Dating Draco while being a Weasley would include...

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  • Hearing unflattering stories about Malfoy from Ron, your one year older brother
  • Always wondering who is he and is he really that bad as Ron says

On your first year:

  • Seeing a white haired boy on the platform 9 and ¾ looking at you 
  • The two of you starting talking not realizing who the other one is 
  • Him asking if you would like to join him in the train 
  • Ron noticing the two of you and coming to warn you not to talk with Draco 
  • Draco becoming aware of who you are as soon as your brother approaches you 
  • Him changing in a second and starting commenting you rudely 
  • Seeing a pinch of disappointment in his eyes when you were sorted to Gryffindor 
  • Talking with Draco when you bump into each other in empty hallways 
  • Ron advising you to stop talking to him 
  • Hearing his disrespectful comments about you or your family when he’s with someone 

On your second year:

  • Checking if he’s okay after he was injured by Buckbeak 
  • Talking with him a lot when he is in the Hospital Wing 
  • Draco always loving how gentle and sensitive you can be 
  • Shouting at him when you hear that he wants Hagrid to be fired for this 
  • Always thinking how is it possible that Draco can be a decent human being when the two of you talk, but turns to someone so cold and mean whenever somebody else is around 
  • Receiving some unsigned letters from him during the holidays but being too angry with him to read them or write back 

On your third year:

  • After months of ignoring him, asking him how could he help Rita Skeeter write those stories about your father and slapping him 
  • With tears in your eyes finally reading those letter he sent you months ago, letters full of apologies and sweet words 
  • Draco wanting to ask you to go with him to the Yule Ball but knowing that he can’t ask you out because of his reputation 
  • Forgiving him for all the bad things he had done 
  • Sneaking out on meetings with him 
  • Walks near the lake 
  • Having a few arguments about pure-blood supremacy 
  • Making him behave better and nicer

On your fourth year:

  • Breaking contact after he joins the Inquisitorial Squad 
  • Not tolerating the fact of Draco being on Umbridge side 
  • Despite your feeling towards him avoiding him all year

On your sixth year:

  • Having a broken heart when he joins Deatheaters 
  • Having a lot of problems during your sixth year due to your disobedience on the Dark Arts class and standing up for younger kids 
  • Amycus and Alecto punishing you quite often 
  • Once Draco sees you after ‘detention’ and despite you telling him to leave you alone he helps you 
  • You blaming him and calling him a traitor 
  • Draco telling you everything about his family’s problems and asking you to understand 
  • Secret meetings after classes 
  • Crying in his arms 
  • Draco crying while holding you in his arms 
  • All night talks 
  • Draco loving your independence and persistence 
  • First kisses that taste like tears 
  • Trying to help him make the right choice 
  • One day he asks you to trust him and travels with you to a place where he locks you up and leaves ignoring your protests 
  • The Battle of Hogwarts starts the next day 
  • You manage to release yourself but arrive to Hogwarts already after the battle 
  • Reuniting with your family that is grateful that your safe but you’re just angry and bitter that you couldn’t fight alongside them

After Hogwarts:

  • Not seeing Draco for next few months when you grieve after your brother and other friends 
  • Hearing that Draco will get married in an arranged marriage 
  • Meeting him in a bar week later Talking all night 
  • Getting a little bit drunk 
  • Ending up kissing each other until he stops and leaves 
  • Attending his wedding the next day to finally lose all hopes 
  • Watching him refusing to marry the girl that his parents chose for him 
  • Waiting for him outside to try to talk to him 
  • Draco silencing you with a kiss 
  • Him changing his whole lifestyle because of mistakes of his past… and you 
  • Living in a small apartment together 
  • A lot of talking 
  • A lot of apologizing 
  • A lot of kisses 
  • Learning a lot of new things about each other every day 
  • Cuddling after nightmares wake you up 
  • Temple kisses 
  • Picnics on sunny days 
  • Teaching him how to create a Patronus 
  • Making him a flowercrown 
  • Draco treating you like a queen 
  • Him buying you all the beautiful things even if you don’t need them 
  • Cooking together 
  • Midnight dances 
  • Hickeys. A lot of hickeys
  • Very passionate kisses 
  • Introducing him as your boyfriend to your family 
  • Everyone being shocked 
  • Firstly almost everyone thinks that’s a bad idea but they try to accept it 
  • Bringing him home for next Christmas 
  • Molly knitting him his own sweater 
  • Draco behaving a bit grumpy and uncomfortable around your family but it slowly changes as he realizes that no one is trying to judge him 
  • Him helping your family from time to time 
  • His family never fully accepting you 
  • Lucius being against your relationship with his son but Narcissa liking you because you make Draco a happier person

A/N: Writing this was a challenge. Draco character is pretty complicated itself and the reader being a Weasley complicated everything more. I like the final version, and thanks to the beautiful request it’s very different from any other Draco dating headcanons… I just hope you’ll like it ;) Enjoy!