2PM: When his girlfriend accidentally calls him hyung.

Ahah! This was a great reaction to work on, it’s funny but very different from the many other reactions I’ve done so it was fun to think about. Thanks for your support and I hope you enjoy!

Jun. K: Um… what did you just call me? I could have heard you wrong but I could have sworn you just called me hyung…there isn’t a specific reason for that is there?

Nichkhun: I know my Korean isn’t 100% perfect but I know it’s good enough to know what she just called me, so if she doesn’t correct herself, she probably didn’t realize… So I’ll let her off the hook…. this time.

Taecyeon: I just love it so much when you call me oppa–wait– did you just call me hyung?!

Wooyoung: *Teases you*…If I’m your hyung then does that mean you’re my namdongsaeng now?

Junho: *Ignores your attempts to correct yourself*–Hyung? Does that mean I’m not good enough to be your oppa all the sudden!?? She makes bugging her way too easy.

Chansung: …. *Grabs phone and texts members* [My girlfriend just called me hyung–What does this mean?!–How should I respond?!]

20150530 -   “BEFORE THE SHOW”  2PM Arena Tour 2015 @ Hokkaido Prefectural Sports Center, Sapporo (Chansung Day - Day 1).

@JYPE_JAPAN : 4th ALBUM「2PM OF 2PM」リリース記念購入者特典イベント"Before The Show"@札幌!コンサートとは違う雰囲気で札幌のみなさんと一緒に過ごせて新鮮で嬉しかったです♡このあとすぐまた会いましょう♪ 

@JYPE_JAPAN : The commemorative release event “Before The Show” @ Sapporo for buyers of 4th ALBUM「2PM OF 2PM」! We were happy to have spent time together with everyone in an atmosphere different from a concert ♡ Let’s meet again soon after this ♪

trans cre: @JunkayStreet