, before I say the super naughty on, (Deacon and Piper's were my favorites last Time, and of course Maxson, inb4 I ask you to do one like the one I asked for Piper as well. :3c) I'm assuming Mutfruits are grapefruits, and I know they can get big, so..~ F!SS with the male companions and M!SS with the female companions about their special tool not quite reaching through the fruit? :D ;3

I wish to know what the super naughty one is now xD this ask did have me laugh quite a bit at first xD

Cait: she’s a bit disappointed that it’s not massively sticking out but she has a solution, Sole almost jumps out of his skin when he sees her pull a knife out, a quick few seconds later the halved mutfruit is back on his dick with Cait looking at him with a wink “better?” As she then wrapped her lips around his sensitive head

Curie: “Mosiuer, I fear this is too big?? Wait I ‘ave and idea” instead of carrying out the original plan, Curie decides to torment Sole with her tongue, gliding all over the top of his rock hard dick, the feeling of her wet tongue almost made him cum right there and then

Danse: “Uh…” Danse turns a little red when he can’t quite reach through, Sole had never seen Danse turn pink before now, she decides to instead give Danse the best handjob of his life, with grabbing his mutfruit encased member with both hands, she pumped him like a piston for a solid 5 minutes until his cum shot out in a stream

Deacon: “Hey… it ain’t the size that counts remember” though only the head stuck out Deacon stayed cool with a smile, Sole, similar to Danse then wrapped her hand around the fruit sitting on Deacons dick and with her other hand on his ass, she got him off by fucking him with it instead

Hancock: Not a problem for Hancock, his dick may not be the biggest, but it’s all of his skill that made him possibly the best lover in the Commonwealth, like Cait he skims the top half off with the knife, much to Sole’s enjoyment, she wanted to mutfruit him for ages

MacCready: she was so do it again with Mac, Sole had her technique down perfectly, she’d have Mac sit completely naked on the side of the bed, and with the mutfruit in place she take the top of his throbbing dick in the mouth while jerking the fruit on his shaft with her hands, the most incredible sensation Mac had ever felt. Sole was overly pleased when she felt his cum pour into her mouth with a hint of mutfruit

Nick: she was a bit disappointed when she saw Nicks head being unable to get through to the other end, seeing this Nick had leant over to the cabinet, “Hold on just a sec” he said as he then replaced his attachment with a bigger and girthier model, “How ‘bout now ;)” his words leaving his lips in his cool guy demeanor. “NICK… When were you going to tell me you had bigger ones!!” She was quite mad Nick didn’t tell her about his bigger attachments but at the moment in time she was like a kitten to string with his massive dick wedged inside the mutfruit

Piper: she giggled a quite profusely at the sight of Sole trying to get his dick to further extend out the other side of the mutfruit, but she had an idea. Instead of cutting it in half she’d use it to jerk Sole off like no other, while she cradled Sole’s own pair of mutfruit in her warm, soft mouth, feeling sole convulse with pleasure made her hornier than she’d ever been, it was an unforgettable night for them both

Preston: seeing the head Prestons dick poke through the top got her extremely in the mood, it didn’t matter that it didn’t quite fit as much as either had intended, as long as she could still pleasure him like no other woman could she was satisfied. On her knees with closed eyes she milked Preston, what poked out through the other side was cradled in Sole’s mouth, with her hands on his ass she used the mutfruit to give Preston the. Best blowjob of his life

X6-88: similar to Pipers experience with M!SS, when his disk didn’t quite make it through F!SS used the fruit to instead jerk off X6 than give him a blowjob, feeling particularly dirty that night she pushed his legs up out of the way, then continued to gently poke her tongue into his delicate ass, with devilish eyes that contact with his she smiled as her tongue went to work and her hands got x6 of with expert skill

Maxson: sole got quite upset when Maxson got mad, crushed the mutfruit in his hand and threw it away, all because he couldn’t fit through. To punish him she grabbed him by his arm and threw him over her knee, both fully naked she spanked him until his ass was red and sore, then gave it a playful little bite to show Maxson who his ass belonged to, to which it was definitely Sole

More NSFW with mutfruit! ^-^ can I know what the super naughty one is pls?? As always enjoy guys :D