nicely nicely johnson


“Now I know I have met an angel in person
And she looks perfect, no I don’t deserve this,
You look perfect tonight”

one: “fbi seeking answers”
of course it’s a headline and has to be snappy.
but every other headline i can make out (save these 2) contains a noun referring to oa. (prairie, daughter, girl, youth, woman, johnson)
idk it’s just sort of weird.

two: “a year later lights over michigan still a mystery”
please let me know if i’m reading this wrong, but did nancy and abel believe oa to be taken by a ufo? if that is what it says then the relevance is so confusing my gosh.


So you have thought about it. Interesting. You’re the one who’s always getting out of that shower in that little towel, Jess. Or you’re wearing your glitter or your pantyhose. They’re driving me crazy! Okay? I know how hard it is to get those pantyhose up, and I just… I just sometimes want to rip ‘em down.

sir-bob-johnson  asked:

So I got the box collections of both Gunam 00 and Gundam Wing at a thrift store. Are either of those series any good?

Yeah, they’re both pretty good! Wing is a lot more… 90s in terms of its animation and voice work, which may or may not be a plus depending on your anime tastes. But they’re both completely self-contained and solid introductions to the franchise!

His magic is powerful, intoxicating. I’m a butterfly caught in his net, unable and unwilling to escape. I’m his ……. totally his".

(Ana to Christian)

—  Fifty Shades Darker-Books