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Astrology And Physical Appearance

Part 1 
Rising Sign 

 Your rising sign affects 50-60% of your look 

Aries:  Aries ascending usually gives extremely masculine traits (Thick eyebrows, high cheekbones, wide forehead, pointed chin, Strong bone structure, fierce eyes,  etc.). Their height tends from medium to high. They are usually slim without curves. Their hair may be red or blonde (sandy blonde or platinum blonde). Aries Rising may be with a darker/tanner skin coloring and there may be scars or marks about the head.

Taurus:  Taurus ascending usually gives harmonious facial traits (full sensual lips, the lower lip is full and may stick out a little, the nose is round-shaped or turned up, button nose, great skin, the eyes are often dark and rounded, long lashes, delicate bone structure, etc.). Their height is usually average and their body is solid (not necessarily plump or fat) with pleasing proportions. Their hair is thick and shiny, usually wavy and tends to be in darker shades of blonde or lighter shades of brown. The calf muscles are nicely sized and well defined and the neck is  noticeable (thick or long yet elengant).

Gemini:  Gemini ascending usually gives expressive facial traits (Well shaped high forehead, the nose is often very long and straight, sparkly and small eyes, usually dark colored, puffy eyes) , thin lips, bony face, etc.). They are tall and slender. Their hair is usually curly and may be dark brown. They have long arms and legs. The skin is a pale color, but can tan. They have beautiful hands with long and lean.

Cancer:  Cancer ascending usually gives very feminine, doll-like facial features ( Dreamy big wet eyes, round face with apple cheeks, high cheekbones, moony look, arched thin proeminent eyebrows, small mouth with full lips and wide smile, upper lip is fuller, beautiful skin, etc.). They are are often medium height and nicely curved. They have a beautiful large breast with long limbs compared to the trunk. Feet and hands are delicate and small. Their hair is usually dark and thick and their skin is pale and light. They may be fat.

Leo:  Leo ascending usually gives strong, feline-like facial traits (thick and long aquiline or flat nose, thick proeminent eyebrows, almond shaped eyes warmed colored, cat like look, wide forehead, wide face, large mouth with thin lips, etc). Their height tends to be average and their body is strong with regular legs. Women may have big breast. The skin may be tanned and the hair tends to be red or blonde and thick.

Virgo:  Virgo ascending usually gives gentle, delicate facial traits ( petite delicate nose, clear and bright eyes, delicate and symmetrical lips, teeth like pearls, wide forehead, narrow V shaped chin etc.). The height is usually average and their body is remarkable and slender with regular legs and they may have big or flat stomach. The skin tends to be darker and the hair is usually dark colored and straight.

Libra:  Libra ascending usually gives great, regular facial traits (well defined long and narrow nose, long face usually heart shaped, heart shaped lips, defined cupid’s bow, soft eyes, facial dimples, etc.). They are usually tall and slim. They may have small, pretty hands and feet. Their hair is smooth, light, wavy sometimes curly and their skin is usually light. The women are usually flat, but sometimes they may be curvy.

Scorpio:  Scorpio ascending usually gives hypnotic facial traits (magnetic deep dark almond shaped eyes, fixed look, roman or concave nose, proeminent eyewbrows, long lashes, etc.) The height is usually above average. Their body is strong, muscular type and women are usually curvy. The skin and hair is usually dark. The hair is sometimes curly or wavy. They may be fat.

Sagittarius:  Sagittarius ascending usually gives androgynous, youthful facial traits (Wide forehead, sparkly bright eyes, aquiline nose, narrow V shaped chin, thin lips, high cheekbones etc.). They are tall and their body is usually lean ( sometimes women have curves ). They have long legs and their skin may be problematic. Their hair is dark and thin. They may have great, big asses.

Capricorn: Capricorn ascending usually gives mature, goat-like facial traits (big ears, nice serious eyes, really bony face, high cheekbones, thin and flat lips, usually crooked teeth, wrinkles or fine lines, etc.). They can be short to tall. They are lean and their body is flat. They may have crooked legs or scoliosis. Their skin may be dark and dry and their hair is thin and very dark, often black.

Aquarius:  Aquarius ascending usually gives distinct, lovely facial traits ( bright big eyes, really long lashes, proeminent square shaped eyebrows, great skin, upper lip is thin, wide smile etc.). They are usually tall and lean. Women have nice small breast. They may have beautiful long legs and their hair is usually thick, straight, smooth and light, often blonde.

Pisces:  Pisces ascending usually gives dreamy facial traits (really large round or bulging eyes, often light colored, nice shaped often thick eyebrows, delicate skin, arched forehead, big or flat nose, wide mouth, etc.). The height tends to be short to average. They may have short limbs, big breast. Their hair is fair, often dark and smooth. They may be pale and silky. They may be fat.

“ College AU where Shiro is trying to study but he can hear his neighbor crying so he goes to knock on the door and Lance answers it with tears streaming down his face. “What’s wrong?” “I can’t believe the dog in the movie I’m watching fucking died.” “

Guess whaaatttt?

It’s another au @shir-oh-no came up with a while back that i’m finally writing

it’s not exactly the same as the prompt b u t

The young man’s brow twitched slightly as he stared at the book in front of him, incessantly tapping his pencil as he tried to ignore the loud laughter that would sometimes come from the person who lived in the dorm next to his. The guy had seemed to grow quiet earlier after a while of laughing, yelling, and just being flat out loud, but now he was just being loud again.

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things to love about yourself

the way your eyes change color in the sun
the dimples you get when you smile
the crinkles on your face when you giggle

the nice shape of your eyebrows
how prominent your collarbones are
how gentle your movement are

the little freckles and beauty marks all over you body
your short stubby fingernails
your little nose ring

the way you laugh at everything
even if no one else seems to be laughing

appreciate your everything

love yourself friends

party games | theo raeken

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: making out with freaking theo raeken.

a/n: thank you for 1.3k, sry for this being a little short.

You stood in front of the mirror looking at your outfit. You straightened your shorts a little bit and tugged on your top, You teased your hair a bit before applying your favourite lipstick.

“Come on Y/N we need to leave!” You heard Malia shout from the other room.

“Just let me put my shoes on!” You shouted back before sitting down on your bed and tying the laces of your heels. You took your phone from your desk and went down stairs to meet Malia and Kira who were driving you to Lydias party tonight, As always Lydia would organise a party after the year starts but just before Fall kicks in. You take your keys with you and all three of you leave towards Kiras car.

“I call shotgun!” You yell.

“Nu uh you can’t.” Malia said.


“Cause I’m taller than you, Even on your two inch heels.”

“These are only one and a half inches.”

“Even better, Come on.”

“Fine.” You groaned as you took your seat in the back of the car.

The three of you walk in to Lydias house, You were all greeted by dozens of half wasted teenagers scattered around her household. Just a few feet inside you spot Theo standing next to Tracy with both of them holding red solo cups, He quickly noticed you looking at him and winked your way causing you to roll your eyes and make your way to the kitchen to get a drink. When you walk in to the kitchen you find Lydia refilling her drink.

