Get Into IMFACT!!!!!

So @wonhosbf asked me about IMFACT so…

IMFACT is a 5 member rookie boy group under Star Empire(same company as 9Muses!!!!!) and they’re set to debut on January 27 with the song “Lollipop” and have I mentioned they’re 9Muses sons? Bc they are pls support my wives children. They have a YouTube channel called “im fact” and it has the member teasers that have been released so far and they have this little show called IMFACT ALIVE and it just shows them doing things and hanging out and COOKING FOR 9MUSES and its very cute they’re very cute so anyways…

Okay so the members:

Park Jeup

Lead Vocalist
Looks AMAZING with pink hair

Lee Jian

Leader for some reason
Needs to keep this hair forever

Kim Taeho

Professional cutie

Lee Sang

No one asked but hes my bias
Plays guitar
Look at him….. nice

Na Ungjae

Look at how soft and pink…. amazing
Deep voice baby face rapper
My son

Soooo… yeah thats them thats it idk does this help anyone??? Idk but anyways these are my babies and I love them and so does 9Muses and lets be honest when have 9Muses ever been wrong? So yeah get into them thanks :D