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Naughty or Nice? 

“The nice side, we’ll go with my old teammate Frans Nielsen, I think he’s probably the nicest guy in the league. The naughty side, I don’t know, I think there’s a decent amount of guys that can go on that list, so I’ll put my friend Casey Cizikas on that one, he seems to get away with a lot of the things he does, but Santa’s watching.”

He was so nice. Honestly, he walked up to me out of nowhere at Billboard awards, and no one does that. Like, in country music they do in the states, but in pop music people are very like too cool for school most of the time. So I thought it was really–he’s such a nice gentleman and he was so kind. I wrote a song for them on their first record and so it was really nice, he came up and thanked me and he was just such a gentleman.
—  Kelly Clarkson on meeting Harry at the Billboard music awards in 2015.

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It was safe to say you weren’t anything like your adoptive siblings. You weren’t as popular, you didn’t care much about football or cheerleading. Not to mention you were dating Jughead Jones. Despite all this you loved Jason and Cheryl so when Jason died you were devastated.

“He didn’t even get to live a full life” you said to Jughead as you looked through an old photo album. Tears fell down your face as you found picture of you and Jason laughing and smiling together.

Jughead didn’t say anything, probably because he didn’t know what to say but him at least being here with you was helpful.

“I know Jason wasn’t the nicest guy but…”.

“He didn’t deserve what happened to him” Jughead assured “you didn’t deserve this either. [Y/N] I’m sorry but i’ll be here if you ever need anything”.


Mafia!AU: Jung Hoseok

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Brutal wouldn’t be the right word to describe Jung Hoseok.

Although he was the head of the biggest Mafia family in South Korea, it wasn’t because he was a brutal person. More like, he was born into it. His grandfather had been brutal, building the Jung empire from scratch and solidifying their names in history. Then, he bore a son. Who also bore a son. Three generations of Jung’s have ruled the underground of South Korea, never letting anyone forget the name.

So, no, Jung Hoseok was not a brutal man. He had inherited the throne and ruled with an iron first, setting himself apart from his father and grandfather before him. They were cruel, they were ruthless. And although Hoseok was all of those things too, he was also kind.

And that made him different.

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I'm an American who's only lived in states where the aoc is 18 but then again I went to high school so I don't really see why people are freaking out. Teens dating each other and one being 18 is not an anomaly. Senior year one of the nicest guys I know in my grade was dating a freshman. They made the cutest couple and went to prom together. As long as the relationship is healthy and everyone is respecting each other then I don't see the problem. But haters gonna hate

tHIS ^^^^^^^

Shadow of the Stars

A Captain America and Winter soldier story

Jaylin Rogers has always struggled with being the daughter of Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, mostly because of her lack of freedom. After a failed attempt to do something about this, her life is changes forever when a shadow from her father’s past returns to haunt her.  



It isn’t easy, being the daughter of super-soldier Steve Rogers – better known as the legend Captain America. Not at all.
First of all, it is never fun to always be “daughter of” and nothing more. You quickly learn to live inside a shadow. Your last name will always be far more important than your first, even though that’s the one identifying you.
Second of all, it is weird. I mean, he’s older than many (if not most) grandfathers, yet on bad days he might look barely older than 30.  And… let’s just say that as I got older, and the girls around me got older as well, those girls started to notice how “young” he was.
Third, I wasn’t super. At least, not nearly as super. Having only half of his genes meant I was maybe a bit faster and stronger than most people without having to work out 24/7, but being healthy, never getting a cold or beating all high school boys in sprint doesn’t make you “cool” or even likable.

They did say I look like him, with my blue eyes and blond hair. Mine are both darker, less… pure. As if my appearance was a confirmation I wasn’t as good as him - proof of being in a constant state of disappointment.
As a little girl, you quickly learn the other kids only want to play with you because they want to see your house and the stuff in it. Everyone always seems to look right through you. I can tell from personal experience it is pretty traumatic when other pre-schoolers get mad at you because no one is allowed to come home with you… Let me say: you learn to SHIELD yourself from other people… Sorry, that was bad.
But yeah…
Admittedly, there are some advantages to being spawn of the Steve Rogers; you never get bad grades on history tests and essays. Oh, you also have lots of non-related, vengeful aunts and uncles. With vengeful I actually mean the Avengers. They are cool, though dad tries to keep me away from that world.

