nicholas dedics

Reasons Pan!Simon is My Son
  • He literally is me.
  • He is Jewish, there are too few Jewish characters and they’re always portrayed stereotypically and it makes me sad but Simon is perf and he makes me happy
  • The possibility of him being pansexual is beautiful, because I am also pansexual and most people don’t even know wtf pansexuality even is, like I don’t think I have ever seen an openly pansexual character in mainstream media
  • He is my dork. He is every fan ever. I bet he has a tumblr dedicated to Nicholas Cage and maybe five more for different Star Wars characters. I bet he has an ao3 account and writes a bunch of Xena/Gabrielle fanfiction. I bet he got excited when they announced the much gayer version of the show.
  • He does all the work and gets almost none of the credit (like me when I have to do group projects), like seriously 9/10 he’s saving people just because that’s who he is.
  • He cares about equality and gets excited when people are happy (cough Malec)
  • He is a Malec fan, also like me. He’s probably written cute fanfiction about them, or at least considered it.
  • He is the loyal best friend, also like me, and occasionally regrets it (still like me), and still is the loyal best friend despite that (unfortunately, still like me)
  • Occasionally he makes questionable decisions because of outside influences making him panic (like me)
  • He appreciates good taste in suits (like Raphael me)
  • He can be a stubborn little shit (like Raphael me)
  • He likes Raphael (like Raphael me)
  • Basically he is my pan Jewish nerd son
  • So I really hope pan!Simon is real because if he is I will cry tears of joy for my son and for myself because pan representation is so scarce and having a character I love so much be pan would be so great like I’d never thought about it before, I was all aboard the bimon train, but I’m all for him being pan instead
  • long story short, no son of mine is straight thank you very much