nichols house


“We met for dinner at a quiet place… We didn’t say much… Love is a wordless communion between two people. 

That night we went back to that little yellow house in Nichols Canyon and made love. And oh, God, it was magic. We became lovers forever- eternally. Big words, I know. But I truly felt that no matter what happened we would always be in love And God almighty, things did happen.” 

- Ava Gardner

“On Valentine’s Day, a gloomy Sunday, Frank Sinatra sent Ava a cable. He loved her and missed her and hoped she’d be coming back to him soon.

Then he went home and got drunk.

He’d called in a group of friends to play cards… One of them recalled:

‘He went into the den, opened a bottle, and started drinking alone… 

There’s Frank drinking a toast to a picture of Ava with a tear running down his face.. All of a sudden we hear a crash. We all get up and run into the den, and there’s Frank. He had taken the picture of Ava, frame and all, and smashed it. Then he had picked up the picture, ripped it into little pieces, and thrown it on the floor….

…A little while later, there he is on his hands and knees picking up the torn pieces of the picture and trying to put it back together again. Well, he gets all the pieces together except the one for the nose. He becomes frantic looking for it, and we all get down on our hands and knees and try to help him.

All of a sudden the doorbell rings. It’s a delivery boy with more liquor. So Frank goes.. to let him in, [and] the missing piece flutters out. Well, Frank is so happy, he takes off his gold wrist watch and gives it to the delivery boy.”

- Frank: The Voice by James Kaplan


Kimberly Nichole - House Of The Rising Sun (2015)