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On this day in music (and television) history - June 20, 1948 - “The Ed Sullivan Show” makes its debut on the CBS television network. Originally called “The Toast Of The Town” when it begins broadcasting, the show is hosted by New York Daily News entertainment columnist Ed Sullivan. The debut episode features Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis and Broadway musical composers Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II, the latter of whom are previewing numbers from their newly written musical “South Pacific”. The hour long variety show hosts a very wide number of music and entertainment acts, including breaking new ground in featuring African American entertainers and rock & roll acts at a time when the other two major networks shied away from them. At its peak, the show would average between twelve and fourteen million viewers per week. For the landmark appearances by Elvis Presley and The Beatles, viewership nearly or more than quadruples. Over the years, the program wins numerous accolades including several Emmy Awards and the Peabody Award. “The Ed Sullivan Show” runs for a total of twenty four seasons and broadcast 1,068 episodes before it is final broadcast on June 6, 1971.

Undeniable (Part 7)

Series Summary: Reader is Sam’s roommate and best friend at Stanford. When Sam’s older brother Dean comes to visit, the reader is forced to get to know him, whether she wants to or not.

Word Count: 3145

Warning: swearing, mentions of (unseen) character death, angst?

A/N: Took long enough, but part 7 is finally here! Struggled a bit with how I wanted to lay out the plot (and my boyfriend being home distracting me,) but here it is! Hope it was worth the wait and thank you all for your patience! Don’t hate me too much. As always, feel free to send me some love if you like what you’re reading or want to be tagged!

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“God, I love you,” Dean breathed against your ear. Both of you went rigid, Dean seeming to be just as shocked as you were by his words.

You pulled back in Dean’s arms, looking up to his face with wide eyes. Hearing Dean tell you that he loved you certainly wasn’t something you expected to hear this morning, or anytime soon. However, the flutter in your stomach confirmed something that you had suspected for a while. Of course you loved Dean, what wasn’t there to love? The highlight of everyday was talking to him and the weekends he visited were perfect. Dean had quickly become one of your best friends, aside from being your boyfriend.

“What did you just-”

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