Aunt Nat is amazing, and she’s actually my best friend. She taught me everything I need to know about being a girl, and I think dad still owes her for not having to deal with any of my “woman inconveniences”.
Then there’s Sam. He’s one of the nicest guys I know and probably the most normal one, too - even though he regularly soars through the sky with metal wings strapped to his back. He’s a good support in a world that is totally abnormal, despite your father’s attempts to make sure you don’t get caught in his own, strange reality. Sam understands how it feels to live in between those two worlds – the one where they worry about their grades, crushes, jobs and promotions, and the one where you’re in a constant state of vigilance, knowing no one is who they say they are. He’s the most stable part of my life; a sturdy pillar to hold me up.
One might think this connection and support would mean I’d be happy to see him when he picked me up after school. In reality it didn’t, because it meant dad was on another mission and hadn’t had time to say as much as “goodbye”.

‘If it isn’t the messenger,’ I grunted, pulling the car door open with a mean swing. Had I had my father’s strength, it would’ve been dangling in my hand, torn loose from its hinges.
'Hello to you too,’ Sam greeted me, leaning undisturbed upon the sleek car. It was a dark blue model, matching the navy blue jacket the driver was wearing today. It fluttered a little in the heavy wind, which also rustled through my ponytail.
I slumped down in the passenger seat and shut the door - not too carefully - all the while I kept staring straight ahead. ‘How’s the captain?’ I sneered.
Sighing, Sam got in, closing the door behind him. ‘He didn’t know he’d have to go, you know.’ That I knew, very well. Still, I looked out the window with a constant frown on my face. The keys jingled when Sam turned them to start the engine. The car hummed a pleasant, low rumble, and barely made a sound as Sam steered it towards the tranquillity of our home.
It would take us while until we would reach the niceness of familiarity. For now, I just watched blankly as teenagers laughed and complained while stepping into their cars, all happy to go back to their ordinary home and ordinary parents. All of them were quickly out of view, replaced by the many other aspects of mundane life. ‘You are such a little beam of sunlight, aren’t you?’
I was aware of Sam’s eyes glancing back and forth between the road and me, those brown eyes always full of worry. If I were to look at him, my angry mask would break, so I kept staring ahead. 'Humph…’
'That’s all I get? I come here, especially for you, and you don’t even smile. And I do like your smile so much, Jay…’ I could no longer resist; I gave him a sly look and met his kind and teasing expression. I smirked, laced with a genuine – though slightly unwilling – smile. 'That’s my girl,’ Sam smiled back. 'How was school?’
Ugh, school; I rolled my eyes. 'The usual. You know, I don’t see the point in testing how many presidents we can memorise, there aren’t that many.’ I breathed on the window and drew little stars, which vanished within seconds.
'Not everyone has super memory,’ Sam remarked.
I grimaced at him. 'I’m nothing compared to dad. Besides, what is the use of knowing all American presidents?’
'Says the daughter of America’s greatest patriot…’ Sam smiled at the road ahead.
'Exactly.’ I sunk a little deeper down into the seat, so I could only barely catch glimpses of the colours rushing past the car’s windows. ‘I can know.’
I watched as we drove into a quieter lane guarded by high trees, until we arrived at an electronic fence, which opened automatically when the cameras recognised our faces.
We lived far away from the city, somewhere surrounded and guarded by tall trees. Here, you never heard the constant noise of traffic, or the never-ending murmur of voices. Only here, I knew true silence, were it not for the evermoving branches with their rustling leaves.
'How was your day?’ I informed, hauling my backpack over one shoulder and closing the car door behind me, still a bit of annoyance packed in the gesture. Together, we made our way to the big, white house, oozing America. Made of wood, with a big porch, two stories and even an attic, perfectly maintained; exactly as you’d expect from Captain America’s home. Soft leaves crackled underneath our feet, giving a lovely, autumny atmosphere to this already idyllic picture.
'Also the usual,’ Sam held the door for me. 'Want waffles?’
I threw my bag on the kitchen table. 'Is that even a question?’
'What’s the magic word?’
'Please,’ I grinned. ‘Or else…’

