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For me it's so so inconceivable that Harry can even stay in the same room with someone as nasty as that girl. Not because I firmly believe that she's just a stunt, but because she is the opposite of all Harry's values. I feel nauseous for him.

i’m sure he doesn’t enjoy it, especially since his whole motto is “be nice to nice” and she’s out here stanning a literal serial killer and using his victim(s) to play dress up.

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You and your friends are the sweetest group of people ever. You never cause drama and always want the best for everyone and it’s a great thing. I was so happy when I saw a bunch of you got to go to the first Rhode Island SS and I hope the rest of you all get to meet Taylor one day.

Oh wow this is one of the sweetest messages I’ve ever received. I love my friends so so much and I love you for being so nice to us. Thank you for saying that and thank you for being an angel 💕

Gelinciğiiiiiiiiim! Sen iyi ki doğmuşsun, iyi ki doğmuşsun da bizlerle beraber olmuşsun, seni tanımamıza olanak sağlamışsın, kalbini görmemize kapı açmışsın. Nice güzel ve huzurlu senelere, yoluna sen gibi iyi ve temiz insanlarla geçireceğin yıllar yıllar serilsin, ömrümden alıp ömrüne versinler ki bu hayatı hak eden bir insan gönlünce yaşayabilsin. Seni derinden ve çok seviyorum, kalbin hiç incinmesin. Sana zararı dokunanlar da elbet gerektiği gibi bedelini ödeyeceklerdir. Öpüyorum o mükemmel ve büyük kalbinden, nice nice harika yıllara! En güzel Dost'a emanetsin. 💙

-seni yaradana kurban olayım ben canımın içi güzel Nurum @susanlar beni bu güzel mesajın ile o kadar duygulandırdın ve mutlu ettin ki anlatamam.Seni çok seviyorum.İyi günümde ve kötü günümde varlığını bana her zaman hissettirdiğin için sana sonsuz teşekkür ederim.Allah ebeden ve daimen razı olsun senden canım Nurum.Senin gibi pırlanta kalpli bir dostum olduğu için kendimi çok şanslı hissediyorum.İyi ki varsın canım.Allaha emanetimsin ♥️♥️♥️😘😘😍😍

me, a lesbian, mistaking a nice twink for a nice butch lesbian: [gives him the lesbian nod]

him, a twink, mistaking me for a twink: [gives me the gay once over]

me, a sensitive dyke: [calls an uber and spends the whole time misty eyed, wondering why this nice butch would look me over like i wasn’t a HUMAN BEING, like i was something to be gawked at. i ignore my Uber driver’s attempt at small talk, staring out the window and questioning everything i know about life, meaning, and the pursuit of lesbianism]

him, a confused gay: [stares at the space this twink just vacated, completely floored. a nod. does he think this is a game. does he think this is a joke. this isn’t a PTA meeting where you nod at your old friend but also secret enemy Brenda from across the room. was i not even worth the once over. have i lost my game. what does this mean]

Ok, everyone, let’s do cute selcas!

Very nice Youngjae, well done, you were born for this

Daehyun we know you can be cuter but anyways, lovely, lovely

Now Bang… Wowwww, leader giving his best!

Woah Zeloooo, effortlessly cute in your case

Your turn Himchan, Ohhh, amazingly cute, nice, nice

Ok, Jongup your turn, erm… this one is too sexy, let’s try cute concept, ok?

Never mind

ay benim güzel gelinciğimin doğum mu günüymüş bu gün.. kalbi güzel kendi güzel canım kardeşim.. şu tumblr zımbırtısının bana kazandırdığı en nadide çiceğim, nice sağlık dolu mutlu huzurlu yaşların olsun.. güzel yuvanda eşinle birlikte gönlündeki tüm güzellikleri yaşa inşallah.. Rabbim ayağını taşa değdirmesin.. İyi ki doğmuşsun meleğim.. ve ben iyi ki tumblra gelip senin gibi güzel yürekli harika bir kardeş bulmuşum.. en bi sevdiğim diyorsun ya hani, sen de benim en bi sevdiğimsin.. nice nice yaşlara.. öpüyorum güzel yüreğinden.. Allaha emanet ol Fatmam..

-Amiiin inşaAllah canımın içi @marjidem çok teşekkür ederim sağol Didemim bende iyi ki seni tanımışım çok değerlisin ablamsın canımsın.-Arada bir bloğunu silip gidiyorsun ya o kadar çok üzülüyorum ki ve geri döndüğünde dünyalar benim oluyor iyi ki varsın canım.Seni çok ama çok seviyorum..Huzur dolu akşamlar dilerim canımın içi..çok öpüyorum .Allaha emanet olasın 😘😍♥️

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-> because....well why not! you are an amazing guys who scare happy to all the person! your draw are the best your o.c is the best and your answer to the ask are the best! I just see when you send some nice ask to cucumber, you have the power to make person happy with just an ask is a very nice power from a nice guys like you. .. maybe I lose where I want to go xD but see you are the most respectable person and you help so much so ask if you need help we are a family now :3 is all for now

Family, friends, to me its important too know that there is a bond i can share with all of you guys. Im happy, to know that such wonderfull people are around me, like small flames of a candle and you guys ? You keep the bad things away from me. When i doubt, when im afraid, you always pat me on the back and you give me the shove to scream into the dark and charge onwards towards greater feats of good.

Thanks man. This means a lot. Both of your asks.

A Nice!Pennywise On Halloween

He volunteers to hand out candy during the day and early evening
- He’s very sweet towards the kids he gives candy to

- If a kid is afraid of him, he covers his face and pretends to be more afraid of them than they are of him

- He makes sure to ask kids if they have allergies before giving them any kind of candy with nuts in it

- He occassionally snacks on some of the candy he’s supposed to be handing out

- He makes comments on kids’ costumes, for example:
**“OOH, you SCARED me!! (Giggle)”**
**“AWH, how cute!! (shakes body vigorously, bells jingling)**

He volunteers at a haunted house during the late evening and night
- He’ll give the teenagers a good spook: exactly what they came for

- If there’s little kids present, he’ll be sure to tone it down a bit

- If those kids still get scared, he’ll pretend to be more scared of them than they are of him, just like above

- He’s very good at his job: he creates a memorable experience

- He won’t actually put his hands on you

- He leaves his bowl of leftover candy for patrons at the end

*when I was in high school*

Girl: you have such pretty eyes… You have a great smile.. Did u see that girl’s ass? Leggings are a blessing… Did I mention I’m bi and you’re pretty…

Me, a clueless and stupid lesbian: she seems like a nice person. A friendly nice person who is friendly to me and wants to be my friend. She seems so nice and friendly

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Heyheyhey hi I love your art more than I love myself and bippidi boppidi you should draw leo/guang-hong (you totally don't have to I would just kill to see them in your style)


And you’re right! I really should draw them……………………..