i will forever have the headcanon that uhura is close friends with literally everyone on the enterprise 

like her and jim going through ship’s gossip and love issues over a bottle of wine 

spock teaching her to play the lyre and uhura’s charm finally cracking that thick shell enough to get one of those not-smiles out of him

uhura giving mccoy a shoulder rub because jfc bones (and u know she totally calls him bones or bonesy just to piss him off) u need to take a chill pill

her and scotty watching some old holovids and pigging out together

sulu helping uhura start her own garden in the arboretum and stopping by her quarters to drop off seeds and fertilizer

uhura and chekov just getting up to shit and being like mischievous 12 year olds together and pulling the best pranks 

and then uhura and chapel being best friends and MAKING OUT BC CHAHURA IS 5EVER

Schedule for #GetwellNichelle Week

Monday, June 29th: #getwellNichelle cards! 

Tuesday, June 30th: Recommended reading: fave Uhura fics

Wednesday, July 1st: Favorite Uhura Moment 

Thursday, July 2nd: Favorite ship

Friday, July 3rd: What you would you say to Nichelle Nichols in person?

Saturday, July 4th: Free Day

Sunday, July 5th: Favorite Nichelle Nichols quote 

Monday, July 6th: last day of #GetwellNichelle tweet links and screenshots of our favorite works (with credit ofc) to our friends and on facebook.

>>  Hello everybody. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you personally for all of your love and support over the last two weeks. Please watch ET tonight to get a full update on how I have been doing. I’m looking forward to meeting my fans in Miami next week.

Much love,
Nichelle       <<

Attention Spoonies!

I’ve just had my first serious Crohn’s flair up in over 7 years. I’m a bit out of the loop, it’s been so long since I’ve had to deal with such a bad flair up (hospitalization for a week, meds I never had to take in the past, uncertain long-term treatment options, etc. etc.)

If you’re a spoonie blog or just a blogger that just happens to have a shit life like me, let me know so I can follow you! I don’t really have anybody irl to relate to, so Tumblr is my last hope!

Thanks :)