Radio Tidbits 2014.12.20

Director Ishii Yuya is in the studio with Kame today to talk about Vancouver no Asahi. It seems Ishii is a fan of this radio station and listens to Hang Out often

K: I was handpicked by Director Ishii for this part in Vancouver no Asahi
I: Of course. I listened to Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out and thought that your voice is really nice
K: Seriously? LOL Because of Hang Out? LOL I’m really thankful
I: Your voice is very erotic
K: Really? I’m happy you think so
I: How do you do it?
K: It’s just normal LOL
I: Maybe because it’s radio, but it feels like you’re talking just for me. Like when you whisper
K: LOL Yeah, a little husky
I: Right, a little husky. And even though it’s a little low, but it’s also a little high right? [Translator’s Note: My guess is he means Kame’s voice is deep but not low pitched]
K: That’s right
I: Right? *excited* It’s really nice
K: It’s not actually low. It’s husky, but when I’m excited it gets high. Wow, I never thought Vancouver would come out of this
I: Having an erotic voice is sincerity [Translator’s Note: Not sure about this part]
K: Sincerity?
I: It shows your fighting spirit. I thought I would be able to work with this person
K: Well, I’m really thankful to this radio station

- - - - - -

I: Recently when the 2 of us – well Tsumabuki-kun was also there – when we went to go see the movie, it really got to me
K: That time we watched it with Princess Hisako
I: Right. The movie was completed half a year ago, so I was able to watch it with the eyes of an audience member. It really got to me and I cried hard. I was embarrassed, and Princess Hisako was sitting next to me too. When the credits rolled I wiped my eyes and happened to glance at Kamenashi-kun. You were crying hard too 
K: LOL I was also finally able to see it in the eyes of a viewer. The couple times I saw it before I was still criticizing myself, etc. I was finally viewing and reacting in audience mode, and I was really touched, so I cried a lot


From: Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out 2014.12.20

(Loose, simplified translation, don’t trust it)