“Could you get me drink please Ms. martin.” You smiled as you stood beside her.

“Hey I didn’t see you walk in.” She smiled before handing you your drink.

“How could you, You probably outdid yourself with the amount of people you invited.” You chuckled.

“Yeah maybe.” She chuckled.

“Come on they’re playing ‘Suck N Blow’” Lydia grabbed your hand and walked you towards the small gathering in the living room. You stepped into the circle between Scott and Liam, As the card was passed to Scott he leaned down a bit to pass it to you before you sucked on the card and passed it to Liam, Liam then passed the card onto Hayden who passed it to Mason and Then to Tracy, As she passed it on to Theo the card fell and she pressed a quite intense kiss against his lips. You scoffed at the sight and rolled your eyes in disgust.

“Okay everyone switch places.” Lydia said.

You were too lazy to move so you just stayed put when the rest of the people switched places.

“Theo switch with Liam, He was next to Y/N in the first round.”

You mentally face palmed yourself at the statement.

“You know, I saw you rolling your eyes when Tracy kissed me.”

“Cause I was disgusted.”

“Try jealous.”


“I can hear your heartbeat princess.”


“Its beating like crazy, Could I be making you nervous princess?”

“Bite me.” You narrowed your eyes at him.

“If you wish;” He said before biting your exposed shoulder softly.

“I didn’t know you took that literally.” You sassed.

“I didn’t know you didn’t.” He smirked. You elbowed his side to signal his turn to take the card from Kira, He turned to you and leaned down slightly and just as you were about to suck the card from his lips to yours he dropped it and pressed his soft lips against yours, Your eyes fluttered shut as one of his hands held your waist. Although you were thrown off guard the kiss wasn’t that bad but Theo quickly pulled away leaving you slightly shocked and confused. With most of the circle hooting and cheering at your kiss you looked at his face with a smirk plastered on his lips.

“You totally did that on purpose.” You said in a firm tone.

“And what if I did?”

“Whatever.” You scoffed as Tracy glared your way and you felt as if her eyes would practically gonna burn holes in your back; Guess you weren’t the only one that’s jealous.

After the game you all went to dance in the make shift dance floor Lydia organised in her living room. After Malia dragged you almost unwillingly you joined her on the dance floor as both of you jumped and swayed to the beat of the music that was thumping loudly in your ears, Sweaty bodies of wasted teens were surrounding. You may not be affected by alcohol but the loud music and the flickering lights certainly got you to feel slightly lightheaded. You swayed your hips a little bit before feeling a body press against your back, You were too focused on the music and the lights to acknowledge who it was standing behind you and you just decided to go with it and dance with the stranger. You then felt the stranger start to kiss your shoulder and nibble along the base of your neck, Biting gently enlightening you with who the person standing behind you might be.

“Couldn’t get enough could you.” You said quietly for only him to hear.

“I was tempted..” He said as he brought his lips closer to your ear, Ghosting over it gently which sent shivers down your spine.

You saw Lydia approach you as you stepped away from Theo and walked towards her.

“Spin the Bottle upstairs, And bring him to.” She whispered in your ear so you could hear her over the music.

“Seriously? Isn’t that like for fourth graders.” You groaned.

“Like you would be against kissing the guy you were dancing with just a minute ago.”

“I don’t like him Lydia.”

“The heart eyes tell me differently, Now get him and meet us upstairs.”

“Fine.” You turned back to Theo and with a smirk playing on your lips you took his hand and walked the two of you upstairs.

“The bedroom..” He smirked as you walked towards Lydias guest room.

“Spin the Bottle dumbass.” You sassed before entering the room and joining the circle, Theo sitting right across from you. Scott spun the bottle first and after landing on Malia he gave her a small peck before allowing Lydia to have her turn, She spun the bottle and it landed on Josh. She gave him a small kiss before leaning back and allowing you to spin the bottle.

You spinned the bottle and as it slowed down it landed on a certain boy sitting right in front of you. You both got closer to the middle, With his face basically ghosting over yours you could see all of his facial features so clearly; His piercing green eyes you swore you could get lost inside of, His surprisingly nicely shaped but still messy eyebrows, The small stubble across his cheeks and jawline; Oh his jawline..

You looked back into his eyes before he inched his face closer to you causing your breath to hitch in your throat.

Your eyes flutter shut as he presses his smooth lips against yours, Both your lips moving in sync with each other and you swore you felt his tongue grace yours just a moment before you pulled away and leaned back in your seat.

“You sure you don’t like him?” Lydia whispered in your ear as you brought up your finger to your now swollen lips.

“I-I’m gonna go grab a drink.” You said to her before you got up and made your way downstairs to the kitchen not noticing Theo getting up and going after you.

You walked in to the kitchen and grabbed a solo cup and filled it with beer before taking a sip to calm your nerves down, You quickly notice Theo enter the room and walk towards you, Without second thought you put your drink down and cupped his cheeks pulling him into a passionate kiss. His hands found their way to your waist pulling your body closer to his as both your lips moved in sync. Your hands move to the back of his neck to try and deepen the kiss; He brings his hands down to your thighs picking you up and setting you down on the counter standing in between your legs with his hands placed on your hips.

“I knew you liked me.” He mumbled against your lips.

“Shut up.” You joked as you wrapped one of your legs around his, Pulling him closer to you; It seemed as if only a second had passed and you were interrupted by a your favourite redhead.

“At least the sexual tension is gone.” She smirked at the two of you.

You blush and hide your head against the crook of Theos neck as Lydia walked back out of the kitchen.

“Just so you know, I like you too.” He said as you pulled away to look at him.

“Then come closer and show me just how much.” You smirked as he leaned back in with his hands on your bare thighs pressing a sweet but sensual kiss against your lips.

So maybe this party isn’t that bad..

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This is kind of random but I adore the way you draw Uraraka's eyebrows


seriously tho i love her thick eyebrows and i refuse to draw them any other way. i’m glad you enjoy that haha<3

actually she’s one of like…. only a few characters who’re consistently drawn with slightly thicker eyebrows 

Bakugou has goddamn beautiful eyebrows and i swear if i didn’t know better i’d think that he plucked them. however i’m fairly certain that he is just naturally that goddamn beautiful b/c of course he is. also i don’t think he really cares that much when it comes to his appearance

(maybe Mitsuki made him pluck them b/c he looks like her. idk. but either way he’s always drawn with really nicely shaped eyebrows. ALWAYS)

and i can’t forget Todoroki

i assume his eyebrows are drawn slightly thicker to show their different colors, but either way, his eyebrows are almost on par with Bakugou’s

and then there’s the father of all eyebrows

All Might’s mighty thick eyebrows. like holy shit dude how the fuck do those even work

i don’t care how they work i love them

(meanwhile Kirishima and Kaminari barely have eyebrows lmao and many other characters just have thin lines representing them)

anyway yes Uraraka has beautiful thick eyebrows 

we must love and appreciate them 

physical characteristics of the signs
  • aries: nicely shaped eyebrows that compliments their gaze
  • taurus: cute apples of cheeks (especially when smiling)
  • gemini: fairy-like bone structure
  • cancer: shiny, glistening, mesmerizing eyes
  • leo: smooth, silky hands with long fingers
  • virgo: soft and graceful silhoutte
  • libra: beautiful face shape, defined jaw line
  • scorpio: glowing, radiant skin
  • sagittarius: just a really great ass
  • capricorn: strong cheekbones, nice teeth and a memorable smile
  • aquarius: elegant neck and shoulders, good posture
  • pisces: soft, full, moisturized lips

backtoyoulouie  asked:

Once you get this you have to say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly. Then send this to 10 of your favourite followers :) xx

thank you for sending this to me lily :> you’re the sweetest!