I watched Sam take everything he needed, prepare the batter and begin making the waffles. He did it with the ease of a man who’d done it a hundred times before – which was about right, to be honest. I loved Sam’s cooking.
'Nat’s with him?’ I asked, walking towards the fridge where I took a bottle of glacier water (it had become my favourite after a joke of Natasha and Tony had stuck around).
'Yeah, though they didn’t need me, for some reason.’ Yet again I was amazed at how little Sam seemed to care about that.
'They need you to babysit,’ I chuckled, nudging him as I walked by. 'Even though I don’t need it, I appreciate it.’
Sam glanced back at me. 'I’m happy to hear that.’

'Mmm,’ I hummed a while later as I poured maple syrup all over my waffles, 'you’re such a good mommy bird.’
'I will take that as a compliment,’ Sam said the moment my phone buzzed.

Dear Jaylin,

I’m sorry I had to leave again, so soon after my last mission.
Sam promised me he’d take care of you.
I trust you will behave.


When I read “I trust you will behave,” I grimaced at the screen. How old did he think I was? It was frustrating; while other people often thought I was quite a bit older than I actually was, my dad still seemed to deem me no more than a foolish little girl. It was especially frustrating because I had always felt different, maybe even older, than most children surrounding me. It had often crossed my mind this might be another result of my father’s genes – how they even interfered with how I grew up, refusing to grant me as much as a normal childhood.
'Sometimes I feel like I should date someone dad really dislikes,’ I mused abruptly. I imagined myself coming home with the biggest jerk I could find and shivered.
Sam’s cheeks rose as he took a sip from his large mug filled with strongly smelling coffee. 'I would be worried, if I didn’t know you have more pride than your dad.’
'Sadly, yes.’

Hey, Natasha…
Forgot something…?

I waited. Dad usually send his messages late, but Natasha didn’t; she knew exactly how I felt about their sudden disappearances and the radio silences that usually followed. It’s how I got to hate surprises, as surprise never held a pleasant meaning for me, only that my father had to save the world again.

I’m really sorry
I was really busy
I’ll make it up when we’re back…?

Even these texted words were hasty. Still, they seemed genuine enough.

Keep him safe, will you?

I was aware It wasn’t much of a message, but it was all she would need; Nat knew me too well to think I’d stay mad at her.

'So,’ Sam said, when I had finished eating, and I had put down my phone, ‘are you going?’
'Going where?’
Sam raised his eyebrows. 'The gala. I saw the flyers.’
Flyers? Some brightly coloured papers seemed to hang before me. Curly font spelled out the date of a gala (or a masked ball) for all students. Apparently, it was going to be quite fancy. Now I thought about it, I recalled many people at school excitedly discussing the event. 'Oh, that… No, I don’t think so.’
'Well, it’s more than a month away,’ Sam said confidently, like he was certain I would change my mind. This self-assuredness annoyed me.
'I’m really not going,’ I stressed. 'Definitely not.’
My guardian shrugged. ‘It might be good for you to go out. Be around people your own age.’
It was time to deploy my most efficient method to avoid topics I dislike: walking away.
‘Then let me go out,’ I smirked. ‘And as I am the same age as myself, I’ll be around people my own age, too.’ Before Sam could react, I sprinted to my room.

After changing into my workout clothes – shorts and a tank top –, I put in earbuds and let music fill my ears. Running never failed to calm me down. I didn’t get tired easily, so sometimes I ran for hours on end without realising it. I was happy for the immense woods in which I could jog, without people staring at me or annoying me. So, today, like I had done many times before, I let myself absorb the sound of the music while my mind went blank. My heart beat steadily. My blood flowed rapidly. My feet stomped regularly against the soft dirt.
Just running, only running.

Chapter Two

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What are some things you defiantly want to happen in season 3?

