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Hello! Could I please get some relationship headcanons for Sandman, Ringo, and Magenta Magenta from Part 7? ((And maybe some short ones for Nicholas Joestar if there's time? Anyways, thank you so much and feel free to put off answering this for as long as you need!))

*excitedly rubs hands together* hoo boy I had way too much fun with this one - all of my fav SBR characters in one request? YES PLEASE~! 

This took a bit to long to write up since I kept trying to do it justice (especially with Nicholas and Sandman) but it’s finally complete it and I sincerely hope that you enjoy reading this just as much as I did writing it! ^^

- Ghost


·         Sandman is a very observant individual and this passes over to his relationship with his S/O, he’ll be sure to learn all of his partners little quirks and traits and would appreciate it if they made just as much of an effort to do the same

·         When the two of them are together he would place his S/O in his lap, hands coming up to ghost up and down their back as the comfortable silence around them settles, only ever broken on S/O’s part should they ever feel like talking

·         In relation to this he’s an excellent listener, picking up and remembering things that may have only been mentioned in passing or by accident on S/O’s part and he uses this knowledge when presenting his partner with gifts which, although rare occurrences in themselves, are always something which his partner has mentioned liking before, making it all the more pleasant surprise

·         Sandman doesn’t often cling to his S/O, preferring them to just initiate things when they want, however when the two of them sleep together (especially during cold weather) he’ll tuck them close to his body and allow his hands to rest on their stomach, finding it amusing how they gladly lean into his embrace and bask in the heat which radiates off of him

·         He would probably style their hair in a similar fashion to his own if they directly asked him; if their hair is short he’ll settle for a simple braid with a decoration of some kind and if their hair is long then the style would be a little more reflective of his own hair


·         Ringo is a very tame partner in regards to relationships, he knows when to keep space between them and when they’re comfortable with being affectionate so his S/O hardly ever has to worry about him being too forward

·         He’d enjoy teaching his S/O how to handle a gun since his way of life is centred around his weapon, however if they already know how to use one he’ll gladly give them pointers and tips in perfecting their aim

·         He isn’t really keen on PDA unless it’s his partner who initiates it, he’d rather keep his affectionate side to when the two of them are on their own since he’s a lot more comfortable is less crowded areas (a large portion of his life has seen very little contact outside of duels so it’s just easier for him this way)

·         Whenever he kisses his S/O, be it simply brushing his lips against their cheek or for more prolonged intimate kisses to their lips, it’ll definitely tickle his partner’s skin in a pleasant way and it brings a smile to his face to hear them giggle at the contact

·         After particularly long or bad days he likes nothing better than finding his S/O, bringing them into his arms and gently placing kiss after kiss along their neck and collar bone; this wouldn’t be to suggest anything dirty but rather as a mutual assurance between the two of them that they are there and well at the end of a rough day

Magenta Magenta

·         Magenta Magenta always prioritizes affection with his S/O - anything from holding hands to pulling them into hugs when they least expect it is what he loves to do, especially when it causes them to cry out is surprise at the sudden action because he loves to surprise his partner

·         Speaking of surprises, should his partner ever gift him with something that he really likes (such as a collection of airplane models) they’ll never hear the end of his praises, he’ll constantly remind them of the day when they gave him those gifts along with promises to get them something just as good and whilst the actual gifts may be unusual they’re still very much appreciated

·         When he laughs he always runs the risk of making a weird noise (we all know the noise) which may initially embarrass him given that he laughs loud, but if it causes his partner to laugh or comment that it’s funny in a cute way it’ll only make him laugh more although this time it will be with a much redder face

·         If his S/O is around during the incident where he got the scar then he’ll be very touchy about it – he’d prefer it if his partner didn’t make a fuss about it or treated him any differently as a result (in fact he’d rather his S/O just feign ignorance) but should they brush their hand against the scar or press a chaste kiss to it then he’ll physically shiver at the contact

·         S/O will make a habit of stealing his top hat no questions asked, simply to wear it around the house and grin whenever to two of them make eye contact however this allows his curly hair to be let free and the unruly curls are certainly a sight to behold when they’re not being concealed by the headwear


·         From what’s shown in the manga Nicholas is very kind by nature and this will be even more so when he’s in a relationship as he’ll be very attentive and understanding with his partner no matter the problem or subject

·         He’ll be sympathetic towards any issues his S/O may be dealing with and will do what he can to find ways around them if it’s possible but should they try and thank him he’ll probably just shrug it off (he’s a rather modest person so it’s gonna take a lot of praising to get a reaction out of him)

·         Pretty early on Nicholas is going to introduce his S/O to his little brother and while the two may initially be a little awkward around one another he’ll do what he can to help Johnny and S/O get used to each other; and to Nicholas’ surprise the two of them end up getting along just fine on their own (I’d like to think that S/O took in Danny after the issue with his dad so Johnny would frequently visit their house with Nicholas to check up on the little guy and talk about him to his brother’s partner)

·         He has a habit of linking arms with his S/O when they’re walking together – he isn’t sure why but he always finds his arm hooking around his partner’s when they walk side by side, but he certainly doesn’t mind when they use this to get closer to his side, offering him a warm smile he can’t help but return

If his S/O comes to watch him when he’s riding around the track he’ll be ecstatic that they came to support him, and if they have an interest in horse riding themselves he’ll insist on teaching them; he’ll start by introducing them to the more docile horses (especially if his partner is uneasy around them) and teach them a step at a time until the two of them can eventually ride side by side (although if S/O wants to race they better be prepared to lose – he still has the jockey spirit in him so he enjoys making an occasional race of things)


Classic Who actors in other roles:

Ian Marter as ex-cop Tommy Roper in ‘Hazell and the Big Sleep’, a 1979 episode of Hazell

…in which Roper calls in his old partner Hazell, now a private detective, to help solve a spate of robberies at the hotel where he is head-of-security…

(with bonus Nicholas Ball. In his undies)