1. my eyes/eyelashes/eyebrows - i have green eyes and long thick eyelashes and naturally nicely shaped eyebrows and i think that section of my face is just really attractive

2. my writing - i like 90% of what i write and i’m really happy about that

3. my hair - i dye my hair lots of colours frequently and i get funky creative haircuts and i just love doing stuff with my hair

4. i’m doing really well in school - i don’t know if it’s because i’m smart or because my program is just something i’m good at, but all my classmates admire me and consider me to be really smart so no complaints lmao

5. my personality - people tell me i have a unique personality and that i’m funny and boisterous and fun to be around :)

Things That Remind Me of The Signs
  • Aries: Water falls, sea glass, mountain ranges, fireflies, dewy grass in the early summer morning, cinnamon rolls, wild fires.
  • Taurus: Tall lush trees, warm sand, beautiful melodies, fields of tall grass, forget-me-nots, soft summer breeze, rain storms.
  • Gemini: Dandelion wishes, cobble stone walkways, sunflowers, peach coloured blush, apple pie, fuzzy socks, sparkly stones.
  • Cancer: Doe eyes, daffodils, sea foam, tear drops, freshly cut grass, summer bonfires, sail boats gently sailing in the wind.
  • Leo: Pink and orange sunsets, lightning, rosy cheeks, white picket fences, wishing wells, crispy leaves, giggly memories.
  • Virgo: Old books, dewdrops, hydrangeas, pleated skirts, sparklers, ladybugs, musical notes.
  • Libra: Fluffy clouds, wishing on stars, evening drives, rosebuds, intertwined fingers, cheesecake, the warm feeling of hope.
  • Scorpio: Red roses, foggy afternoons, dark sea water, laughter, lingering hugs, chipped paint, the night sky, delicate memories.
  • Sagittarius: Hopeful promises, moon beams, summer nights, nicely shaped eyebrows, bumblebees, tree branches, green-grey coloured sea water
  • Capricorn: Fresh soil, sprinkle donuts, pumpkin pie, glistening water on a warm day, open fields, blue skies, flocks of birds.
  • Aquarius: Colourful lipsticks, lilacs, whimsical ideas, thunder, intertwining tree branches, pumpkin patches.
  • Pisces: Waves crashing amongst the shore, bellowing winds, fluffy cats, crackling fire, pale sunsets, broke railroad tracks, blue jays.
Elevator Love Letter

*Title completely stolen from Grey’s Anatomy

Niall was running late.

It wasn’t that out of the ordinary, and it wasn’t like his friend/boss, Louis, would legitimately care all that much, but still, the blonde didn’t want to get anymore shit from his friend. Louis loved to give Niall grief over the fact that the Irishman was late to just about everything he was committed to, whether it be a meeting, a lunch, or his own goddamn birthday party. So, Niall made the split-desicion of taking the elevator.

He almost never took elevators. Not to get to his office on the tenth floor, nor his flat on the fifteenth. Due to his claustrophobia and extreme agoraphobia,  Niall and elevators simply didn’t mix. 

But he was late, so he walked onto the elevator, attempting to seem as confident as possible as he walking into the death box, nodding amiably at the only other person residing in the elevator. 

“Floor?” The man drawls lowly, and Niall’s eyes perk up, settling themselves on the adonis standing in front of him. The guy’s definitely not normal looking– but in a good way. He’s got longer, curly hair and a tacky, mostly unbuttoned shirt that hangs off his tall frame. Niall can see spatters of tattoos and bright green eyes, as well as the remnants of an unshaved face but the blonde forces himself to look away. 

“Oh, uh, 10. Thanks.” He mumbles, feeling idiotic. The man lets out a low chuckle and Niall’s face reddens darkly. The doors close then, clicking shut lightly, sealing Niall’s decision. The sweaty palms start immediately, but he was expecting that. He hates elevators, he hates them. They’re terrifying and awful, but he knew that when he stepped on. He’s just going to take a few deep breaths, wipe his hands (subtly, Niall, remember, there’s a hot guy nearby), and calm down. 

He opens his eyes, resolved.

Then elevator stops, along with Niall’s heart. 

There’s a silence, and Niall looks over at the other man, wondering if this is just some kind of fucked up nightmare where he’s going to make a fool out of himself in front of this incredibly attractive man. The guy looks just as surprised as Niall, although maybe a bit less horrified as he lets out a relaxed. “Uh oh.” 

Niall’s eyes are wide as saucers, staring at the elevator doors as if they were just pranking him, but the silence doesn’t stay for long. The man next to him is ringing that little bell button, the one that Niall never ever wanted to even think about having to use. 

The guy is so calm and collected as he speaks with whoever’s on the other line, Niall barely even registers himself sliding down the cold metal of the wall. He holds his knees close to his chest, crossing his feet and tangles his own fingers together, doing his best to calm down and not have a full-blown panic attack with a stranger. 

“Hey, it’s alright. They’re going to get us out of here.” The guy says, deep voice in full effect. Niall looks up briefly, still somewhat dazed at the fact that this was actually happening. Thankfully, the man doesn’t look like a dick. He simply bends down to squat near Niall, resting on the balls of his feet agilely. “Are you alright?” He asks when he gets no response. 

Niall decides that if any time was a good time to tell his new partner in misery, this would be it. “I’ve got really bad claustrophobia and this is not looking good.” He warns, sentence short and breaths shorter. He’s beginning to freak out. 

Green eyes widen and the man before him changes from squatting to sitting, taking Niall’s sweaty, shaking hands into his own. Surprised by the act, Niall’s eyes pop open once more and the blonde jolts forward. “I’m just–” He tries, but the words get torn away from him as a loud noise rings through the elevator shaft. An unintentional squeak leaves his mouth and although he probably should be embarrassed, he’s too busy curling in on himself, hands gripping his once well-done hair tightly and whimpering pitifully. His heart is pounding and his chest is tightening and he can feel his breaths become constricted and painful. He feels hesitant hands touching at his arms and feels the need to flinch away, but the hands don’t let him. There’s a soothing voice in his ear and a warmth against his cheek, assuring him that it’s alright. Niall knows he’s rambling on about “we’re gonna die,” and “shit, shit, no.” but the voice doesn’t discontinue the smooth talk, but additionally rubs his back and it takes Niall a minute, but he realizes that he’s basically in the terribly attractive man’s lap.