(rubs my chin) lessee.. I’m really, really tired so this’ll be quick

  • I want to see Pidge talk about her family with someone who isn’t Shiro… Because he’s gone now, right?? (Still haven’t watched last ep) Which means her normal ‘I miss my family and need comfort’ support guy is no longer nearby. :(
    • Pidge and Shiro have been able to connect based on shared memories but you can remember someone without that basis y’know?? I’d like for Pidge to be bummed one day and Lance notices and decides to cheer her up… 
    • Afterwards, when they’re both giggling, Pidge scrubs at an eye and offhandedly mentions to Lance how alike he and Matt are. Which segways into more comparisons between them, which leads to stories about her brother, which leads to Pidge tearing up a little and Lance hugging her.
    • I’m emotionally compromised just thinking about it…
  • I want to see Hunk engineer something TOTALLY AWESOME and Pidge helps him code it… I want to see them save the day in tandem, using their skills to build some unbelievably amazing, borderline impossible invention, using whatever’s in their pockets and a piece of driftwood!!!! Let them be mechanical buddies!
    • On another note, LET CORAN HELP THEM!!! He’s an engineer too!!!!!
    • I want Hunk to program Doom on everything (credit @notllorstel lmaoo)
  • I want Keith’s Galra heritage to be treated actually decently… I want him to quietly approach Coran and ask the older alien to tell him what the Galra were like before Zarkon ruined everything. Because Coran was around for that… The Castle was around for that. I want Keith to learn something about his heritage that doesn’t evolve war and death and sacrifice and betrayal.
    • Allura could join their lessons!! To prove that she is trying to support Keith and that she does consider them friends. Their lessons are mostly just Coran and Allura reminiscing about how things used to be… With the occasional read through a space Wikipedia page about Galran culture. It’s nice. The three of them form all kinds of inside jokes based on memetic Galra culture lmao
    • And then it proves useful later in the episode to hacking some Galra console!! Idk, maybe the commander in charge of that base captured Pidge meaning there’s no hacker to get into the prison console. Luckily, the commander set their password as the lead character of the Galran equivalent of the Brady Bunch or something lmao so Keith is able to figure it out and get in.
  • I want Lance to do That Thing where it looks like he’s aiming at a teammate (let’s have it be Keith) and they shout “What are you doing??” right as Lance fires, only the laser doesn’t hit Keith it hits the enemies sneaking up behind him.
    • Lance: You didn’t think I would actually hit you, did you??
    • Keith: Well I mean-
    • Lance: Man, what’s wrong with you?? I know I’m not always the nicest guy (mainly because you’re a jerk first!) but I don’t actually hate you!
    • Keith: … You don’t?
  • I’d like to see every single alien/planet they’ve helped all meet up for x reason (maybe a final battle thing) because imagining all the different interactions is hilarious.
    • On that note: Bring back Rolo and Nyma!!
  • Shay has to come back… Shay always needs to come back
  • I want an alien to hit on Lance with no ulterior motive other than that they think he’s cute. Lance of course responds positively, but it’s clearly not a… romance? Like they’re both just doing this for fun. They’re two teenagers, caught up in events outside of their control, taking the time to flirt and enjoy themselves for once. It’s really nice.
    • I just want someone to COMPLIMENT Lance and he gets all flustered but still preens under the attention. He deserves that you guys, because I don’t think he’s going to have a good time next season.

This is really long… I’m so tired lmao


Prompt: ahh, can you write a seb imagine where he’s jealous? love your writing xx thank you!

Word Count: 739

Warnings: none (well that’s a first…)

Author’s Note: always fun to write out the juicy stuff ;) anywayyyyy expect quite a few posts over the next two to three days! Thanks for requesting!

You couldn’t contain your excitement. Your fiance, Sebastian Stan, had invited you to go with him to the premiere of his movie. You couldn’t remember the name because the producers kept changing it. Plus he was filming three different movies so you lost track at this point. He was getting far more famous but you had been around since the beginning.

“Are you ready?” Sebastian asked you, watching you looking at the flashing cameras outside. You nodded while messing with your dress unconsciously.

“Beyond! But also not really. But also yeah totally.” You rambled in less than a minute. Sebastian chuckled, grabbing your hand. It calmed your nerves a bit.

“It’ll be fun, I promise.” Sebastian affirmed. You nodded once. You could stand there and look pretty. It’d be fine.

The car door opened, and Sebastian was out first. Camera people went absolutely wild. You felt him tug on your hand. You exit the car right after him. A nervous smile turned confident when you saw him so happy. The fans always made him smile.

