Wilde Times: With kids (zootopia drabbles)

“New Addition”

They were excited for the new edition of the family. Judy was nervous as she held the newborn, swaddled in purple. She was nervous of how Nicholas would respond. He was only three years old and she was worried if he might think all the attention he had before would be transferred to the new baby. Many kids seemed to have that reaction. Nick wasn’t worried about it. Just like rabbits, foxes are social and it was his idea to have another baby to adopt. Someone for Nicholas to bond and play with.

Nick opened the door to their apartment for Judy, making her the first to go through.

“Clawhauser, we’re back!” She said loudly but not so harshly in fear of waking the baby. Clawhauser was babysitting Nicholos until Judy and Nick came back from picking up the baby from the hospital. The chubby cat stood up in excitement as Nicholas looked up from his coloring paper he had set on the floor.

“Oh my gosh! I’m so excited is it a boy or a girl?” He said almost jittering, like he had two cups of coffee. He leaned over to Judy wanting to get a glance.

“It’s a girl.” Judy smiled, brushing the swaddle blanket aside so that Clawhauser could see her face. He immediately lit up and practically danced in place.

“oh! She’s so cute! And she has Judy’s eye color!”

Nick smirked and gently patted his daughter’s small head. “One of the reasons why we picked her, it’s very rare for a fox pup to have that color.” He said.

Nicholas, who was curious from all the commotion silently went up to his father’s leg and tugged at his pant leg, wondering what on earth his mother had in her arms. Nick immediately smiled and went down eye level with his son. His paw gently patted his son’s head, brushing the extra tuff of fur back. He was still in his green pajamas considering how late in the evening it was.

“Hey bud, you want to see your new sister?” Nick said gently. His son blinked, not understanding the word, but nodded. Nick swiftly scooped him up and brought him up towards Judy, right next to the swaddled baby. Judy moved aside the blanket so her son could see the baby’s face clearly.

The baby was tiny, very tiny. Her mother held her in her arms but she could actually hold her with her two paws together. She had shiny red fur and large amethyst eyes. The eyes is what drew Nicholas closer to the baby, his nose moving as he sniffed her. The baby blinked up at Nicholas and wiggled in her confined blanket, getting an arm free. Her paw quickly grabbed Nicholas nose and gave it a squeeze.

He pulled away and let out a soft sneeze before running his nose. The baby gurgled and cooed, making Judy bundle her up again. But Nicholas wanted to see the baby more.

“We should set up the crib, Nick, she might fall asleep again and it’s time for Nicholas bedtime anyway.” She smiled.

Nick grinned and when they said goodbye to Clawhauser and was forced to subject to his constant photographing. They finally got him to leave the family’s home. Nicholas was tucked in by his father, usually it was both his mother and father but she was busy with the baby.

“Will mama tell me story?” Nicholas asked in a small voice.

His father chuckled softly. “It’s very late Junior, don’t you want to go to sleep?” Nicholas yawned and shook his head. His father brushed his head again. “You know when the baby gets bigger, you would have to share your room.”

“Why?” Nicholas didn’t want to share his room. He likes having his own room.

“Because we don’t have an extra room for her. Maybe when you two get big, I would have to talk to your mom about moving some place bigger.”

“I don’t want to move, papa.” Nicholas whimpered.

“Ah son, it won’t be that bad, it’s for you and your new sister.”

Nicholas frowned. “Why don’t you return her?” That made his father laughed, even though he wasn’t joking. “I don’t like the baby.”

“Now Junior.” His father said sternly. “Having a little sister is not that bad, you know Auntie Jessica?” He nodded making his father smirk. “Auntie is also your papa’s sister, and don’t you have fun with her when she visits?” He nodded again. “Now imagine that with your own sister, You two will have lots of fun together.” His father stood up. “Just think about it, okay Junior?”

“Okay papa.” He watched his father walk out of the door, remembering to plug in his night light as he gets ready to go to bed. Nicholas thought about what his father said before closing his eyes.

Nick strolled into the bedroom to find Judy, crouched next to the crib, watching the baby sleep. She had her finger out that was being held by the baby’s small paw. Nick chuckled softly making her turn.

“I got caught.” she said with a small laugh. “She won’t let me go…watch.” she pulled her finger slightly and suddenly the baby began to fuss in her sleep and stopped when Judy gave in. She sighed happily, leaning her head against the bars. “She’s so beautiful.”

“She’s a cutie, alright.” He said as he leaned over to the crib. “And Clawhauser ruined the surprise to everyone at the station by posting the baby’s picture all over fur-book.” He said showing Judy his phone. She stared at Clawhauser’s account and saw mountains of the baby’s picture. She frowned and shook her head.

“Well there goes our surprise, I haven’t even told my parents yet! I wanted to surprise them, hopefully they don’t see those.”

Nick crouched down beside her, and gave her a kiss on the side of her head. “Come on, time for bed.”

“What about the baby?” she asked, still trapped in the baby’s grasp. Nick glanced at his phone and lite up at an idea. He position the phone above the baby’s paw and with swift precision he pulls Judy’s finger away and replaced it with the phone. The baby didn’t even notice. Judy giggled softly.

“Oh, very clever.” She said, not taking her eyes off the pup. “Our little Isabelle.” she cooed and jumped in place. “I can finally dress her up in cute little dresses and bows! Oh I can’t wait to buy them for her!”

Nick collapsed into bed, exhausted of a long day of adoption forms. “Than you can finally stop dressing Junior up as a girl.”

Judy waved him away. “He doesn’t mind, besides when he was a baby he looked so cute in those dresses! I wonder if I still have that picture.”

“Make sure you don’t show it to him when he’s older, it will embarrass him.” Judy fell beside him, crawling right into his open arms. She rested her head down and curled up against his chest. “Nick?…”

“Hmm…” He was too tired to open his eyes.

“We should have bunnies next…” His eyes snapped open like shutters.


I saw this art of Isabelle and I thought it was the cutest thing ever, so I dedicated the character to her! 

I hope you all like it! 

Sorry for the long wait, school is a killer…

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