His cheek is pressed against the broad, covered shoulder of the man and his legs are looped around his waist, but at least he’s not completely on top of the brunette. He feels like a kid as his eyes tear up a bit, absolutely terrified and a bit embarrassed as well. 

“My name is Harry Styles.” The man says, completely out of the blue. “I’m 25 years old, I’ve got a sister and a mum and a step-dad. My sister’s getting married in a couple of months and my mum has been nagging me about finding someone as perfect for me as Gemma’s finance is for her. I’m currently working at a record store, but that’ll change soon. I am– or was– on my way to interview with this guy on the tenth floor.” Harry rambles and Niall pulls back, looking at him with a confused face. He didn’t ask for this guy’s life story. The man, or Harry, simply shrugs at him, nudging Niall’s knees slightly with his own, “Your turn.”

Niall lets out a shaky breath, “My name is Niall Horan.” He begins awkwardly, stammering slightly. “I’m 25 as well… I’ve got a brother and a sister-in-law and a nephew named Theo. Got a good dad, not so great mum, uh. I’m here to meet a friend on the tenth floor for lunch. My boss, actually, Louis. I never take elevators but I did today because I was late.” He says wobbly, voice still low and hands twitching accordingly.

The brunette boy arches a nicely shaped eyebrow at Niall and smirks. “Tomlinson?” At Niall’s delayed nod, Harry rolls his eyes. “Don’t think you would’ve had to worry about being late, seeing as that’s the man I was supposed to be interviewing with about… 5 minutes ago.” He elaborates, making Niall’s jaw drop.

“Of course, Louis.” He mutters, laughing lightly as the other man joins in. They’re making eye contact now, and Niall’s heart doesn’t actually feel like it’s going to explode out of his chest. 

They look at each other for another quick minute before Harry turns his head to look at his watch. Niall looks away too, trying to pretend as if he wasn’t just staring at this stranger’s lips. 

What he’s really not expecting is for the stranger– for Harry– to look back at him with a determined look, grab Niall’s face 

Harry opens his mouth, ready to say something else, when another loud, noise sounds throughout the elevator. Instantly, they’re back in one another’s arms– well, Niall’s hiding his face in Harry’s chest and the brunette has the decency to allow him, holding his head close. 

Then the doors open. 

There’s a bit of a crowd, including firemen and policemen, and of course, Louis Tomlinson too. The two boys separate, Niall embarrassed and Harry a bit flustered, and get up from their places on the ground. 

They walk off the elevator together and try their best to answer questions from the firemen as best they can before being relieved. That’s when the real trouble, meaning Louis, comes in.

“So…. I see you made a new friend in your little elevator stay.”  Louis teases lightly and Niall blushes, glaring harshly at the opposing blue-eyed man. 

“My little friend, a.k.a. your 2 o’clock interview.” Niall interjects. “You remember, the interview that you planned at the same time of our lunch?” He reminds, eyes twinkling maliciously as Louis’ face darkens a bit. 

“Oh, yeah.” He mutters, scratching the back of his neck a bit awkwardly before shaking it off, offering a hand to Harry good-naturedly. “Well, hello, then, Mr. Styles, how about we get that interview going right now?”

Harry laughs, shaking Louis’ hand, “Alright, as long as you’re okay?” He pushes, looking at Niall directly and the blonde nods, a bit shy feeling. 

“Yeah, I’m good. Thank you, Harry, really. For everything.” The blonde professes and Harry shrugs. 

“Of course, Niall.” He answers and the two stare at one another before Louis objects. 

“Alright, lover-boy, let’s go. See you at work tomorrow Niall, yeah?” He says irritably and Niall shakes his head before smiling at Harry and walking out of the building without another word to the taller man. 

Harry knows right then and there that he has got to get this job. 

* * * *

“No, Niall, the board and I haven’t made a decision yet.” Louis groans, rubbing at his temple as the blonde asks him the same question yet again. 

Niall’s lower lip juts out, “But…” He whines and Louis rolls his eyes. 

“But you like him, yeah, I know. Why don’t you just go out and find him? Why do I have to be the matchmaker?” Louis asks, sitting back in his chair and kicking his feet up against his desk. 

“Because I don’t know where he is and because you’re the reason we met in the first place. Give him the job.” Niall demands. “Or I quit.” 

Louis rolls his eyes again at his friend’s attitude. “Such a brat.” 

“Call him!” Niall yells as he leaves Louis’ office. 

Louis sighs, grabbing his cell and ringing up the number that Harry had written on his application. 

And yeah, Louis knows exactly what’s going to happen the second that he calls Harry, offers him the job, and the first thing the green-eyed boy says is, “And… Niall works there, right?” 

After giving the kid confirmation, Louis hangs up. They’re so fucking screwed.

* * * * 

Harry’s first day is on a Friday.

Niall didn’t even know that Louis had actually called, but he sees the man from afar, ironically, walking towards the elevator. “Harry!” He calls, just to make sure that it is actually the brunette he’s looking for, and he isn’t disappointed. 

Another tacky shirt, hair still curly and long, Harry beams as Niall walks over towards him. “Hey–” He begins, but is cut off as Niall grabs the back of his neck and kisses him without any hesitation. Harry, pleasantly surprised, clasps his hands around Niall’s lower back, pulling him close just as he did in the elevator. Passion and fervor is all the kiss consists of, and Harry follows Niall’s lips as the blonde pulls away a bit. They’ve attracted another crowd again, and Niall shakes his head, chuckling lowly. 

Harry’s left breathless, eyes wide and shocked as Niall grabs his hand, tugging him in the other direction, “Let’s take the stairs.”

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE AW YAYYYYY I hope you have an amazing birthday and an amazing next year of life <3 :) !!!!!!!!

I’m sorry if this was a bit lackadaisical but guys I think school is killing me. I have 3 research papers to write, an Ap gov project to plan and create as well as an Ap Environmental Science video to make and a Ap lang presentation and I’m just kinda freaking out. Okay, but this was short and sweet, I hope it was alright!

ALSO I think I’ll be updating chaptered FICS next so don’t worry y’all!

Prompts are open! I do any Niall-centric OTP, OT3, OT4, and OT5! You can see my previous writings here and my master post here

The Waitress

The Waitress.

(i would appreciate if y'all take it easy on me lmaoo, it’s my first time doing this. let me know if you’d like me to continue the story)

The bright lights shining through the crystal glass windows and illuminating the street behind me, filled with pot holes full of water from it raining the night before. I look up at the nearly shaking walls of the club from the blaring music coming from the inside and let out a small shaky breathe, tugging the straps of my brown trench coat over my waist and tucking my hands under my armpits as my leg shakes nervously. I’ve been working at ‘The Laughter Box’. For a few months now after I turned 18 and needed a good job to pay for my college fee’s and apartment. Also i nearly forgot to mention, The club which is proudly owned by the Clown Prince himself, The King of Gotham city, and that’s right you guessed it folks. The One and Only, The Joker.

