anonymous asked:

Which are your OTPS from each fandom?

OUAT- August and Emma

Teen Wolf- Stiles and Lydia

Criminal Minds- Spencer and Maeve

New Girl- Nick and Jess

TWD- Carl and Beth

Glee- Jake and Marley

HIMYM- Barney and Robin

House M.D.- Chase and Allison

PLL- Wren and Spencer

Baby Daddy- Danny and Riley

Lost- Sawyer and Kate

and Charlie and Claire

The 100- Bellamy and Clarke

The Hunger Games- Peeta and Katniss

Divergent- Four and Tris

Harry Potter- Ron and Hermione

The Maze Runner- Thomas and Teresa

TFIOS- Gus and Hazel

Paper Towns- Q and Margo

If I stay- Adam and Mia

The Mortal Instruments- Jace and Clary