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Inspired by the forget-me-not fic by @minubell

Edit: fixed tord because he looked high. Also added the burn mark because i forgot those

The Wrong Date Night

Pairing: Peter Parker x (Female) Reader

Word Count: 1,122

Warnings: None

Summary: 5. vi “My shower’s broken but I’ve got a date tonight could I possibly use your shower please?” “Oh sure (neighbour that I’ve been crushing on for the past six months) ofcourse you can use my shower to get ready for your date (fuck fuck fuck)” OR 6. i You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and damn you look good in the outfit I picked out for you

A/N: totally aged them up a bit because I couldn’t figure out how parents/Aunt May would fit in here at all. Hope that’s okay. 

“Peter!” Your shouting was accentuated by banging on his apartment door with a closed fist. “Peter Parker!”

The door opened so suddenly that you had to reel your fist back in before accidentally hitting him. His eyes were wide, his hair was a mess, and you knew he’d fallen asleep doing homework again. He stepped aside to let you in.

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“So Lil, what do you think?”

“Of what?”

“Of the party!”

“Oh yeah, it’s pretty nice”

“Nice? This party’s amazing”

“Okay, it’s pretty great”

“So I heard you got head girl, that’s fantastic”

“Thanks, I don’t know who got head boy yet though”

“You really don’t?”

“No, why do you know?”

“Yeah I do”

“….Are you gonna tell me?”



“If you dance with me”


Copy Cat appreciation post.

decided to try my best at trying to copy the styles of people that i admire. the art styles i copy belong to there respective artists and this is just a appreciation post because all of these people are awesome!

sorry for my bad skills -_-

Artist include:

jitterbugjive - so many awesome expressions!!!

azula-griffon - The ribbon butt

isle-of-forgotten-dreams - land of giant hair and nice nice ponies :3

dennybutt - amazing!

eleanorappreciates - Senpai :3

braeburned(NSFW) - awesome guy :) braeburnedart (clean blog)

ask-ickle-muse - Amazing person (also Senpai) sorry, i kind of butchered you style -_-

atthefrozenhorizon(cold blooded twilight)(NSFW) - Amazing art, amazing person, when i start drawing better, i want to get into the more detailed anime avenue she does. (also Senpai)

I hope you all like this, i had fun making it and trying to learn about other styles, thank you and have a awesome day!

(ps. new tumblr is not that bad)