niche coaches

alright here’s my embarrassing self indulgent roller derby au:

ino is the team’s star jammer because she lives for the glory and also she’s tall and lanky and really good on her toe stops so it’s just impossible to knock her out of bounds

hinata is the other jammer. she’s not as fast or wily as ino but she can take a hit better than anyone else and absolutely never breaks no matter how many times she gets knocked out

sakura is the team captain. her main position is pivot because she can jam in a pinch and she’s good at getting the other blockers to do what they need to do. she absolutely loves trying out new blocking strategies and absolutely hates jamming even though she’s pretty decent

tenten, temari and karin are all blockers:

tenten is just in love with the sport and skating in general. she’s always going to extra scrimmages in the area and spends off days at the skate park

temari is the hard hitter of the team. she’s super competitive and gets too into the game but she plays smart and almost never gets a penalty

karin on the other hand is constantly being sent to the box for penalties, mainly insubordination. but every single game after her sixth penalty she suddenly becomes the cleanest player on the track and has never fouled out