nicholas st.north and the battle of the nightmare king

We’re re-reading “Guardians of Childhood” by William Joyce. And this first scene that features Pitch goes SO WELL with “Rise of the Guardians” OST “Dreamsand” at the beginning of movie!

We’re on team “MiM’s bad”.

We won’t believe that person who first destroyed Pirates and then—the greatest culture there ever was, would unintentionally loose four fights. He MUST have some plan!

His awful face was a nightmare in itself—not so much ugly as haunted, cold, without a hint of kindness. Centuries of cruelty reflected from his piercing stare. Yet there was a magnificence about him like that of an approaching storm.
—  Description of Pitch Black in Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King

**Contains Guardians of Childhood book spoilers**

I just finished reading Nicholas St. North and the Battle of the Nightmare King and I came across an interesting parallel.

In the book, Pitch uses and Enslavement Charm to turn Ombric and North into porcelain dolls, forcing them to lie and watch as he prepares to steal the piece of the Moon Clipper that they had gone in search for to stop Pitch. In the book it mentions multiple times that North couldn’t so much as blink without Pitch telling him to, and that he had never felt so helpless in his life, despite growing up with basically no parents/friends/family/support system of any kind.

So I just find it very interesting that in the movie North paints himself on matryoshka dolls. Even more interesting, he paints Jack on a doll as well, like he’s using the doll to show affection and support -using it to help Jack find his center. Because he doesn’t want Jack to feel as helpless and immobile as he did, but he also doesn’t want to take the journey of self-discovery away from Jack.