Erotic One Direction fan fiction inspires art show

On your next visit to Bankside’s Jerwood Space art gallery, you might see the pregnant belly of Harry Styles. His body is made from fiberglass, and missing a head, but the One Direction singer’s torso is still recognisable, thanks to his distinctive tattoos.It’s part of a new installation by London artist Owen G Parry, inspired by fiction and artwork created by fans of the boy band. “I was feeling a little bit disinterested in what artists are doing, and what it means to be an artist,” he explains. “I wanted to think about what it means to be a fan.”

Parry, a lecturer in Fine Art at Central Saint Martins (CSM), has spent months getting to grips with One Direction’s online fandom. But is he a fan of the band? “No – not at all. But I’m a fan of Larry.”

‘Larry’ or ‘Larry Stylinson’, is the nickname given to one sub-genre of writing by One Direction fans that depicts a passionate relationship between Styles and his bandmate Louis Tomlinson. Thousands of online illustrations and short stories – mostly written by young women and teenage girls – detail their imagined romantic and domestic life. Despite the band’s denials, and Tomlinson’s on-off relationship with the Briana Jungworth, the mother of his child, many fans continue to believe that “#LarryIsReal”.

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my good pal @irlmadotsuki bought pony island for me th other day

we need to stop crucifying people who make shitty discourse

like, is it shitty? yes, BUT

1) when we try to explain our oppression, sometimes we’re just gonna get it wrong. occasional shitty discourse is a thing that is unavoidable. we’re not bad people because of statistical inevitabilities

2) when we describe things incorrectly, yeah it can hurt other minorities in our community. and that sucks. but we are never on the same level as our oppressors. our fuck ups hurt much less than their deliberate oppression (and they are the only reason shitty discourse has the power to hurt people in the first place)

also, people don’t have universally shitty discourse. just because some bits of what they say are not good, doesn’t invalidate all their past activism. these are valued people in our community and I hate the weird flip flop we do between loving and hating people in MOGAI communities.

the MOGAI community in particular embraces people who’ve done really queerphobic things in the past out of fear and internalised hatred. even when those things hurt other people in our community. how then do we justify hating people who are trying their best but accidentally made a Discourse TM that was trying to fill a need but also hurt people. 

reach for compassion, we’re all in this together.
and don’t forget who the real enemy is, don’t let them divide and conquer