Before- Hank x Reader

fRequest: Hank mccoy x reader where they both worked in the lab together before first class and are both mutants and reader secretly loves him but then Charles recruits them both and reader thinks they lost their chance to raven

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You’d known Hank for forever, or at least what felt like forever, I mean when you work with someone practically everyday for two years, well, they become part of your life. You’d had time to memorize every detail about him, his small smiles, the way he fixed his glasses when he was nervous, how he bit his lip to keep from laughing at bad times, and the cute dorky wink he’d always give you when you discovered something new at the lab. He knew you well too. All your tell tale signs when you were mad, or down, he was there to pick you up and keep you laughing. Plus, you’d shared your biggest secret with him, about your mutation, and he’d shared his with you. 

You’d been best friends for so long, but to you he’d always been more. I mean, when you were sick one day and couldn’t meet him at the lab to work, the minuet after he got off the clock he drove to your apartment and dropped off your favorite soup and even offered to stay and watch movies with you. You’d laughed and told him it way okay, he didn’t have to stay, because there was no need for you to both get sick. That was almost a step beyond friendship and even though the soup was way too salty to eat, he had made it for you himself, you couldn’t help but feel your stomach flutter at the thought of him caring for you so much. Over time you fell in love with his dorky grin, when he took your hands and spun you both around the lab at a breakthrough in the science you’d been working on, and the fact that he always laughed at your jokes even when they sucked because he was too nice not to. You’d fallen in love with him. 

“I can’t believe we are doing this.” You turned your head to glance at Hank.

“I know!” He flashed a wide grin back causing you to smile.

“Believe it, you both will make an excellent addition to our team.” Charles Xavier turned to face you. About a week ago Hank and you had been at work like any other day when you’d received a call from the Professor complementing your work in science and inviting you to stay at the mansion and become part of his team. He of course knew about both of your abilities. Hank had been so excited about the call the moment he put down the phone he’d turned to you, who’d been leaning on his shoulder trying to listen into the conversation, and picked you up off the ground, spinning you in a hug. Of course, he set you down a moment later, blushing furiously, but the hug had left you smiling for what felt like days. “Welcome to the Mansion.” Charles gestured towards the two broad double doors, and you and Hank pushed you way inside.

“I can’t believe you came up with this that’s incredible.” You rolled your eyes without looking up from your book at the sound of Raven’s words. 

“Y-ya it took a while, but I figured it out eventually.” Hank stumbled over his words. You were in the library again. Slouched in a large arm chair trying, and failing, to pay attention to the book you were holding. Hank was next to you on a couch, which Raven was now leaning across towards him, flipping through pages of his research. You’d been living at the mansion for some time now and you both had settled and the excitement of being recruited had dulled a bit, although the place was still surreal. Now however, you and Hank seemed more distant. You’d gone from spending every day together to meeting a few times a week to bounce ideas off each other. You’d both taken up individual projects and were swamped with work, but it didn’t help the ache in your chest that missed the jokes you used to share. This moment was meant to be one of your, now limited, meetings as well, but Raven had walked into the library occupying Hanks attention and your study time. 

Don’t get me wrong, you loved the girl, she was a blast to hang out with, but more than that you missed Hank and you felt anything you might of had was lost. You let out a sigh and closed your book standing up and stretching your arms to the ceiling.

“I think I’m going to take a quick walk outside.” You said to Hank. He opened his mouth to say something, but then shut it. You stared at him a moment longer wishing he would ask you to stay even if it was only to go over the data he collected, but when he didn’t you felt your hopes fall a bit as you turned an left.

You made your way out the courtyard and took a seat of the marble ledge above the grounds swinging your feet over the edge. You elbows rested on your thighs and your chin sat on the heel of your palms. You couldn’t help but feel a little defeated. You closed your eyes enjoying the silence for a moment before a voice broke through it.

“(Y/N)?” You recognized the hesitant tone immediately and turned slowly to find Hank standing behind you, hands shoved in pockets.

“Hey partner.” You gave him a small closed mouth smile squinting against the sun.

“Hey.” He breathed out sitting next to you and facing the large grassy area as well.

“I-” You both spoke at the same time and then paused for a moment before laughing just like you used to.

“I’m sorry.” Hank finally said before you could speak.

“Me too.” You replied.

“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He dropped his gaze to his thumbs which he was tapping on the smooth stone. Nervous, you thought to yourself, you could still read him like a book. “I don’t know what happened, it was always just us and then so much stuff got in the way, I-I miss being with you…” He trailed off, but you knew he was genuinely sorry and you felt your chest lighten a little.

“I miss it too.” You smiled at him, blush warming your face. 

“From now on I’m gonna try harder for-for us.” You laughed at the way he knit his brows in determination, but mostly you smiled at the fact that he said us. Maybe after all of this time of you falling for him, he’d begun to fall for you.


Nicholas Hoult | Giffoni 2016


 Special Nicholas Hoult - Giffoni Film Festival  

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currently dying because Jennifer Lawrence told the story of how she stole Nicholas Hoult’s phone and texted the XMFC co-stars pretending to be him saying “this is super embarrassing… but have you guys ever lactated from your nipples?”

and James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender reacted pretty much exactly the way Charles and Erik would have reacted to that.

McAvoy: honestly that sounds really serious.. you should go to a doctor 

Fassbender: I don’t see what this has to do with anything