I can’t even remember how i found my self wandering through the wicked streets one day, walking into the thick scented place of tobacco, whiskey, and cologne and asking for a job. Me being new to Gotham i didn’t know better of who i would be working for one day, let alone nearly falling in love with in the future. After going through endless interviews with tall guys always in suits and having a cold scowl painted on their face, which may i add none of them were The Joker, i finally got the job mostly because of my body and my looks.

The job is great, I get paid well and the clothing there isn’t too revealing of my body. The body guards around the club always take care of the drunken idiots that have gone way over there limit and slips a few touches here and there which i am always grateful for that the guards are there.

I smile politely at the bouncer in the front of the club that’s holding back an endless line of eager people that are dying to get into the club, knowing how expensive it is to get in i can understand why they are so antsy to get in. Showing him my I.D and knowing my name is under the list of employees he lets me through with out a question, not even a glance towards my way as i hear some people groan. I push through some of the already sweaty and intoxicated bodies as people dance to the rhythm of the song playing, the DJ displayed on a stage that’s clear with steps and girls dancing around him. I mutter a small 'excuse me’s ’ as i make my way past the bar, waving to my good friend Derek who’s bartending. Once i slip my way to the back where some of the other Waitresses and Bartenders keep their coats and what not I hang up my trench coat on a hanger, my (your hair color or y/hc) crinkled up and pushed aside like a slight elegant and messy hairstyle, it falls effortlessly down my shoulders.

I grab a tray to hold my drinks and put on my name tag on. I look in a mirror one last time to look at my uniform which is a Black crop top that’s crossed over my cleavage which may i add is quite nice, the straps of my top 3 fingers wide and coming mid waist to show my slim body. A black and gold sequin skirt that hugs my hips tightly but nicely fitted and comes mid thigh with some black pumps.

I run a hand through my hair and close my eyes knowing that it’ll be a long night “ don’t worry (y/n), you can handle it like every other night” i whisper to myself. After my little pep talk to myself i groan and start to walk back out to the party, flashing a pearly white and toothy grin at people as i pass by and making my way over to the bar where Derek is. “well, don’t you look flattering (y/n)” Derek says as he pours a drink, smirking and looking over to me as he hands the glass full of mixed alcohol and points to the guy i’m suppose to deliver the drink too. I roll my eyes as i tug on the end of my skirt and let out a small chuckle “Thank you Derek but just because you have the same name as a hot doctor on Greys Anatomy, doesn’t mean you have to act like him either” I say laughing, seeing Derek’s mouth shape
into an 'o’ as he acts hurt.

He leans closer and looks up to the second floor where a wide glass window almost the size of a bus and nudges my shoulder, pointing up at it as i turn my gaze to it and see the gold drapes pulled back and a few buffed up men in suits with guns in their holsters. “Boss man is supposedly to be up there, he wanted to see the girls dance” Derek yells over the loud music, I swallow and lick my lips as my thoughts get the best of me and starts to wonder what he could possibly look like.

I’m quickly pulled out of my trance as Derek gives me a light shove “go on, do your job sweetheart” he says with a light chuckle and goes to the other side of the bar to take some more orders. I nod and start to make my way through the crowd, delivering a few drinks to some men and getting a few whistles here and there nothing too extreme or nothing i can’t handle. After maybe an hour or so i’m leaned up against the bar, talking to Derek as he gives me a few more drinks when i feel a tap on my shoulder. I narrow my eyes and turn around to see one of the dancers that are usually on, she’s a bit taller seeing as i’m only around 5'5 or 5'6 and she smiles sweetly at me “Hi there i’m sorry to interrupt your conversation but one of our dancers won’t be making it in and i really would appreciate if you could fill in, i could teach you the steps and i’ll set you up in one of the cages so you don’t bring too much attention if that’s okay” she explains, her fingers fidgeting with each other infront of her as she looks nervous. i lift one of my nicely shaped eyebrows and look a bit stunned “i mean, y-yeah i’m sure it’s okay” i stutter slightly, she squeals and claps and starts to drag me to the back of the club to get me dressed.

I follow closely behind as she has a tight grip on my hand, but my eyes automatically moving some where else and looking up at the office of Mistah J. Once i get to the Back of he club where a bunch of other dancers are finishing last minute touches i’m quickly put in a chair where girls start doing my make up. I sit there patiently as they add dark red lipstick to my plump lips, slight eye make up and some false eyelashes that are longer and more full. Once they are finished with that and not even bothering to make small talk they pull me up to my feet and hold different outfits to my body.

After what seems like hours the girl hands me a dark red dress that matches my lip stick, The dress coated in black glitter and has two slits up the thighs as it’s the same length of my skirt. The top is a low cute V and shows off my cleavage quite nicely again, they hand me some black heels and i slip them on. Trying to steady my balance and what not the girl that pulled me in here stands up on a counter and smiles wide with a nervous laugh “okay girls, We all know that this performance is more special since Mistah J will be watching. so please please do exactly what we did at rehearsals” she says and starts to step down “i don’t want to clean up another dead body” she mumbles as she walks away.

When i hear her my (e/c) big eyes widen more and i run a hand through my hair, it being a stress habit. A girl tugs on my hand and makes sure my gaze is focused on hers as she smiles “it’s okay, there’s a cage that we will put you in and you just have to dance and grind. you’ll do okay” she assures me and i nod again, actually speechless as she pats my shoulder and tells me to break a leg.

Once i get out there i look over at Derek, seeing him meet my eyes too his jaw drops and he leans forward against the bar. a slight blush creeping up on my cheeks i start to move my way to the center stage that lifts up in the air for the dancers. Once i get there one of the big guards help me up the steps, giving me a slight slap on the ass with a smirk. I let out a gasp and turn around to face him, crouching down and smiling innocently as i trail my finger against his sharp jaw “I don’t think your boss would really like to see one of his goons harassing the dancers sweetcheeks” i say, giving him a slight peck on the cheek as his smirk slowly fades and his eyes show fear. i start walking to a cage that holds at the end of the stage, trying to prepare myself for the night.

When i get inside the cage i lean against the gold bars and let out a sigh, running a hand through my hair again and thinking to myself 'what was i thinking! i don’t even know the guy’ I feel the cage start to rise making me jump a bit and i steady myself, looking down to see some of the other dancers already starting to move their hips. I wait till my cage has come to a halt before i start to dance, i look around me at all the people watching and slowly turn my head to look at he all too familiar window, those soft drapes still pulled back but now something catches my attention.

That bright green hair, so nearly slicked back and not a strand out of place. Those piercing blue eyes that hold so much evil and wicked thoughts behind them, the pale smooth skin almost like silk. And then i get to those cherry red covered lips, Slowly forming a mischievous smirk and showing off those shiny grills that make my whole heart stop. The Clown prince.