Sebastian stopped by so many fans, and you just stood behind the scenes. Many personnel and guests just passed you like you were the backdrop. You wouldn’t interrupt Seb meeting all the great fans. You were one of them once upon a time.

“Are you lost? Do you want to meet Sebastian? I can get him?” Someone asked. You turned to see… Scott Eastwood?! You quickly shook your head with a blush.

“No….I’m, I’m good.” You said with a small stutter. Scott looked between you and Sebastian. You must have been looking some kind of way. He coughed a little.

“I mean, I can go get him. Now, he’s engaged, but he likes to meet fans.” Scott said. You shook your head quickly again.

“I know. I’m his fiance. Just staying out of the way for now.” You giggled a little. Scott’s face fell. His eyes went wide quickly.

“I am so sorry. I had no idea you were Y/N. He talks about you all the time but I’ve never seen a picture.” Scott said. You shrugged it off with a small laugh.

“Don’t worry. I get mistaken for a fan all the time, or at least the one that hasn’t met him yet. I take no offence.” You said. Scott just nervously laughed. It was obvious he still felt bad.

“You weren’t the first person, and you won’t be last. It’s okay, I promise.” You said while putting a hand on his arm.

“I’m still sorry, but thank you.” He said with a smile. The two of you actually started talking. Scott was a great guy. No wonder Sebastian liked him so much. You laughed so much you were almost crying.

“Hey guys, what did I miss?” Sebastian asked, holding your waist tighter than usual. You waved away the giggles to answer.

“Scott was just telling me this great story.” You said. Scott nodded as he looked at Sebastian.

Scott was called away before you knew it. You both told him goodbye. The giggles died down quickly as you two began to walk towards the entrance of the building.

“Are you okay? You have more fans that would love to meet you.” You said, looking back at the group. Sebastian shook his head. He kept his eyes straight forward as he walked.

“I’m fine. I just don’t want another guy swooping in to steal you.” Sebastian admitted. You frowned a little.

“No guy was swooping in. Scott asked if I wanted to meet you even though you had a fiance. He wasn’t doing anything except being nice.” You tried to help. Sebastian sighed before holding you closer.

“I just worry about losing you. A lot of these guys are a lot nicer and more handsome than me.” You actually laughed at what he said. Was he crazy?

“Sebastian, I’m with you because you’re the nicest, hottest guy I know. I love you. Now stop being jealous so we can watch that amazing movie of yours.” You said with a smile. Sebastian scowled a bit.

“I wasn’t jealous.” He mumbled. A kiss to his cheek made the scowl go away.

“Whatever. Let’s go.” You suggested.

The whole night, you were on Sebastian’s arm, proudly admitting you were his fiance. He didn’t get jealous much after that.

The Super Awkward Public Confession Incident

SO! I am a little (make that a lot) embarrassed to have written/be posting this and of the sheer ammount of asks I’ve sent to @geek-fashionista for her #teacher AU (which were all in Anon so thankfully nobody will ever know the magnitude of my obssession). But well, it escalated to the point that I just had to write The Thing™️ (yes it is I, thanks again for the support Princess).

Much like my #miraculous ladybug genderbend fanfic, I’ll be posting random out-of-order snippets for the teacher AU (but fear not, when I post a thing I’ll tell where it goes in the general scheme), mostly Lunon because I’m just really hardcore shipping these kids. God, I need help.

Today’s snippet takes place almost at the end of the story/AU, at the middle/end of Lucas and Manon’s senior year.

So, here goes nothing! Hope you enjoy!

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A/N: I just love, love, love, love Boondock Saints, and I can’t wait for the third movie to finally come out…you know….whenever they finally finish writing it. ;) But yeah, I hope you enjoy!

Fandom: Boondock Saints

Pairing: Murphy x Reader

Warnings: None, really. Description of blood, and hurt!Murphy, but otherwise….

With a sigh you threw your keys on the table in the corner of the room, closing the door of your flat with the heel of your shoe. You resisted the urge to slide down on the floor as you walked into the kitchen, your gut filled with disappointment. Of course it was too much to ask that one thing in your life would go right for once. You sat down on a chair, burying your head in your hands. When you had left the flat about two hours ago, you had been filled with excitement and joy, butterflies in your stomach. Finally Murphy McManus, the guy you had a crush on since you had met him on Saint Patrick’s Day a year ago, had asked you on a date. But he didn’t show up.

