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Hey, can I have centaur china and japan hugging?

i made them qilins c:

the qilin/kirin appears in a lot of east asian mythology, including chinese and japanese, with regional and historical variants, and is generally a dragon-like hooved animal. from the quick bit of research i did, the japanese qilin is more deer-like, and the qing-era chinese qilin is more horse-like



Apparently, it’s titled Ansatsu Kyoushitsu: 365-Nichi no Jikan and there’s gonna be stuff about the future like 7 years after they graduated. Secretly, praying the 5 mini shorts in the Graduation Book gets animated in the movie.

Please give me some ChibaHaya too. Hehe. :D


“We’re back, Koro-sensei.”

Nichi: Here he is, Wastelandfell Grillby!! I colored version will come soon!

Some headcanons to answer the asks:

- Grillby has a clandestine bar were only his regulars and chosen customers can come.
- Its located in the hotter spot in the desert and he is using his magic to protect the place with fire, making it unbearable for anyone who doesn’t has an artefact given by him to protect them from the heat.
- He is related to Fuku fire and let her take care of the costumers and choosing new ones in town. 
- He is a businessman, and has great connexions with Blooky, for the water, with muffet, for her spider cider, with the temmies for their temmieflakes…and others monsters for smaller tasks.

More will be explained in his bio! 
-more comming soon-

Just had one of the best games I’ve ever played in Overwatch. Creeping so close to that sweet 3500, and even though this game knocked me back to around 3300, I didn’t care. I’ve seen so many matches that are stomps (either way) that to play a match like this one, with 2-2, 99%/99% and then finally fall after 25 minutes was exhilarating - I had to catch my breath when it was done. Moreover, getting golds showed me I can really compete with Masters (and even one GM in the game), which feels damn good after I ended last season below Diamond. Finally feels like I’m getting legitimately better. I love this game.

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lipstick or chapstick: lipstick, always. a really nice, really dark matte red or purple.

last song you listened to: ten speed (of god’s blood and burial) - coheed and cambria. i have a wakness for early 2000s prog and c+c is so… fanboyishly charming. i am impressed by the mere concept of a ten speed bicycle that is possessed by my worst thoughts and impulses

top 3 shows: neon genesis evangelion, nbc hannibal, march comes in like a lion

top 3 characters: howard link, honoka kosaka, sayaka miki

top 3 ships: linkllen, yulma, kal

i tag: listen… i’m real late on this, i’m pretty sure everyone and their mum has already done this, i tag no one