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Listen, I’m the freak. I’m the weirdo. I’m the troublemaker. I start fights. I let people down. Don’t make Finch mad, whatever you do. Oh, there he goes again, in one of his moods. Moody Finch. Angry Finch. Unpredictable Finch. Crazy Finch. But I’m not a compilation of symptoms. Not a casualty of shitty parents and an even shittier chemical makeup. Not a problem. Not a diagnosis. Not an illness. Not something to be rescued. I’m a person.

Rewatching Days of Future Past (or literally any other men movie) is sorta weird because you’ll feel so happy and hopeful for these characters but you’ll suddenly remember that in a few years time they’ll all die a horrible fucking death (most in the hands of their beloved professor) and then you just  

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For Black History Month:

Phantom of the Opera in South Africa (2004 and 2011-12) made history, casting the first black Phantom outside the US, and the first black* Christine worldwide. In addition they featured two black Piangis, and multiple cast members, amongst them Don Attilio, Passarino and the Wardrobe Mistress.

Many of these also continued into the World Tour.

(*South Africans use the term coloured in reference to people of mixed heritage. This is a neutral term and often preferred, unlike the US and UK where the term is considered slur and avoided. From an American and European point of view, Lana English would be called black, but if regarding her Cape Town heritage she is coloured. I’m mentioning it here to avoid confusion)


I’m not sure the X-Men Apocalypse team gets as much recognition as theyndeserve. Besides Nicholas Hoult and Jennifer Lawrence they had to take Kodi Smit-McPhee and turn them into Beast, Mystique and Nightcrawler respectively. I was honestly so surprised when I found out who the actor for Kurt was, Mr McPhee doesn’t look that much like Kurt, the transformation is honestly beautiful. Hats off to not only the actor but the make up team for bringing my blue darling to life 

CONFESSION: After the fandom drama of Seasons 11 to 13 my NCIS heart is now very happy again. I really LOVE the current cast, esp. Quinn, Bishop and Reeves. I do miss Tony a little, though, because I loved him and Ellie as “partners in crime-solving”.

If it hadn’t been for “Family First”, I would also like the idea of seeing Ziva again now and then. I think I’d ship her and Torres - they’d be explosive! - and it’d be great to have these many and different female characters.

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