You had waited for more than an hour in the bar, before you had finally given up. It was clear that Murphy wasn’t going to come, and after the waiter had asked you for the third time if you wanted to order something you’d had enough. The pity in his eyes was more than you could bear. The sad part was, that you had really thought Murphy was different than the other guys out there. For as long as you’d known him, he’d been kind, sweet and caring, a funny and adorable guy you loved to hang out with. But now it seemed that you had been deceived by his beautiful blue eyes.

Two hours later you were sitting in front of your TV, watching one of these stupid romance movies you usually hated, shovelling spoon after spoon of ice cream into your mouth. Even you hated how cliché your reaction was, but then again, it made you feel better. But your almost idyllic self-pity party was interrupted by a loud banging on the door, just as the two protagonists were about to kiss. Cursing under your breath you turned the TV off, straightening your clothes to make you look at least a little bit respectable, if that was even possible.

Intending to give the unwelcome intruder an earful, you stormed toward the door. Not bothering to check who was disturbing your peace, you jerked the door open – only to be met with a bloody and tired looking Irish, who was leaning against the frame.

“Oh my god, Murphy! What happened?”

You stepped forward and helped him get inside, all thoughts of being angry at him forgotten. He looked as if he had been dragged through hell and back, and when you touched his left arm to stabilise him he let out a moan and jerked away. His face was swollen and smeared with dried blood. You followed him with wide eyes as he stumbled into your living room and leaned against the counter.

“It’s a long story.”

He shrugged, followed by a wince.

“You need to sit down.”

It didn’t even matter to you what exactly had happened to him. What was important was that he was here and he definitely needed your help. So you slowly guided him towards the couch, watching with concern as he sank down between the soft pillows. It seemed to take up a lot of his willpower to not scream out in pain at even this slow movement.

You hurried to get your first aid kit out of the bathroom. Luckily it was completely full, considering that you never had to use it before. When you came back into the living room Murphy was resting his head against the back of the couch, his eyes closed, but when he heard your steps he tried to sit up.

“Take off your shirt.” You ordered, balancing the first aid kit and a bottle of peroxide in your arms.

While he complied, somehow finding the strength for a suggestive smirk, you put the supplies down on the living room table. You sat down next to him, regarding his injuries. There were bruises and cuts all over his torso. His lip was swollen and a small trickle of blood was still oozing out of a cut in his left cheek. There was a badly bandaged burn wound on his left arm, and his wrists were chaffed and bloody. You sucked in your lower lip, as you reached for the peroxide.

“Bad day, I guess.”

He chuckled, but it turned into a hiss as you poured the peroxide over his wounds, trying to clean them with a clean rag from your kitchen. He stared down at you, the muscles around his jaw clenched tightly, as he tried desperately to keep his torso relaxed, so he wouldn’t hinder your treatment.

“You could say that.” He pressed out.

When you had cleaned all of the wounds on his chest and stomach, you bandaged them. He watched you work with half-closed eyes. You, on the other hand, were concentrated on your work, scared that you might hurt him if you let your mind wander. Still you couldn’t help but wonder what had happened to him. Your thoughts were interrupted by him grabbing your hand when you were done with the last cut. He ran his thumb over the back of your hand slowly.

“I’m sorry I missed our date.” He murmured. “But as you might guess I didn’t have the chance to leave.”

You looked up at him, worry in your eyes, and you slowly shook your head.

“That’s the last thing on my mind right now, Murphy. I swear. I just want you to feel better, that’s all.” You hesitated. “Do you wanna tell me what’s going on?”

He smiled and shook his head, a painful expression etched into his features.

“I wanna, but I can’t. I won’t let it affect you though, I swear.”

You looked down at your locked hands, playing with his fingers.

“Can I help?”

“You already did.” The tone of his voice was gentle, as he tilted your head back up with his finger so he could look into your eyes. “I had the worst day of my life today, but I didn’t lose hope because of you. There are so many bad people out there, but humanity can’t be the problem if it also produces people like you. And (y/n)…sometimes I wondered if I might be a bad guy, too, but you agreed to go on a date with me, so I can’t be that bad. I just needed to see you tonight, to remind me of that.”

