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Working on my notes for the latest episode of #PLL and, oh man, this thing is just gorgeous. Great visuals, constantly beautifully framed. Whoever directed this, they’re pretty great at this, right?  

Thoughts on 7x11

Went back and re-watched 7x11 and took some notes. This episode wasn’t all it was hyped up to be in my opinion. Still good, but I feel like since there are only nine episodes left, there needed to be serious answers in all ten episodes. Sure we for confirmation about Mary being Spencer’s mom/Peter being her dad, Toby being alive, Ali really being pregnant, etc. I just wanted the episode’s intensity level to be where it was at the end of 7x10. Oh well, onto 7x12!

• Spencer was on the verge of dying, but now her arm is just in a sling? Cool.
• Toby is alive! Yay! Really thought he would have been in the medically induced coma, not Yvonne. I thought she would have been dead already.
• Still ridiculously mad at Ezra.
• My babies are still perfect. Caleb pushing Hanna to follow her dreams is everything.
• Of course Paige and Emily both got hired.
• I find it hilarious that Emily is surprised EVERY single time Ali shows her disdain for Paige. You know home girls hate each other, Em!
• I really don’t know how I feel about this game AD is making them play.
• Hanna’s advice to Aria about keeping the wedding plans is not her best.
• Ali’s bitchiness is so annoying, omg.
• “Too bad about Noel…well no, not really.” Mona. My second spirit animal.
• Mona and Hanna’s friendship is one of my faves on this show. I love it.
• “Do you trust me?” “Sometimes..” I love everything about this scene.
• I REALLY wish they had made Sparco a thing instead of Spaleb. Their chemistry is fire.
• Surprise! Jenna didn’t actually shoot you, Spence.
• Holden! I was wondering how they were going to work him into the storyline. Interesting.
• “Is this a conflict..?” “No conflict here! Scouts honor.” Well May, you’re about to find out how much of a conflict it really is.
• Aria not being able to answer any of Holden’s questions about the wedding is red flag numero uno that she should not be going ahead with planning this wedding.
• Cue the tears. This Spencer/Veronica scene is too much.
• “Alison’s husband wasn’t a real doctor, turns out he was a crook and took all of her money, Noel Kahn kidnapped Hanna, she got away, Noel Kahn is now dead, Jenna Marshall shot me, probably, Toby and Yvonne were in a car crash…do you want a glass of wine?” This made me laugh way harder than it was intended to. 😂😂
• Veronica is so scared that she is going to lose Spencer. It’s so evident in this first scene.
• “There she was at the door like any neighbor. Come to borrow a lawn mower. Or a husband.” Oh, Veronica. Good one.
• Peter Hastings. Original fuck boy of Rosewood.
• This scene absolutely breaks my heart for Spencer. Literally crying with her as Veronica tells her this story.
• That baby is at least 6 months old. There’s no way she’s a newborn.
• Oh hey, Ezra. Thanks for reminding me that I’m Team Jason.
• “Who’s Nicole?” Exactly, Holden. Exactly.
• Not. Enough. Haleb. In. This. Episode. 😭
• This Emily/Paige/Alison bickering scene is just ridiculous.
• Do they have to charge that cell phone that comes with the game or? Asking for a friend.
• This Spoby hospital scene has me all in my feels. The looks. The hug. The conversation. Everything. Troian and Keegan’s chemistry is fire too.
• “You should try putting on your glasses, old man.” Oh. My. God. Perfection.
• I feel for Ali. I really do. But her cattiness needs to cease.
• “Please don’t kiss me again. Not until you know.” Tell her, Em! Makes me wonder if Emison really is endgame.
• Hanna’s sass is everything. Just in case y'all forgot.
• “I was excited that we could finally be able to work together! Other than you know, kidnapping my ex-boyfriend?” Mona. Your one liners kill me. 😂
• The one thing about this game that has me intrigued is the puzzle pieces. Are they going to spell out who AD is or…?
• This letter to Spencer from Mary isn’t very heartfelt. Not really feeling it.
• I’m shocked that Veronica didn’t read the letter. She had ample opportunity.
• “Ever notice how she’s always the victim? Always needing to be rescued? Some people make it a habit of being rescued. Just like some other people make it a habit of jumping in after them.” YES, PAIGE! PREACH GIRL!
• Emily’s confusion about Spencer’s mothers is hysterical. And how we’re all feeling at this point in time.
• I really wish Hanna would have stabbed that game. I have a feeling it would have been juicer than what is going to happen the next couple episodes.
• Jenna, AD can keep you.

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Top 5 movies!!

Just because you were struggling- heres mine.

Top 5 Movies:

5. La La Land (2017)

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This film made me understand what emotions were made for and how to use them to their full potenital…Ive never laughed or cried so hard in my life. I’m proud to say I saw this film 3 times, I own the DVD, the vinyl record of the soundtrack and the soundtrack is on my phone.

4. The Theory of Everything (2014)

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This film is just everything to me (excuse the pun), but my god it is. Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones nailed their roles as Stephen and Jane and I’m so upset that Felicity didnt get any awards but 

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And again I also own the DVD, soundtrack on vinyl and the soundtrack is on my ipod.

3. The Parent Trap (1998)

I have loved this film ever since I was a small child and it’s become my go-to film when I feel like absolute sh*t. It never fails to make me laugh or make me have a good cry. Poor sweet Lindsay Lohan, if only she stopped there.

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And Natasha Richardson…she was so beautiful :’( (even when stressed about seeing Nicholas Parker after 11 years)

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And we all need a butler/friend like Martin

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2. Beauty and The Beast (1991)/The Man from U.N.C.L.E (2015)

So I couldnt exactly choose my second spot, so I went with two (haha, oh god I’m loosing it). Beauty and The Beast (1991) is not only my second favourite film but also my all-time favourite Disney film. I’m just sad I dont own enough BatB merchandise :(

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I’m so sad this part wasnt in the new film…

Now- The Man from U.N.C.L.E, when I first saw the trailer I was itching to see it. I never did get to go to the cinema and see it, but my Mum bought it for me as an Easter present…and I still love it. And I love the soundtrack.

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Now, my number one favourite film has been a solid for the last 3 years. 5,4,3 will probably change but I doubt this one will ever change…

1. The Guest (2014)

Oh boy! Where do I begin? I find it strange how I saw this film with my ex girlfriend and it’s my most favourite film in the whole world. Apart from the fact it has Dan in it…

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But I also adore Maika Monroe…I somehow think it will be hard to find a better horror duo than these two…

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And the soundtrack is such a huge part of what makes the film so great. I have the OST and score on vinyl and on my phone and I have the film on DVD. And I will also state that David Collins is my favourite film character of the last 5 years and he can come and be a guest in my house anytime to recover.

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I just cant go without mentioning this film because I love it so much and the concept is absolutely fabulous and the play still needs to do a UK tour…

12 Angry Men (1957)

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16th Roswell Anniversary Rewatch → Max in the City

You don’t remember any of this, I’m sure, but…our families used to be very close. You and I practically grew up together. I was there at your father’s funeral. At your coronation, your wedding. We were friends. And it was so painful to watch you fall, to see you trying so hard to make a better world for your people. And then to watch you have it all taken away by a man like Kivar…I told you you were trying to do too much too soon, that change takes time. But you wouldn’t listen. You just kept…what’s the point? It’s all ancient history now. What a shame it is to see history repeat itself.