Rogue One Favorite Types of Movies/Entertainment Headcanon

Jyn- Cute Animated Movies

She doesn’t want a movie she’ll really think about later. If she’s going to spend her time watching a movie she wants it to be relaxing and fun. Or that’s the excuse she uses. Jyn finds these so adorable and happy but will never tell. There’s no reason for her to be embarrassed but she really is. If somebody asks

Jyn: That was nice

Inner Jyn: That was so fucking cute I’m going to kill myself and bring myself back so I can watch it again

Cassian- Rom-Coms

Cassian is one of those people who enjoys watching other people mess up. Probably because he knows he doesn’t have to clean up the mess. Watching two really awkward people fall in love in the wrong situation is funny, yet relatable to him. Somehow, when it comes to romance, he just never expects it.

Movie: Check please

Cassian: jajajajaja

Chirrut: Mysteries

Chirrut likes to think he can hear the force through the screen. Something he always takes a little pride in is his wit, and he can use it in these movies. He’s a super interactive person so mysteries and psychological thrillers are his favorite.

Character: Coughs

Chirrut: It was him

Baze: Horror

Nothing phases Baze. He’ll watch the movie and devise mental plans of how he’d defeat the antagonist. Also, it’s his way of challenging himself. Baze likes to be right, and a movie is only “really scary” if it makes him jump.

Character: Hello?

Baze: He’s dying first

Bodhi: Sci-Fi

Of course, this is his area of expertise. Watching these is a time where he can totally geek out. He also loves the idea of a good underdog story. A nerdy kid making  a big choice and becoming a hero. And those mind-boggling special effects make him excited

*huge explosion*

Bodhi: nice

K-2SO: Soap Operas

It is the epitome of human behavior in his eyes. He’ll get sooooo invested in the characters and the stories. He learns and recites every line on the re-runs. He 100% believes that is what life is like


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160622 Fansign accounts, final part (part one, two)

@_forDO: As soon as he saw the king-sized Dyo lamb, he immediately said that it was him..ㅠㅠ I told him since it was so big, you could hug it with your whole body when you sleep and he burst into laughter ㅋㅋㅋ And the hat is totally big enough to try on while you’re alone.. thumbs up

[Kai, Kyungsoo ending ment under cut]

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Fandom: Frozen
Rating: K+
Pairings: Implied Kristanna
A/N: Sort of a ‘powers AU.’ Possibly. Somewhat. All spelling/grammar errors are intentional. (Or are they?)

8/14/15  5:06 PM

K: Hey what’s your sister’s shoe size?

A: …

A: 6 and a half

A: Id say ‘why do you ask’ but I feel like the answer would be just as weird so…

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Radio Tidbits 2014.12.20

Director Ishii Yuya is in the studio with Kame today to talk about Vancouver no Asahi. It seems Ishii is a fan of this radio station and listens to Hang Out often

K: I was handpicked by Director Ishii for this part in Vancouver no Asahi
I: Of course. I listened to Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out and thought that your voice is really nice
K: Seriously? LOL Because of Hang Out? LOL I’m really thankful
I: Your voice is very erotic
K: Really? I’m happy you think so
I: How do you do it?
K: It’s just normal LOL
I: Maybe because it’s radio, but it feels like you’re talking just for me. Like when you whisper
K: LOL Yeah, a little husky
I: Right, a little husky. And even though it’s a little low, but it’s also a little high right? [Translator’s Note: My guess is he means Kame’s voice is deep but not low pitched]
K: That’s right
I: Right? *excited* It’s really nice
K: It’s not actually low. It’s husky, but when I’m excited it gets high. Wow, I never thought Vancouver would come out of this
I: Having an erotic voice is sincerity [Translator’s Note: Not sure about this part]
K: Sincerity?
I: It shows your fighting spirit. I thought I would be able to work with this person
K: Well, I’m really thankful to this radio station

- - - - - -

I: Recently when the 2 of us – well Tsumabuki-kun was also there – when we went to go see the movie, it really got to me
K: That time we watched it with Princess Hisako
I: Right. The movie was completed half a year ago, so I was able to watch it with the eyes of an audience member. It really got to me and I cried hard. I was embarrassed, and Princess Hisako was sitting next to me too. When the credits rolled I wiped my eyes and happened to glance at Kamenashi-kun. You were crying hard too 
K: LOL I was also finally able to see it in the eyes of a viewer. The couple times I saw it before I was still criticizing myself, etc. I was finally viewing and reacting in audience mode, and I was really touched, so I cried a lot


From: Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out 2014.12.20

(Loose, simplified translation, don’t trust it)