MUST WATCH: Running Man Episodes

here are some episodes of Running Man that I’ve watched and found amazing! (I don’t know the names of some of the episodes so I’ll just put the guest stars!)

Running Man Episodes: not in order
184: Winter Olympics
19: Nichkhun 
 84: Big Bang vs. Running Man
85: Big Bang’s Revenge 
 156: 2NE1, Taeyang
 236: Real Man Competition 
 209: New Idols vs. Original Idols vs. Running Idols
 201: Running Man Idol Wars
 211: 1470 Race pt. 1
 212: 1470 Race pt. 2
 240: Make Big Nose The Winner
 225: The Technician Race
 163: GD, Seungri, and Daesung
 233: Hidden Gemstones
 51: Nichkhun, Minjung
 104: Nichkhun, Yonghwa, Eunhyuk, DooJoon, SiWan, LeeJoon
195: Athletic Idols
 250: TOP, Taeyang, Daesung, GD
 36: Daesung, Yonghwa
 192: Camping pt.1 
 193: Camping pt.2 Civil vs. Mafia 
 194: Camping pt.3 Civil vs. Mafia
 205: Dormitory Rent Battle
 213: It’s Ok We’re Heirs
 178: Running Man vs. PD
 188: Australia pt.1 
 189: Australia pt.2
 191: Australia pt.3
 140: Running Man Virus
 73: Younghwa, and 9 Dragons
 75: Minho, Sulli
271: 100 vs 100 pt.1
 272: 100 vs 100 pt. 2

these are some episodes that made me laugh the most, hope you check them out.


20161209 - From Chansung’s twitter today:

@.2PMagreement211:  I wish that today would become a history we’re not embarrassed of in the future…

Chansung RT JTBC news…

@.2PMagreement211: Ah also, it’s December already!! Time flies..!! The eventful Year of the Fire Monkey is coming to an end. Waiting for the Year of the Fire Rooster. I hope the oncoming year will be full only of good events^^

trans cre: 2pmalways

Hoobaes About Super Junior

Sunny: People will often say there are no idols above us. We’ll say no, above us there are senoir idol groups like Super Junior and TVXQ who are still active. They are from our company too. It feels great to have our seniors taking care of us.

Kai: Super Junior is already at the top but members are still doing their own activities and when they get together as a group, they are so cool. Hope we can become a group like that. Ten years twenty years thirty years later, we can still hold concerts like them, sit with fans singing and drinking jujube tea together. 

Kai: We feel like we are really good at having fun already. But when we see our seniors Super Junior, that is truly an insurmountable wall… How do they come up with those ideas? Washing hair with fanta…
Baekhyun: And splashing water when sleeping…

Q: Why do you think T-ARA is popular in China?
Soyeon: Because sunbae-nims has pave the way for us. Especially Super Junior. We just followed it, because we were lucky.

Nichkhun of 2PM was asked: Who is your favourite boy group?
Nichkhun: Super Junior
Host: Why?
Nichkhun: Because they are funny, nice & kind. In general they are great sunbae!
Minho of SHINee nodded & said: Among the sunbaes they are my favorite, they are not like other sunbaes that intimidate & bully hoobaes. They are like real hyungs who will support & teach you the right entertainment.
Nichkhun & Minho: They are our mentor & inspirations.

Red Velvet: Super Junior sunbaes, when they usually talked to fans and create the exciting atmosphere, but when the recording started, they changed into professionals.

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