nicholas blair


“If you don’t mind, I’ve had a long day, and I’ve had enough running around. So if you want her, you go and get her. Besides, you wouldn’t want me to stay away from my darling Adam too long, would you?”

Eve gets Nicholas out of Blair House. She says she saw Angelique near the hospital. Nicholas thinks she’s gone to Joe. Once Nicholas is gone, Angelique appears. Using a medallion belonging to Nicholas, Angelique recites an incantation and sends Eve back to the past.

“I address the powers of time and space. I command those powers to open the way for one who wishes to return to another time, another place. Her mind is suspended now. Free of all things present, waiting to be guided back, given temporary refuge in the past. She is waiting. She is waiting. Take her back to the year 1795.”

Untold Tales of Dark Shadows

In another plot at the behest of his Dark Lord, Nicholas Blair forces Dr. Hoffman to bring Eve back to life - this time “bigger and better”. Julia’s experiment proved to be successful, at least in regards to the “bigger” part.

It took days for Sheriff Patterson to get traffic through Collinsport back to normal.