nicholas louis

I was mad about her, and determinated to marry her. You could not imagine anyone more beautiful than she was. She was far more beautiful than her photographs. She was absolutely lovely. When I was 18 she was killed at the age of 19. All my life, I never forgot her.
—  Louis Mountbatten (uncle of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh) on Maria Nikolaevna Romanova (daughter of Tzar Nicholas II of Russia), killed in 1918.
"Kings" ask game
  • Since so many people liked the “Queens” ask game, I decided to do the “Kings” ask game as well (yes, I know, I included emperors too).
  • Henry VIII.: most overrated ruler?
  • Alexander III of Russia: favorite historical person from your country?
  • Louis XIV: favorite crown jewels?
  • Frederick the Great: 3 things you love about your favorite ruler?
  • Philip II of Spain: favorite biography?
  • Richard III.: most interesting mystery in history?
  • Alexander the Great: favorite pharaoh?
  • Franz Joseph I. : favorite palace/castle?
  • Louis XVI: myth about your favorite ruler?
  • Gustav II Adolf: one question you would ask your favorite ruler?
  • Nicholas II of Russia: the most beautiful ruler?
  • James V of Scotland: favorite coat of arms?
  • Francis II, Holy Roman Emperor: favorite ruler with the same zodiac as you?
  • Frederick VI of Denmark: favorite era?
  • Maximilian I of Mexico: favorite royal house?
  • Genghis Khan: three facts about your favorite ruler?
  • George VI: favorite history blog on tumblr?

Stargate Universe’s whumps’ list

(referred to Matthew Scott character)

Season 1

.01: survived to an attack to the base and to the jump into the Stargate.

.02: headache because of the ship’s failing life support system.

.03: dehydration and hallucinations in the desert, collapsed twice, very tired and sunburnt, laying into bed (plus Telford’s whumps).

.04: none (plus Rush’s whumps).

.05: none.

.06: fallen into a frozen crevasse and stuck, pressurized suit damaged, passed out for lack of oxygen, weak on a stretch.

.07: none.

.08: bitten by an alien and fallen into coma.

.09/10: none.

.11: attacked without consequences.

.12: none (plus Rush’s whumps).

.13: none (plus Rush’s whumps).

.14: trapped into a cave and left behind (plus Rush’s whumps).

.15: none.

.16: none (plus Rush’s whumps).

.17: hit at his head and dead (into an hallucination), tick attached at his neck, seizure and CPR, unconscious, covered of blood (into an hallucination), hit.

.18: none (plus Rush’s whumps).

.19: none (plus Telford’s and Varro’s whumps).

.20: none (plus Telford’s, Varro’s and Young’s whumps).

Season 2

.01: none (plus Telford’s whumps).

.02: rough landing with the shuttle without consequences.

.03/04: none.

.05: dream parallel to reality: in his dream, hit by a car, bruise on his arm and passed out, drunk, sick, collapsed; in reality, arm poisoned by alien spores, unconscious, on a stretch, cut, poisoned blood, quarantine.

.06: sucked into space (in a dream).

.07: none (plus Rush’s whumps).

.08: none (plus Greer’s whumps).

.09/11: none.

.12: none (plus Greer’s whumps).

.13/14: none.

.15: none (plus Greer’s whumps).

.16: attacked by an alien animal, thrown to the ground, bloody cut on his head and bruises (plus Young’s whumps).

.17: none.

.18: none (plus Varro’s whumps).

.19: attacked by a drone, some bruises on his face.

.20: put into stasis.

  • A Short History of The Vampire Chronicles:
  • Louis: Lestat you little shit.
  • Claudia: Lestat you little shit.
  • Nicki: lestat you little shit.
  • Armand: Lestat you little shit.
  • Akasha: Lestat YOU LIttLE SHIT.
  • Marius: one job Lestat. You little. Shit.
  • Gabrielle: aw no Lestat--Lestat you sweet sweet little shit.
  • Lestat: Lestat 8))) you little 8)))))) shit. 8DDDDD
The Naming of Newsies

Giving a newsie a name that is winning,
is harder than one of your holiday games.
You may think at first that my poor head is spinning,
when I tell you a newsie needs three different names.

First of all is the name that the newsie was born with,
Extracted from history, fannon, and more.
There’s Louis and Nicholas, Dave Simmons and Tony,
Names not heard in the musical, or the movie before.

There are variations in spelling if you think they sound sweeter,
for these boys who by striking, gained their ounce of fame.
Be it Simmonds, or Simons, Ballat, or Ballatti,
But all of them regular, everyday names.

But I tell you a newsie needs a name that’s particular,
a name that’s peculiar, shows their wild side,
Else how can they prance through the streets perpendicular,
Pirouette through the alleys, or cherish their pride?

Of names of this sort there are more than you think,
Such as Skitt'ry, Pie Eater, Specs, Romeo, Swifty,
Crutchie and Smalls, Boots, Spot, and Kid Blink
Names that are special, names that are nifty.

But I tell you at last there’s still one name left over,
and that is the name that you never will guess,
The name that no human research can discover,
But I know, and I’ll tell you.
It’s Francis. Goddamned Francis. His dad is in prison, his mom is dead, and you know what? While we’re at it? Katherine is Pulitzer’s daughter. Bet you didn’t see that coming.