I quickly turn around to face the other cage that’s yards across from me and i close my eyes, feeling a slow and R&B type of song play that has lewd and erotic lyrics. I feel the beat take over my body now and not wanting to disappoint all the people watching i start to sway my hips slowly, bringing my back against the other bars of the cage and sliding down slowly, my legs slightly spread to give a slight tease. I dance and shake and sway my hips to the beat, sometimes facing Mistah J and seeing him bite his bottom lip. Making a shiver run through my body all i could think about is not tripping in these heels. I slide my soft hands along my soft smooth legs and thighs, running my finger tips along my body and through my hair as i close my eyes and enjoy the fun time i’m having.

After one song i feel my cage being brought down and i narrow my eyes, stopping and watching as the same goon that slapped my ass earlier talk into a phone. Once the cage is brought down and the guard opens the door i step it slowly, my hand being taken in his as he pulls me down and starts to drag me past the crowd to an elevator “excuse me, where are you taking me?” i ask astonished. But he simply ignores me, once we make it to the elevator he pulls me in and presses the button for the second floor.

I see him tugging on the collar of his blazer and see him gulp, my arms cross under my chest as i look down and think of what we could possibly be doing that would need me to go to the second floor, where the handsome psychopath is at. Unsure if i’m excited or more nervous i just bite the inside of my cheek and let my mind run. I hear a ding at i feel my self being snapped back into reality after thinking of what those sinful lips could do to me. The guard nods his head toward the large dark red french doors that has res lights at the top of me and nudges my back a little “Boss would like to see you” he mumbles. I let out a gasp as i look at him dumbfounded, my legs pulling me toward the doors slowly and feeling my fingers wrap around the cold metal handles. The guard quickly grabs it for me and opens it, My eyes looking up at him as i step in and turn my head to meet the eyes of The Clown himself, that same sexy smirk that was plastered on his face before.

hey there, kitten.

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Hi, I saw your 19 days comic and I just want to say it is illegal to be that amazing at art I thought there was a new chapter ((also got any tips because I hate most things I draw and I'm kinda losing motivation I guess?))

Thank you so much! I’m not amazing at art at all so I guess I’m far from being illegal! :9 I don’t know if I’m in the right position to give any advice in drawing since I’m also an artist-in-training myself. But here are few advice I have during my ongoing quest to become a true artist! The answers here would be based on my personal experiences if you don’t mind. Here goes!

1. Keep practicing.

There is a saying ‘practice makes perfect improvements’ after all. Do iterative drawing everyday for at least an hour. Iterative drawing is a process where you draw the same thing over and over again but you have to tweak each one of them to look better than the last one. I’ve been doing this a lot lately. This is also how I’ve found the eyes that I desire to draw. Practice helps you find out more about what you wanna draw. It also improves your muscle memories~ both hands and brain! It’s the best way to improve.

2. Be mindful of details.

I tend to be very critical of details. My OCD at work. I’ve got this habit of staring intently at artworks. I don’t know if that’s bad or not but being attentive about details is good I think. If you’re doing fanart, the best way to make them look like the characters you wanna draw (regardless of your art style) is to take a closer look at their features. If their eyes are pointy then try to make your drawing pointy. If they have thick brows, then try your best to thicken their brows. If the brows have an arc then don’t forget that too!

I remember reading somewhere that Rei (from Free!) has a long face. Ever since then it stuck to my mind that he has a long face. KyoAni didn’t say that for any other characters either so it just stuck to me. Since then, I have to remember that Rei has to have that long face whenever I draw lol I guess it’s because of my mindfulness of details, my drawings look almost (if not exactly) like canon. The same goes for the official comment I’ve read about Rin having a nice eyebrow shape and Makoto having a big mouth (literally).

3. Do not overthink.

I did say to be mindful but also do not overthink. This happens a lot when you don’t know what to draw. When you over think, you end up procrastinating. It’s better to just randomly doodle! It’s weird but everytime I doodle randomly, the chances that I’d finish something is much higher lol Just like that fancomic for 19 Days, it all started with a doodle. I didn’t even have a story. I just wanted to see a scene where Guan Shan cries with a bloody mouth lol XD and thus, a comic was born. It was even colored. I’m very bad with colors especially since I’m color blind. I can’t differentiate most colors lol and I can’t do backgrounds to save my life either! And this has led me to another tip.

4. Do not be afraid to experiment!

It was 8am and I haven’t slept coz I was in the mood okay? I was like, to color or not to color? When I decided to color it, I thought, it needs to have a background otherwise it would look like it’s all happening in heaven. So I tried tweaking my Photoshop brushes to create a good texture for the leaves. When it looked pretty good, I was so happy. The fact that I didn’t chicken out on experimenting with the backgrounds felt great! No regrets! I learned new things because of it. And for some reason, I’m looking forward to experimenting with colors and brushes once again!

5. Set your standards.

An example is your desired style. Mine is one that captures the feel of the anime/manga/show I am drawing for. And a free-flowing body dynamics, please!

I have lots of artists I idolize! I’m sure you have your own art goals too! It’s not bad to get inspired and influenced by one or many artists. I know a few people, including myself, who started out by mimicking art styles. I learned how to draw by mimicking. I wasn’t trained. Now that I’ve got pretty much the basics down, I hope to deviate from mimicking official art styles. But of course, the influences they have on my works still show. I don’t think that’s bad in itself. Everyone is influenced by at least one thing or person.

Before, the biggest influence in my style is obviously Free! But recently, I feel like I’m seeing the influence of Kuroshitsuji, Kuroko no Basket, Shingeki no Kyojin (anime), One Piece, Bleach and CLAMP in my work. This is probably why my drawings look very similar to the style of all these anime/manga because the influences are from there! I’ve only drawn Japanese anime since I was young, so the only style I know is Japanese anime (aside from realism, I can’t draw cartoons to save my life!!!). Back in the days, where internet’s barely available, all I had was cable TV. I had to draw my favorite anime characters while watching just so I can keep them on paper lol this is probably why I’ve become quite flexible. If you wanna be flexible, you can do that! XD

Lots of people thought my fancomic was official but look at the difference~ the feel has fooled everyone. Which is what I am striving for. Not fooling the people but making the people feel the feel!

6. Keep your old drawings. Compare.

Don’t crumple them and throw them in the trash bin and burn them!! No matter how shitty or deformed they look, just DON’T! One day, when you’ve become an awesome artist, compare your recent and old drawing. You’d be proud of the progress you’ve made! It would end up becoming a hilarious remembrance instead.

7. Look at references and tutorials.

I still use some myself. I’m very bad at hands and pretty much the rest of the body. I try to rely on how I remember the human body a lot and my memory ain’t that good tbh In my mind, I have a good grasp on how the hands look like but when I draw it on canvas, it looks so weird (if you take a closer look at my drawings, you’ll see a lot of anatomical mistakes lol). So it’s good to use some references. If it’s from an existing photo/art just make sure to credit them. Oh and. I wouldn’t recommend tracing and uploading your traced drawing and claiming it yours lol. Try to avoid that please. I’ve seen people do it… o_o; You can trace for practice and compare it to your freehand drawing. It helps you with accuracy by comparing your traced and freehand drawing. Sometimes you can even memorize the entire thing haha (I do sometimes, coz muscle/brain memory)

If there’s a pose I can’t do, I make my brother pose for me or take a photo of myself and use that as my guide (I break them down into basic shapes). Also, try some live drawing! Like, go to the park and quick draw the people/animals you see! 

