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One very important thing that I think about often is the bit in the First Branch of the Mabinogion when Pwyll, the cool prince who has two Welsh vowels in his name, thank you very much, sees this fantastically beautiful woman on a really cool horse, and he says to himself “well, I guess the only logical thing to do would be to get on my own dang horse and chase her,” and he gets some of his buddies together (but just the ones in Pony Club, because the horses are important) and he says to them “right, we’re just going to chase this woman for a bit, is that OK?” and his pals are like “I mean, can you quantify ‘a bit’?” and Pwyll just shrugs and says “until I catch her, I guess,” and then his friends all look at each other and say “yep, that seems like a solid plan, count us in,” and they all get on their horses and they start to chase her and

they keep chasing her without a break

for three days

and every time it looks like they’re catching up with her, time does this weird skippy thing like when you play a bad CD (a scratched CD, I mean, not just Kelly Rowland’s disappointing solo efforts) and they’re suddenly miles behind her again, almost like it’s magic, or possibly a very niche science trick that the men just don’t have the capacity to comprehend in a world without flushing toilets. Gradually, Pwyll’s men just bow out, some gracefully and some probably weeping about piles and missing dinner, and then Pwyll is alone in his pursuit. Exhausted, starving and probably desperate to use one of the aforementioned non-flushing toilets, Pwyll just cries out “I don’t understand! When I saw this woman riding ahead of me, I only had one option, and that was to chase her desperately like the protagonists of La La Land chased a false Hollywood ideal. There’s literally nothing else I can do, but I can’t carry on, and it’s not working,” and then suddenly this idea comes to him and he calls out to the woman “hey, can you stop!”

and she immediately stops

and he catches up to her

and she’s like “fucking hell, I’ve been waiting for you to ask me to stop for three days, I’m absolutely knackered. Also I’m conveniently madly in love with you,” and Pwyll is like “if you’re in love with me, then why didn’t you stop? I just ran about eight triathlons, and by ‘I’ I mean ‘my horse’, who will likely never forgive me,” and the woman (Rhiannon) just shrugs and says “well, you didn’t ask me to stop.”

And either it shows something about the perils of pursuing a goal relentlessly without taking a moment to consider your approach, or it’s a commentary on male expectations of women, or on hubris, but ultimately it’s just really fucking funny.

Playboy founder Hugh Hefner dies at 91

The iconic founder of Playboy magazine, died at his home, the Playboy Mansion, of natural causes at age 91.

Playboy magazine was founded more than 60 years ago to create a niche upscale men’s magazine, combining images of nude women with in-depth articles, interviews and fiction by a variety of well-known writers.

Hefner reportedly founded the magazine with $600 and another $1,000 borrowed from his mother. The first centerfold, an iconic feature of the monthly magazine, was of Marilyn Monroe.

I’m currently reading Boots of Leather, Slippers of Gold, which is an amazing ethnography about lesbian communities, specifically American working class communities and how they were the origin of butch/femme culture.

Right now, I’m reading the section about femmes and how they viewed themselves and lesbianism and other women… and holy shit does my relationship to womanhood make so much sense now.

Jane Fonda’s thoughts about women also make so much sense in the context of this book, but that’s another topic for another gay ass day.

 I’ve been really busy making money! Life has been tough lately but I’m just getting through it. Still talking to my POT about our next meetup and the details of our arrangement. I like that we are both equally busy. We both don’t really bug each other daily. It’s not like having a clingy relationship and I completely dig that. I just ordered all of this yesterday and I can’t wait to read these books!!! I already finished Ho Tactics and Gold Digger, these books are SO incredibly interesting I can’t stop soaking in all this information. I completely completely completely not only recommend them but if you are 18-25 and reading them I totally envy you!!! This is stuff I would seriously pass onto my daughter around 14-16 if I had one and sincerely wish someone had told me this crap before I ever lost my virginity and started a decade of shitty men and relationships. Needless to say though, the men in my past are inspiring me to hit the ground running with this information and I think in many regards I’m taking it closer to the heart and more passionate about acting it out IMMEDIATELY and with a vengeance that might not happen with an inexperienced woman. I’m already seeing INSTANT results in how men are treating me. Already saw salty men who used to be sweet to me turn rancid as soon as I found out my value and they’re G-O-N-E. And I don’t even feel bad.

