There was a time of gods, where titanous forces met in volcanic explosions, creating new life and new land on Earth, raining down from the heavens. These gods were not those resembling any human form, they were concepts of change, monstrous catalysts that shaped the face of the earth: destruction, creation, and expansion. As man and woman began to blossom on the face of the planet, these gods began to assume human form, taking from our faults and needs and wants, each ideas that are rooted deep within us.

There is Himé, the goddess of wealth.
Himé, bathed in an abundance of riches and gold, craves more. She pulls man towards excess with greed’s siren song and traps them in a cycle of despair. Buddhists refer to Himé as the root of all human suffering. She is intoxicating and desirable. Her forces have toppled empires. They cause thievery, murder, and deception. She embodies internal conflict. 

There is Arreat, the god of war.
Arreat thirsts for blood, for carnage, creation through destruction. Ordained with the sacred purpose of survival and conquering. Arreat is man’s most basic sense of violence and bloodshed. He is what pushes man to survive, to kill, to push forward as a species.

There is Flora, the goddess of fertility.
Flora brings new life to fruition and gives old souls back to the earth to be recycled, forever nourishing the planet and the life on it. Flora is the flowers in spring, the maggots in the corpse, the baby being born, the rooting trees. She is change, desire, sex, reproduction. She is life. One of the eldest gods, she was one of the main forces that pushed Earth to spin.

There is Pherra, the goddess of the hunt.
Pherra is the daughter of Arreat and Flora. Pherra is motivation. She plays to win. She is competition. Unlike her father, she is stoic. She is cunning, quick, and lethal. She is a decorated huntswoman with the eyes and the force of a hawk. She is a beast.

I am so proud of this project. I spent a lot of time and energy into making the costumes, headpieces, and backdrops. I made (almost) everything you see on the models using wire, recycled jewelry, and other craft items.

This was my final project for my conceptual class and my final project at the Academy of Art so I wanted to go out with a bang and I really think I achieved what I wanted and more.

You can view the images in a more cohesive display format on my blog.