“I’m in the military. Are you sure you’re okay with interviewing me?”
“Yeah, I don’t mind. Are you on leave now?”
“Yeah, it’s my vacation. I have 50 days left until I’m discharged.”
“Do you have a girlfriend?”
“I don’t. We broke up. Last year when I became a private first class I was dumped. The reason I was dumped…I don’t know. I don’t think about her a lot or miss her. Any longer…”
“After you discharge what kind of girl would you like to meet?”
“Now I just would like to meet someone who puts me first. A nice girl.” “전 군인인데 인터뷰 나가도 괜찮나요?”
“아 상관없어요. 휴가 나오신거에요?”
“네, 휴가 나왔어요. 전역까지 50일 남았어요.”
“혹시 여자친구 있으세요?”
“없어요. 헤어졌어요. 작년에 일병 될 때 차였어요. 차인 이유는 …. 저도 잘 모르겠어요. 많이 생각나거나 보고 싶지도 않아요. 이제는요..”
“제대해서 어떤 여자 만나고 싶어요?”
“그냥 이젠 저부터 생각해주는 사람 만나고 싶어요. 착한 여자요.”

“Chaos” -
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Tonight I researched tumblr, I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but there are people out there. People just like me. People who are heartbroken, missing somewhere they’ve never been, generally unhappy with their lives, but care too much, love too much, the ones that should be happy.

Here’s the thing. They are amazing. I’m amazing. I hope they realize it. I just did.

This post is for the people who care too much, the ones who love to easily, the individuals that cares more about your happiness than their own, the perfect disasters, the population that makes up for everything that you’re lacking. This is for them. You’re the ones that will change the world. You’re the ones that I love. You’re the nice guys, the friendly girls, the embodiment of the word “perfect.” You deserve so much happiness, one day you’ll find it. If you need coaching or friendly advice or a backboard of emotional support. I’m here. I’m just like you. We are the people everyone else is “lying” to be. I’ll brag all day. I’ll boast all night.

I’ll stand for you. You deserve it.