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ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah

As much as this storyline isn’t that great and it was all plot to create a shitty cheating drama for them, it’s really not fair people are deciding to forget all the good emmerdale/iain had done:

  1. The Ashley storyline is with no doubt one of my favourite storylines. Its really emotional and as far as i know, it’s really playing reallity as it’s form. I can’t wait for the end and we all know it’s going to be played brillaintly by John and I’m going to be an emotional wreck after this.
  2. The Holly drug addiction and her death. It was a major twist, nobody knew that would happen and it was so dramatic and well writting. Also big credits do Nat and Adam for playing their grieve so well done. 
  3. Belle’s storyline: finding out she has schizophrenia, it was very touchy and emotional and eden is playing belle really well done.
  4. Aaron’s abuse storyline was one of the massive storylines they had and it was so well played by Danny. 
  5. David’s testicle cancer, it was also a massive storyline (not well shown) but still really important. 
  6. Last but not least, super soap week. One of the best stunts I saw on a soap. Very emotional and stressing and so well written. Let’s not forget from that week, we got the first character out as bisexual men and that brought a lot of recognition and representation.

So, please folks, don’t overshadow all the good they done over this plotty storyline - that still don’t know exacly what’s going to happen.

Peter speaking the truth
  • Rest of the pack: *states that they're in Scott's pack*
  • Peter: I'm not in the pack, but no one likes a Nazi.
  • Me: Look at you Peter being relevant af. Speak the truth, my friend. Maybe you're not so bad after all.......nah, I still don't really like you, but you just helped yourself right there.

Color Palette Meme

Killua Zoldyck + Winter Colors asked by @tachibana–chan


okay how about this…..what about the GOOD outfits from 2016, huh? there were A LOT of those! like of course there are two sides on the whole “rebellious bleachella phase” but there were high points too it like this courageous look

now as a person who normally isnt a fan of any sort of animal print (it’s tacky and i really wish people would stop trying to make it a thing) she hella pulled this off and the red lipstick capped it off with the poppin’ hair. you gotta admit, she did that.

she also worked the bleachella well with other looks like this one that was nice and simple. always love her open back shiiizzzzzzz

but with bleachella she also pulled off one of my fave looks and personas and that’s Boyfriend Taylor….yes bitch she came out to play and it was beautiful

she really killed it with the ripped jeans and it’s simple as hell but how can you not love when she rocks things that are actual like attainable looks? like these ripped jeans too

and even this Boyfriend Taylor look. like im not even sure if it’s from 2016 but it deserves recognition because….well……bruh


and everybody has a soft spot for taylor in workout clothes or taylor in a beanie so dont try to act like this didnt happen either

THEY’RE ALL SO CASUAL AND EASY BUT SHE MAKES THEM LOOK AMAZING! let’s not forget about her simple denim overalls either!

like y’all she truly honestly looked like a normal human being in that white long sleeve. but there were other times when Cut Throat Taylor came out to play and you couldnt deny she looked hot af. anybody remember Meredith from the Parent Trap?

and how she did all white just as easily as she did all black in heels higher than Wiz Khalifa

gaaaaaawd the all black during this week was such a fucking time like remember the unveiling of the choker phase??????……set me on fire.

she even killed the all black when she had that stacked up girls night out… know the one…..the transparent top one

like okay fuck it up i guess. she had some great night life looks too like let’s not forget when everyone suddenly remembered she had karlie in her life and taylor was stomping around nyc lookin like a slut for The Tall and The Fall.

but you cant get stuck on poppin’ bright looks like this though and expect them to be what she sticks with because then she snaps your neck with shit like innocent sweet baby

and even more innocent sweet baby

and of course she like easily dives into her natural instinct aka La Prep with her gentle housewife looks like when she was on tour and no, not the tour youre thinking about

you gotta admit that yellow dress with the blue shoes was one for the books fam. she strutted through the streets of rome just as easily as she strutted onto the Vanity Fair red carpet with The Look….and im truly disappointed it’s been forgotten so easily

and remember the flash tat stunt she pulled at Drake’s function?


and because this girl works out just as much as she works my nerves, please enjoy my fave simple gym looks because she demolished those too


and i had to save these for last because they were my fave date looks from a time we shall not speak of (mostly because i would like to hang onto the bit of sanity i have left)

cant forget when she didnt have on so much clothing too

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