*join us in a prayer to the dread god steven moffat*

there, a wild River Song we see,

a scoundrel born a space time anomaly,

this Christmas vision will soon be gone,

along with the last remaining Pond,

so to the dread gods we say please do not harm 

leave that sweet Melody her raucous charm

give us a tale as old as time, as vast as space

give us DOO WEE OOO as we race

beyond the treacherous grasp of villains

pulling a gobsmacked Twelve and a Clara, trilling

if goodbye we must say, for the third time

then let it be with a kiss, sealed with a crime

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Confession. I don't like Harry Potter (the character). It just seemed like he didn't have a personality of his own throughout the books. Like we all rooted for Harry, but he was so oblivious and flat.

Nice to hear your opinion, I love Harry and all his flaws. 

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31 with luke maybe?

“And my mom actually met my dad during her trip to Italy, they sat next to each other on the plane and ended up staying at the same hotel, so they got pretty comfortable with each other. My mom thought it would be a fling, but turned out they lived in the same city so–,” you cut yourself off rapidly, smacking your hand against your mouth to stop the onslaught of words.

“Oh my God,” you breathed, feeling your neck and face heat up, “I’m rambling, I’m sorry.”

“No!” Luke laughed, “It’s nice. I want to hear about it.”

“I’m sorry,” you simply said again, shaking your head. Soft classical music from the restaurant flowed through the room, people talking gently and cutlery scraping against plates. You took a timid sip of the red wine that had been poured for you earlier in the evening, swallowing and looking away.

“I don’t usually talk that much,” you admitted, “I ramble when I’m nervous.”

“You don’t have to be nervous,” Luke assured you, and you shot him a small smile as he continued, “Plus, I don’t talk too much, so it’s good that you do.”

“I talk too much?” the self-consciousness was back.

 Luke’s eyes widened and he sat up in his chair, finally realizing what it sounded like. “No!” he exclaimed before looking around and lowering his voice, “I mean, I like hearing your voice. It’s cute. You’re cute. Why are you so cute?” he paused, “Now I’m the one rambling.”

You giggled, looking at him with a grateful expression, “It’s okay. It’s cute.”

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So recently my confidence has been down, but I had some major boosters that are kinda funny. A guy asked me out. I said no, I wasn’t really into him, but it’s nice to know someone was actually attracted to me. And it was the first time someone ever actually asked me out. And then I found out 2 of our volunteers from day camps like me… Which was also nice to hear lol. At least I’m not totally repulsive :P

And today I went grad dress shopping and… I didn’t buy anything, but I tried stuff on and I just. I’ve never felt pretty before, and I can honestly say in that dress I felt beautiful. It was a really weird feeling, but it was just really uplifting.

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hi isaac!! how have you been lately? i hope you're doing well and it's nice to hear that you're becoming a fan of Halsey :-) also you're one of my favorite people on here cause you're always so happy and it just makes my day!

im doing really well!!! this summer has been fantastic, ive been skating everyday, hanging out with my family, and i go back to california in only a few days and get to see my friends who i miss so much!! Halsey is great, i love the song New Americana! i hope youre doing well too pal, thanks so much for checking up on me youre wonderful

Listening to Bangtan actually makes me feel lighter and happier and gives me this undescribable feeling with every single song I listen to and I am just so grateful to be a part of something so beautiful
Josh Hutcherson, Zach Braff Join James Franco's 'In Dubious Battle'

“The Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson, as well as Zach Braff, Analeigh Tipton, Ashley Greene and Ahna O’Reilly, have joined James Franco’s “In Dubious Battle,” which has started shooting in Georg…


A new trailer for the Japanese version of the blue jacket show is now online, and it’s incredible!

The video includes plenty of new footage, a sneak peak at an updated version of the red jacket Lupin III theme song and also lists the Japanese début as October 1st. The show will début on Nippon TV at midnight.

All of the returning voice talent behind the Japanese dub are back, as they all sound right at home with the updated Lupin gang. It’s so nice to hear them again, so full of energy and ready to go!

The Italian dub of the blue jacket show will begin this Sunday, at 21:00 on Italy One.

[Source: Cinema Today]

I can imagine Bruce coming back as Batman and STILL not wanting to train Harper. So Jason takes pity on her and says he’ll train her. Not because he actually plans on doing it, but because the moment Bruce hears about it he personally shows up to her apartment to escort her to an undisclosed location for lesson 1.


‘Cause she’s a supergirl
And supergirls don’t hide

telephone art game: looking for artsy peeps

You like drawing? You wanna do a fun game involving drawing with other artsy people? you should totally join Mogoliz and I in our telephone art game! If you don’t know what the fuck that is, a little visit on the tag should explain it by itself. (basically it’s like the telephone game but with art.)

At the time it’s really just the two of us so you should totally join us bc we’re nice and cool and uhh WE NEED YOU (have u ever seen a telephone game with only two participants) (well its not that interesting) i think we would need to be at least eight to make it work and maximum fifteen for it not to take too much time so WOW HURRY UP ONLY 13 SLOTS OPEN!!!! QUICK!!! SIGN UP!!!

“but how do i do that” you ask me, eager to be on this very private list
it is very simple: hit me up in my askbox with your email adress (and a link to ur artblog if its not your main i guess) and youre in!
easy as that (same for any questions of course)

voilà, i hope yall have a nice summer!