I already had men tossing money and gifts to me here and there but my game just stepped up dramatically and I became more specific and picky about telling them exactly what I want.

I know in the Sugar World there’s a lot of debate and controversy about whether or not you can be a Sugar Baby if you are older than your early 20′s and honestly YOU CAN. I’m 30. Granted I have ALWAYS looked a lot younger than my age…. at 24 after having my first son I was a stay at home mother and when I answered the door to a salesman he asked if “Mom or Dad was home?” and I played along until I closed the door and laughed. I still get told I look 22-25 so that definitely is an advantage…. but my POT SD is 45 and told me on our first meetup that he’s really glad I’m the age I am. Not every older man wants an 18-20ish aged woman. Just like not every man wants a skinny or thick girl. But I honestly knew that already… If you ever happen to sneak onto a fetish site called you’ll find out real quickly that there’s men with all sorts of different tastes. I was on there while I was pregnant taking advantage of the men with pregnant fetishes and I collected money from men online in order to pay for the EXPENSIVE baby items I considered MUST HAVES but knew I couldn’t afford.

That site has a lot of really disturbing and sometimes weird AF stuff on there, but in the end (deleted the profile once I reached my goal items), I walked away feeling 200% confident that there are men who will like you just the way you are no matter what you look like or your personal life situation. I found out new things about myself too, I had no idea I would ever be comfortable with men who have foot fetishes until out of curiosity I looked up what it’s actually like for a woman to be with a man who has one. I liked what I found and I’ve realized that’s my niche… Men with foot fetishes really like my feet so I’m using that to my advantage. I have large breasts and a nice booty too…. but not every guy wants that. You have to just market yourself to a specific “target audience” and the second you know what a guy is into… play it. Dangle it in front of him like a juicy steak that he can smell but can’t even taste a small bite of. He will ask, beg, and try to manipulate you into one small bite, one small taste, one small lick…. anything…. and you just have to stay in control, keep the power on your side. You have what he wants!!! And if the man you talk to or are spending time with doesn’t want it bad enough, go find someone who does, they’re all over the place… 7 billion people in the world. Find the man obsessed with what you have and prey on it.

I’ve half joked with my mother about the fact that men like my feet and she tries to talk shit about it like it’s gross. She’s a teacher and always acts like she’s superior because she has a Master’s Degree and she views her contribution to society as making her better than others, mainly ME because I don’t have a college degree, I don’t like public school and am keeping my kids homeschooled (personal choice!?), and although my day job is as an online entertaining personality she talks shit about it like I’m not doing anything important and I retorted that entertainment IS a valuable job in the world, it gives people a relief from the depressing and horrible parts of life.

Don’t ever let people undermine who you are and what you do in life. Just because they don’t like it. You are unique and catering to a specific portion of life that only you can take care of. Whether they admit it or not, we are giving these Sugar Daddies what they want…. they want to be generous or they wouldn’t be. Would I rather these men willing to give their money away give it to someone else besides me? HELL NO.

Though Overwatch has had some trouble with character design in the past, I heartily thank them for making the cast of the game overall very women-friendly. They’ve managed to show that a game can include a large and very diverse cast of playable female characters - and that such game can be fun for casual and competitive players. 

Overwatch is one of the few games on the market that fits a competitive brawler niche to have a cast of women characters that differ in body type, ethnicity, and even age to such a wide degree. They’ve made it clear that women can and will be anything, that not all women characters need to have their personality modeled around their sexuality (but that some can), that having a clear ethnicity does not mean you have to become a stereotype, and that, contrary to popular myth, we only get better with age! I think this last point is so important and so often overlooked; in the course of modern media, be it video games, movies, or TV, there are very few depictions of older women compared to the myriad (positive, strong, or otherwise prominent) depictions of older men. 

