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NAME: Kael Haden
AGE: 22 (twenty-two) / birthday is 8th february
SPECIES: human
GENDER: cis male
ORIENTATION: bisexual/biromantic (no sexual preference either way but a slight romantic preference for women)
PROFESSION: musician (former soldier)


BODY TYPE:  tall and very thin, skinny; lanky, definition of the phrase beanpole. long torso longer legs. vague muscle definition can be found mostly in his upper arms and abdomen; it is not much but it keeps his body from looking boyish — he does not have a teenage-esque body and does indeed look like an adult man. ectomorph.
HAIR:  naturally black but is currently died a dark red (the colour of cherryade). kept short with a longer fringe, always swept to his left. naturally very straight but often styled to add volume.
EYES: dark brown, can almost appear black in certain light. occasionally wears contact lens for purely aesthetic purposes, usually coloured grey or a lighter brown.
SKIN: pale skin, likely inherited from his mother (as opposed to his father who’d had an average/tan skintone); is capable of light tans but is more prone to sunburn. very clear with very little in the way of blemishes, particularly as he had few issues with acne in life; always looks clean and always feel soft. the only notable marks on his skin are moles (one on his cheek, most notably), a birthmark on his neck and the various scars he has collected. also has five tattoos.
HEIGHT: 5′11′′ or 180cm.


FAMILY:  asura (wife), hana (daughter), miseon (mother), jisoo (father;deceased); he is unaware of the rest
ANY PETS ?:  none; wants a cat. really wants a cat.


PHYSICAL PROWESS:  flexible. very flexible, not unlike a gymnast, as a result of years of training to stay as flexible as he had been in childhood. an adept fighter, trained in the discipline of tae kwon do, but only really uses these skills for meaningless street fights. stronger than he looks, given his skinny build; he does not look like a soldier but he still fights like one.
SPEED:  a fast runner (was on the Garden track team) and a faster fighter; his light build makes for a quicker fighting style. not remarkably fast but quicker than the average person.


COLORS: darker, vibrant colours; sharp blues and deep reds. in terms of dress sense, blacks and greys are preferred but there are no limits.
SMELLS: mint, spice-based perfumes, cinnamon, his own cooking, his mother’s cooking, rain-drenched stone, asura, asura’s strawberry shampoo, anything else that reminds him of asura, washing powder, mostly sharper scents,
FOOD: jjajangmyun, pizza (without toppings!), kimbap, gyudon (natsu’s introduction), instant noodles (beef flavours are preferred), bulgogi, patbingsu, cinnamon flavoured pastries and candies (although he is known to dislike these things otherwise), crisps & chips/fries & most varieties of salty potato-based snacks
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?:  yes  [ x ]  ||  no  [  ]   ||  occasionally  [  ]
FAVORITES: family (asura & hana; the people for whom he would do anything), the feeling of being wanted, music cats, freedom/independence, the sense of identity/feeling of being a real person, dressing nice and looking good, makeup and jewellery, skull-based designs, compliments & being praised & being noticed, having/finding a purpose, making his loved ones happy, people being proud of him,



SMOKES ?:  yes  [ x ]  ||  no  [  ]  ||  occasionally  [  ]
DRUGS ?:  yes  [  ]  ||  no  [ x ]  ||  occasionally  [ ] (experimented a few years ago, however)
DRIVERS LICENSE ?:  yes  [ x ]  ||  no  [  ]  (still doesn’t own any vehicles)
EVER BEEN ARRESTED ?: no  [  ]  ||  yes  [ ]   ||   almost/detained  [ x ]  

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The official SU page on Facebook posted a clip from the episode with this description and, I dunno, I just really like that they did that


Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) has completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge as nominated by Chris Hemsworth [x]

He also donated money to the charity, which is doubly-awesome!

You can donate to the charity without the need to dump ice cold water onto your head at ALSA.ORG

Well done, Cap. Well done.


niceanon232  asked:

Okay, just hear me out. The twins and the the cousins, at a beach.

did someone say group summer trip (in which i’m too lazy to draw any other characters)

felix is a summertime sourpuss but adrien’s having none of it