french vocab - fairy tales

Il était une fois…
Once upon a time…


le roi - the king
la reine - the queen
le prince - the prince
la princesse - the princess
la fée - the fairy
la sirène - the mermaid
le nain - the dwarf
l’elfe - the elf
le sorcier - the wizard
la sorcière - the witch
le dragon - the dragon
le château - the castle
la tour - the tower
l’épée - the sword
la magie - magic
le sortilège / le sort- the spell


méchant - wicked / mean
mauvais - bad / wicked
gentil - nice
bon - good
enchanté - enchanted
empoisonné - poisoned


aimer - to love
haïr - to hate
tuer - to kill
bénir - to bless
maudire - to curse / to damn
jeter un sort - to cast a spell

…et ils vécurent heureux pour l’éternité.
…and they lived happily ever after.

my future star trek movie wishlist so far:

  • time travel because who doesnt love that
  • bones and joanna
  • more sulu/ben
  • jaylah blasting music with scotty and keenser that can be heard down the hallways of the enterprise
  • c h r i s t i n e  c h a p e l
  • kirk finally gets over his daddy issues and moves on with his life
  • more of yorktown pls
  • new aliens and planets again because that was nice
  • bones smiling
  • uhura in command gold
  • and of course fat shirt kirk (thanks psychoticpterodactyl16)