Games like Bioshock Infinite and The Last of Us have you playing an aging male protagonist partnered with a youthful (and often naive) young woman, and yet if the roles were reversed we would see the game in a very different light, and I think chances are a game like that would receive higher criticism or at least be discussed as if it fills a specific niche. Games with older men, on the other hand, are often taken to be the “everyman” protagonist - something that doesn’t appeal to a niche audience and is intended for all viewers. Over the course of this pattern in media we’re being sent a message: older women can’t be interesting. Older women don’t have adventures. Older women can’t be heroes.

We’re all going to age. It’s inevitable. But the exclusion of positive and inspiring older women characters in media can create an air of fear around the concept of female aging - that we as women can’t live a passionate, exciting life the closer we get to the end of our journey.

The new Overwatch character - Ana Amari - is 60 years old. She’s a bounty hunter from Cairo and was once a founding member of Overwatch. She served in combat to protect her country up until her 50′s, when she was believed to be killed in action. She is a mother. She is a leader. She is one of the world’s greatest snipers. She is a hero.

And well, the world could always use more heroes.

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I kind of think there arent any good looking actors in bollywood. Like Good looking is a huge factor to watch a movie and to show others. Bollywood needs to find more boy candy asap.

No good looking actors?







*and these are just the CONVENTIONAL lookers, there’s like a whole other subcategory of niche hotties, older men, vintage stars, bears, south imports, and anything else you might like…

Unless you’re looking for a blonde or a ginger, I feel like Bollywood has something for everyone????

So when Naomi Wolf urges women to change their vocal patterns to regain their strength, she merely addresses a symptom. She suggests those women who are raising their voices should change the way they speak. But history shows once vocal fry is no longer the excuse, there’ll be another. It is the listeners, not the speakers, who are the problem.

And the listeners will continue to find reasons to dismiss women’s voices. They might be too high or too squeaky. They’ll dismiss art that tells female stories as trash or niche, while lavishing praise on men who describe the domestic realm. They will say they listen to music created by male artists because female voices don’t sound as good to them. They will continue to find any excuse not to listen.

Stop telling women how to speak. Instead, listen to them.

so there’s this guy who went to high school with me for a few years before his family moved and he had to transfer to a different district and he is, without question, the scum of the earth. i’m still his facebook friend bc 1) i like seeing misogynists suffer and 2) he’s constantly posting his unsolicited opinion and it’s a good frame of reference. if i’m talking to someone and they start saying the kinds of things he does, i know to turn my back on them. it’s been very productive thus far.

anyway he shared this meme the other day and i’m in awe because it’s so funny in a way that it wasn’t intended to be

and like obvs this is gross and classic cis dude “i don’t know the first thing abt vaginas, my guy” but kermit is drinking beer instead of tea… in this niche meme for terrible rude men, kermit must be drinking beer bc it appeals to the demographic. also them choosing to put the “men united” watermark on the beer somehow makes it funnier.

how he’s gonna share things like this and expect girls to like him and wanna date him is beyond me lmao

It’s weird, the more people define “Brony” as “middle-aged men who like ponies”, the more irritated I get.

And I’m ridiculously disappointed that they did so here:

“The Bronies.
The subculture of middle aged men who are obsessed with the show My Little Pony.

The movie BRONY not only gives us an inside look into the incredible niche world of these men, but also an intimate look into the courage it takes to just be yourself…even if that means liking a little girls cartoon.”

This is bothering me because it’s isolating guys specifically as if they are somehow more special for liking the show than the women out there.

And it’s also bugging me because it feels like it’s just shoving more gender binaries around as if this is some kind of new amazing thing when by now our culture should be able to accept that gender is becoming a more neutral concept with who can like what.

Ugh I don’t know how to explain it

I’m just

I’m really disappointed at the generalization.