You let out a chuckle, and smiled at him. Your insides were in turmoil, though, despite your calm appearance. While butterflies were fluttering in your stomach again, your intestines clenched together. You could feel your heartbeat speed up, and it almost hurt you to hear these words. You knew you were in too deep now to turn away, when you realised his words had made it harder to breath.

“You’re not, Murphy. I don’t know what happened today, but…” You squeezed his hand. “you’re one of the good guys. You and Connor, you are the kindest and nicest people I know. You’re something special.”

He hummed and reached up to cup your cheek, his thumb caressing your mouth. His eyes flickered down to your lips, and before you knew it you had leaned in, closing the space between you. Your lips fit naturally together, and even though he tasted faintly like alcohol and blood, it was the most electrifying kiss you’d ever shared. It was as if your actions had opened a window to his soul, and he was pouring all his desperate love and admiration into the kiss. When you parted you knew without a doubt that how he felt about you.

With wide eyes you stared into his blue orbs, before you broke into a gentle smile.

“Is breá liom tú, mo chroí.”  He whispered against your lips. “Tá mé ar feadh i bhfad anois”

Even though you couldn’t understand his words, they resonated with something deep inside your soul, and you knew what he was trying to say. You leaned your forehead against his and closed your eyes, your heart pounding.

“I love you, too, Murphy.” You whispered. “And nothing will change that.”

With one of your hands still on his torso, you could feel his heartbeat speeding up, and you smiled against his lips as he kissed you again.

Triangle part 1

Sebastian Stan x Reader

Tom Holland x Reader

Tags: @capsbuchanan @justareader @jarnesbrnes @marvelingatthewonder @buckys-shield @spoopypurplesoulayyee

A/N: Welcome one, welcome all to my new series! I am feeling quite blocked with Dugan atm, I’m sorry but I got this idea during break and I cant stop thinking about it. It’s a love triangle between Seb, Tom and reader.

Summary: Seeing Sebastian after all of these years hurt. But seeing Tom doesn’t hurt at all, what to choose?

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Lucky Number Seven

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader 

Words: 1798

Summary/Prompt: you and Matt get chosen for a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven at a college party. 

Genres/Other: fluff, kissing, second base, yeah!! 

Notes: HERE YOU ARE YOU LOVELY PEOPLE and thank you for being so patient… here you are anonymous friend, thank you for this request! 

Send me a request!

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chris-moretz  asked:

5.  This is going to be the lamest cop out of an answer, but you’re probably the nicest guy I know.  I swear Chris, it’s like I’ve never heard you have a cross word to say towards anyone.  And maybe you have while I wasn’t around, but it seems so few and far between that no one can probably even think of one.  And you believe in people.  You believe that they can be the person you see them as, and you only see the best in them.  And it makes it so that people don’t want to let you down.  We want to be those people.

4. The fact that you haven’t tried certain foods entertains me to no end.  I mean, come on, Chris.  Who goes until they’re legally an adult without ever having Sloppy Joe’s or s’mores?

3.  You stick by what you believe in.  Whether it’s a person that you swear you know, or the fact that you swear up and down that pineapple does not go on pizza, you never falter in your decisions.  Not many people can say that.

2. You support people in the way they need it the most.  Maybe this ties in with numbers five and two, but at the same time, it doesn’t.  You know just when to give a listening ear, or a reassurance that things will be okay, or offer to just ignore the problem altogether and build a cupcake city with the sole purpose of destroying it.  It really is a special gift that you possess being able to do that.

1. You’re genuine.  So many people put up a front.  They want you to believe that they’re a good person, and just when you start to let them in, they hurt you and abandon you.  But with you, what you see is what you get.  And from the first time people meet you, they see a pretty special guy.  And you don’t ever give them a reason to think otherwise.

With Everything (Gabriel)

Character: Gabriel the archangel
Words: 1600
Warning(s): Blood, swearing, fighting
A/N: Who doesn’t love a lil bit of protective Gabriel. Sorry this one is a mess and isn’t that great. I wrote this on fumes. I must recharge now.

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