Shinjuku, Tokyo. Sign standing in front of a public toilet in a train station: Please note that this toilet is currently getting cleaned by a female attendant. Next to the text, there is an illustrated picture of a woman in work clothes slightly bowing.
While this photograph was taken in front of the men’s toilet, there was the same sign standing in front of the women’s toilet.


January 2014.

Notice #1 (On content)

A short note on content: So far, all the pictures I posted were taken by me. As I am currently living in Japan, this is also the reason for most of the content being Japan-related. I try to post photographs I took during visits in China from time to time in order to keep the promise I made with the name of the tumblr, though.

I hope you’re not disappointed by this uneven distribution of China-/Japan-related content. If all goes well, I’ll move to China in the near future…therefore, the content will make a shift into that direction anyway.

Glad you found this tumblr, by the way :-).


Setagaya, Tokyo. Poster in a train station currently under construction, guiding people towards the closest public restrooms. Next to photographs and maps of the location of the restrooms, it has several pictures of a “cute” (well, I suppose it’s supposed to be cute) mole/construction worker hybrid on it, offering advise such as that “there is a large multi-purpose toilet on the 3rd underground floor that is equipped with diaper changing units in both the men’s and women’s toilets” or “once the construction is finished there will be a spacious and comfortable restroom on the ground floor”.


January 2014