nicholas hare

shikuchi  asked:

takes a seat by them & holds out her phone! ' luv , do you know who designed this piece? i am seriously in love wit' it ! '

                        A good ol’ test of the skills, eh? Maybe Noodle wanted to confirm that Annie was as good of an eye as they exhibited earlier. Scooting a bit closer, they look down at the screen curiously. “ Well, the shoes are from the 2011 collaboration between Keith Haring and Nicholas Kirkwood. The rest of the outfit is from Loewe’s 2016 Fall Ready-to-Wear collection. See the handkerchief-point hems? Vogue made a big statement about those after the collection was released. Something about it being a big step in maturity for Loewe’s work. Also the flamboyant use of gold is fabrics is a pretty big sign of his work. ”