In regards to the tutorials, there are a lot on the web! Like thousands of them for free!! I have this habit of saving tutorials but never using them. That beats the purpose of saving them, doesn’t it? So, when you do end up being in the mood to save art tutorials, keep them in one folder and make sure you try them out like ASAP. I don’t get most of them the first try but when I take a break and do it again after a few days, I end up nailing the thing! :D

8.  Take a break.

Yes just like what I mentioned in #7! Sometimes you gotta take a break. After some heavy duty drawing practice, you need to refresh. I keep forgetting to take a break and I end up getting depressed whenever I see little to no improvement. Stop and do other things for a while, when you do come back, do a bit of sketching/doodling to get your jive back. When I do this, I end up liking what I draw. XD

9. Don’t rush………………………….. period.

There’s no magic spell that would make you draw professionally instantly. So don’t rush. It took me a lot of years to be able to draw how I draw now and it’s not even that good yet. So yeah. Don’t rush. Rushing will make you impatient and frustrated. I’ve been there so believe me. It won’t help.

10. Show your work and have people comment on it.

This is the scariest part I think. Like, who wants to be criticized, right? When I made this Tumblr blog, I didn’t have any intention of posting drawings because I was really depressed about my art. I used to mod ask-blogs until I realized I really sucked at drawing LOL I can see all my mistakes and I don’t want people to point them out because it friggin’ hurts. But there was one time my little cousin asked me to draw a Hetalia DJ for her birthday and I had nowhere to post it. I was embarrassed to post it on FB//// So I posted it here where almost no one followed me. I got some good reviews from people I don’t know and it became a motivation for me to come out of my shell once again and try.

11. Love your work.

Last year, I got really depressed about my art. Then a friend of mine (who’s an amazing artist!!!) talked to me about it. I confessed to her how I never really cared much about my art at all. I didn’t like it to the point I’ve almost hated it. I wanted to stop drawing. The only reason I started drawing was so I’d have a way to tell my stories. I can’t write novels/fanfics at all. I’m honestly bad with expressing in words.

Regardless, I’ve gained lots of followers within the 2 years I’ve been using this blog. I thank everyone who has supported me until this point. I used to not like my work because of all the imperfections. But, there is always beauty in imperfection. (Yeah that’s my blog tagline XD) I’ve learned to love my art along the way. And it’s all thanks to you guys!

I still have people who criticize my art (esp about my style) but I don’t mind it that much anymore. I have a love and hate relationship with drawing but I don’t want to divorce it because I’ve been married to it for so long. Why should I stop just because a couple of people criticizes my art when there are thousands of you who appreciates my art AND stories? 

Despite what everyone in the world says, I know that I have worked hard. I’d choose to skip dinner or sleep just so I could finish a piece of my comic for everyone to enjoy. It’s tiring but worth the effort. I receive lovely comments/messages that strengthens my resolve to draw more and improve more. That said, I’m sure that if we keep practicing, we’ll be able to art the way we like to someday!

For motivation, this varies from people to people. But here’s what I do to motivate myself!

1. Listen to music.

Put your most favorite music on your playlist. The ones where you’ll end up singing along with and loop it all. Since I work during the day/afternoon, night time is my only time to draw. I end up working all through the night til early morning so I end up getting sleepy (coz tired yeah). But when I hear my favorite music, I end up singing along with it and for some reason, I start feeling alive again haha

I like music that has this angsty feels to work so I listen to Hiroyuki Sawano’s music a lot. Songs sung by Aimer, Annabel, Maki Chang, Mika Kobayashi are A+++

2. Draw what you like to draw.

Draw anything you like. As much as possible, draw a scene you wanna see the most with your characters or smth. Not just a person standing without doing anything. For example, A is hugging B from behind. Sketch it. Even the basic form is ok. Don’t worry about it not turning out the way you want them to. This happens a lot to me and it’s frustrating to the MAX!! Like the drawing tip I mentioned before, do iterative drawing! It will come to you when it does!

3. List down things.

Get a cork board or whiteboard or even just a simple paper, write down the stuff you wanna get done ASAP. Write them big. No matter how simple the tasks are write them. And when you’re done with like “washing dishes” cross them out with a red marker/pen! The more things crossed out in your list, the more motivation you have to finish the rest. I think it’s how the mind works. Or at least, that’s how my mind works lol Just don’t write too much stuff tho, you’ll get overwhelmed! XD

4. Write down your ideas.

Similar to #3. Your ideas fuels your motivation! Especially if the idea is fun and original~ you just can’t help but want to work faster so you’d be the first one to post it! An original idea is always (if not usually) appreciated.

5. Rewatch your favorite show (like an episode or a clip).

You’ll get plenty of ideas you’d wanna draw from this. I like rewatching certain episodes because it fuels my drive!!!

6. Acceptance.

Sometimes we get depressed because we can’t achieve what we want. Thus, the lack of motivation. Let’s just accept how we are today. But never give up! Keep arting. If you give up now, you’ll never be able to show them how awesome you are and awesome-r you could have been! :3

WOW gosh. This turned out so long and I feel like I just ranted. Sorry about that, I have lots of feelings. The quest to improvement as an artist is a long, taxing and neverending journey! I don’t know if this would actually help but I hope it does. It helps me~ except when my depression is deep deep deep down in the gutters lol Goodluck with your drawing endeavors!

OH. There is also something called Peak Hour. This is the hour where our body, brain and motivation is at its peak! Try to find out yours and start working around those hours. Mine is around 2am-4am lol

Edit: I remembered another advice (it’s an advice my friend gave actually). For linearting, try holding your breath when you draw your lines. It works. For real.  (・ω・)bグッ

Another edit: Try going back to the basics. Never think that going back to basics is a waste of time. I sometimes figure out new things like positioning whenever I do this. That’s why I regularly go back to it.

on hindsight and mint plants

[Inhindsight, Sousuke thinks, they should have planned things better.]

on hindsight and mint plants
Character(s): Yamazaki Sousuke, Nanase Haruka, Matsuoka Rin
Word Count: 1900
Rating: T+ (swearing!!)
Dedication: amoosebouche (happy birthday!!! i’m sorry this is strange and crappy)
Notes: written off the prompt “me and my buddies vandalized your backyard trampling your mini garden in the process. now i feel really shitty cause you’re really upset about this. look i’ll help fix it okay just stop with the sad faces,” because i am braindead and can’t come up with story ideas right now

also - please don’t click on the read more if you’re expecting quality (my sincerest apologies, mobile users)


In hindsight, Sousuke thinks, they should have planned things better – for example, actually considered possible escape routes –  before carrying out The Secret Plan.

