nicholas richmond

Today’s Character: Nicholas Richmond (Dalziel & Pascoe: Time to Go)

Although I breifly touched on this character a bit ago, thought I might do a full character profile. Playing twins, Andrew had a chance to work with his sister Sarah Jane in this 1999 episode of the Crime/Drama Dalziel & Pascoe. In real life Sarah is 3 years older than Andrew but no matter, both of their performances in this episode were fantastic.  Nicholas is very protective of his sister Sophie with a closeness that is, at times, unnerving. Not only that, he revears her and in some respects may even want to be her. Andrew is very captivating as Nicholas and once again delivers an amazing performance at the climax of the episode.  This is the first of three times that Andrew has worked with director Suri Krishnamma, the other two being New Year’s Day and Cold Blood.