At some point, there’s an end. There will always be an end. But what exactly is an end? An end is the moment you decide to take a new path. An end is only an end when a new beginning is just around the corner.
And we laughed in-between kisses. Our love was such a real thing. Such a real, rare thing.

Nicholas A Browne

I supposedly submit this on 11 JUNE before but i am being all so much tired nowadays. I only manage to sent it at Twitter first.

“お誕生日おめでとうございます , 津田 健次郎 ! 私はあなたの大ファンです!あなたがそれを愛することを願っています! どうもありがとうございました!私は本当にあなたがこれに気づくことを望む!”
Just a words for Tsuda Kenjiro. But perhaps Seiyuu don’t really notice much. But i am happy enough to draw this for him.

Happy Birthday 11 JUNE , Tsuda Kenjiro

Characters :
Nicholas Brown - Gangsta
Mitsuru Hitokoe - Nanbaka
Tsuda Kenjiro - Seiyuu/Voice actor
Suoh Mikoto - K project

*MY DRAWING.DO NOT STEAL,REPOST,COPY without permission! Thank you

May the next person I fall in love with be as empty, yet as full, as the ocean. With the willingness to accept me in my entirety, but with the vastness and depth to be fine without me.
And what you brought into my life was immeasurable. Years worth of laughter and happiness lived out through a short time spent with you.
I get it. I’m young. I’m dumb. I’m foolish. Naive. Still, I think I have some advice to offer. Love it. Savor it. Drink it all up. Drink it all, till you can’t tell the difference between the good and the bad. Till everything just tastes like sweet nectar. Till every experience becomes just another ingredient to the concoction that is you.