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REQUEST EXO REACTION when you think you’re not good enough

Anon: Hi! I really love your reaction scenarios ^^ could you do one where the boys react to you feeling not good enough and not pretty? Ty xx

Sure thing, love! I hope it will make you guys smile and remember: everyone is beautiful. I think I’d speak for all the boys when I say: please love yourself xx


The first time he’d hear you say something negative about yourself he wouldn’t quite believe it. Furrowing his brows he’d stop everything he was doing perviously and stare at you intensivly. Did I hear right? My beautiful (y/n) just called herself ugly? Is it opposite day again?


You guys had a huge fight because you thought you weren’t good enough for him, which was ridiculous. Having no time for making up because of his concert made him feel uneasy. He wanted to tell you how much he loved you and that he is the one who doesn’t deserve you. But all these emotions he tried to hold back, break lose because he can only think of you as he sings ‘Promise’.


as soon as you told him that you felt so insecure because of his pretty fans he made sure to give you more attention especially during performances. That was his way of showing that you are the only one he sees and the only one he wants. He may get into trouble for that but it’s worth it.


“So .. you really think like that?”. Hearing your confession broke his heart. He felt like he wasn’t giving you enough of his love, like it was his fault. Why else should you feel this way? For him, you are the most beautiful, caring and gentle girl he ever laid eyes on.


Kai would suffer too from your way of thinking about yourself. It destroyed him that you don’t see what he sees. In order to change it he writes you a letter describing very detailed why he loves you and the things that make you special.


He won’t let it just stay like this. You and your self-esteem are his new mission. Every morning before he goes to work he’d stick a post-it on your coffee cup ‘You’re beautiful’. And in the evening he’d make you repeat it for a thousand times. After a while you start to believe and Kris couldn’t be happier.


Before attending a show you told him how hard it is for you to keep up with your appearance because you didn’t like to wear too much makeup but everyone else does and they look so flawless. Having that in mind he told his stylist before she even started:”You know what? I feel like I don’t need makeup today.”.


As you start complaining about your nose:” You know salt and baking powder are ingredients no one likes to eat just like that. But these are some important once so you can get a pretty damn delicious cake. You may not like your nose all alone but together with your eyes, your nicely shaped eyebrows and your lips you make the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.”


She says she’s ugly? I’m gonna show her what ugly looks like! For someone like Sehun who is always on point with his fashion you may think that this action was quite hard for him but truth to be told it was almost too easy for him. He’d just do everything to make you feel better. 


The first time he’d hear you talk bad about yourself he thought about it as a joke. “Okay (y/n) even though this is a joke I don’t think that it’s funny when you talk like that?”.”What do you mean? What joke?” She can’t be serious? My (y/n) really thinks of her like that?


It was an accident. You didn’t wanted him to know how you feel. It just slipped out of your mouth. But since then, the room was filled with uncomfortable silence. The total opposite of what was going on in his mind. It went crazy. Am I the reason she feels like that? I should have known earlier.


He knows the face you make when you start to doubt again. So before you can think any further he’s already there to distract you. “Nononono darling! Forget it. What about we take a walk to the parc. The weather’s nice. I could buy you some ice cream. Yep, this is what we’ll do now, nothing else.”

anonymous asked:

Idk if you write smut for the drabble thing but if you do can you write Jungkook giving his first blowjob to Jimin?

Ok, before we start this, I was about to deny your request because I can’t really write good smut, but I figured I should at least give it a try, so I hope you like it and thank you!! <3


Pairing: Jikook
Length: 526 words
Rating: NC-17

Jungkook liked girls, he might lack the proper vocabulary or courage to approach them, and he sure looked like he was about to flee the Earth whenever they got near him, but he liked girls, he fantasized about them, he was a normal, straight, full of hormones  and recently turned adult man, then again, he sure liked girls.

Which in no way ever stopped him from receiving a most convenient and willing “helping hand” from another man, you know, because man get horny, they can’t help it, it’s only natural. And what else could he do when he didn’t really have time or enough privacy to get himself a girl, like he would have liked.

So, he would settle for small soft hands tugging beyond the hem of his pants, and it was okay, really, because whenever he got into this situation, writhing and moaning beneath experienced moves, he was thinking of girls, so there was nothing wrong with that.

He would think of a girl with beautiful complexion, soft strands of hair that smelled like strawberry, he could almost pick the scent in the air, a button nose between nicely shaped eyebrows, full plump lips shimmering with cherry lip balm, thick toned thighs, amazingly tight round ass, and sweet voice whispering on his ears, he could even hear it.

And when he was at the edge of his pleasure, his mind would give him a full picture of this girl, the one he always craved for and surprisingly the image was no other than the owner of the hand pumping him hard, Park Jimin, his girl was Park Jimin, except he wasn’t a girl, he was a man, but Jungkook didn’t like men, he liked girls, yet the only one on his mind was him, never a her.

“What do you see behind your eyes, Jungkook-ah? What makes you cum real good?” And he was so ready to give him the answer, of him imagining himself on his knees between those gorgeous legs, he wanted to wrapped his mouth around him, his tormentor, his real life fantasy.

“You…” And the other already knew that, it was no surprise for his name has left Jungkook’s lips more than once before, his eyes were close but he could feel the grin spreading over the full lips. “I want to taste you…” That, on the other hand, was a completely new request, not even the younger believed the words that floated on the air.

“Do it, you can do whatever you wish to me.” He knew Jimin would always welcome him and before he knew he was down on the floor and he has never done this before, yet it seemed to come naturally, yes he can say he had (sometimes) fantasies with girls, he liked girls, but no girl would ever have the delicious taste of Jimin on his tongue and make his throat feel like it was made for his shape, nor caress the back of his neck over soothing words, and have his heart beat in the rhythm of his thrusts, fill his mouth with hot wet and dribbling desire, no girl would ever feel this right.


whispers: sorry nonie…

  1. Vmin (Little Star)
  2. Nammin (Improvement)
  3. Jihope (Fall for you)
  4. Jikook (Hero to the rescue)
  5. Jinmin (Special guest)
  6. Yoonmin (Hyung’s favorite)
  7. Vhope (Coming out)
  8. Jikook (Epitome of cute)
  9. Vmin (Worth getting grounded for)
  10. Vmin, Jikook, Jihope (You dance, we glance)
  11. Jikook (A reason to change)
  12. Jikook (Keep touching me)
  13. Jikook (For you)
  14. Jikook (Failed mission)
  15. Vmin (We flow with the River)
  16. Vmin (Love in pictures)
  17. Nammin (Color me golden)
  18. Jihope (Cry on my shoulder)
  19. Jikook (In the sea)
Coachella Clash

You are an 18 year-old British-Asian RnB artist, dubbed by the media as the UK’s answer to Beyoncé. You have recently made your huge U.S. breakthrough, and regularly mingle with Hollywood’s elite. You are currently hanging out with Kendall and Kylie Jenner at Coachella, but a certain green-eyed girlband member captures your attention instead.

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