I got myself this game because I’ve been looking at it longingly for some time and it’s pretty fun! It’s kind of like Spore, where you have to evolve to survive but it’s turn based and quite difficult - and the genetics are way more in depth than I expected! I’ve only been playing easy sandbox mode but I think there are some things I’ve yet to learn about the gameplay so I still haven’t been very successful.

I really wanted the “derpy snout” but it turned out to be a lot less cute than I thought haha

attention ppl who like art!

i’m a young POC writer and artist, and i’m currently working on a weekly (or every 2 weeks) subscription newsletter email thing that will include poetry, music, book recs, podcasts, photography and more!

i’ve currently just been working on the first email and the design and all that jazz…but eventually you’ll be able to send in your own pictures or poetry and things for others to see!

if you’re interested in niche club news (a working title…) then you could like..drop your email in my ask box or in reply to this post and over the next week or two you’ll receive the tester email, and you could tell me if you like it or if you think i should change it up!

if not…simply reblogging this could be very helpful to get it out into the world…this is geared towards younger artists and poc (though anyone from the ages of 13-25 can join in!) and i’m very excited about it. please help out your young poc artists dudes!