typical hogwarts house aesthetic posts
  • gryffindor: combat boots and leather jackets and any clothes that look even remotely edgy because apparently all gryffindors are from an 80s rock band???? fire, literally anything "punk rock", the word fuck like a billion times, a shit ton of alcohol, and a cigarette. because gryffindors have like a fucking death wish or something
  • ravenclaw: water. water everywhere. usually something night related - stars or the moon. an owl. some kind of weird white ancient statue because why the fuck not. of course we can't forget the books and the artsy pic of some fancy ass library somewhere. and glasses. because all nerds wear glasses.
  • hufflepuff: grains. so many fucking grains like i get it they're next to the kitchens. yellow sundresses + sunflowers + sometimes the actual fucking sun. nothing that actually has anything to do with their personality just a bunch of non-confrontational yellow looking things
  • slytherin: those weird pics of models but only showing their teeth/mouths, a scary ass looking snake, some scary ass jewelry (studded collars usually???). pics of people looking super like intimidating like they're imagining the secrets of the world or some shit.

10 minute manicure ed. 3: Glitter & More Glitter

Base coat: OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques Suede
One coat OPI’s Spark De Triomphe on pinky/index/thumb fingers
Three coats OPI’s I Lily Love You on ring and middle fingers

I LOVE ILLY!!! When i saw the promo pictures for OPI’s Nice Stems collections, ILLY is the only polish that stood out to me (although i almost bought Come To Poppy just for the name hahaha). I put it over YDKJS so it turned kind of a purple color, but i’m holding the bottle so you can see its true color. The irregular iridescent glitter in the pink jelly base is what makes it different than any other glitter out there, and i love it!!

anonymous asked:

I'm a girl who's really into physics but I feel like it's such a male dominated field and I don't even know which part of physics I want to go into. Any thoughts?

I am also a girl who is really into physics. Hello!

I’m not going to lie to you, there is a lot of dicks* going on in the field of Physics. But there are girls, and more than ever each year. One of the paradoxes of being discouraged from a field because of gender/cultural dominance is there is then no chance at all for diversity. Someone has to blaze the trail.

In my class of 30 there were 6 girls. Not much, but enough that the only friends I still keep in touch with from my graduating class are girls. (Nothing against the boys, we were just never that close). And I was in a specialised subject. In general Physics the breakdown was almost a third girls. Out of 80 students, easily 25 of them were girls. And that breakdown continues through the years. For every one girl who drops out, two boys do**

As for what part of physics to go into: you don’t have to decide yet. Chances are you don’t even know what some of the fields are until you get to college. You can take a general science course in most universities and tailor your classes towards Physics from an early stage. Some of the areas that General Science*** students doing Physics ended up in.

  • Astrophysics
  • Nanophysics
  • Physics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials
  • Theoretical Physics (Me!)
  • Physical Chemistry
  • Biophysics
  • Nanophysics and Chemistry of Advanced Materials
  • Microscopy
  • Computational Physics
  • Optical Physics
  • Chemistry (some people change their minds)

So, to sum up. I heartily encourage you to pursue Physics. There are a lot of boys, but boys can be nice and there are enough girls around to raise the oestrgen levels. The only way to get more girls into Physics is to get more girls into Physics. Go figure.

* Dicks but not dicks, if you get me? I’m saying lots of the boys are pleasant, open-minded people.

** Not an enforced rule! Just a correlation.

*** Salute
Kate Bishop Takes the Lead in Her First Solo Hawkeye Comic Series
Fans were first introduced to Kate Bishop, Young Avenger, and Hawkeye extraordinaire in 2005. Now, over a decade later, she’s getting her own Hawkeye series without sharing the spotlight. But why only now? We spoke to Hawkeye writer Kelly Thompson to discuss where Kate Bishop is headed in Marvel’s comic universe.
By James Whitbrook

From the interview:

Kelly Thompson: Hawkeye finds Kate back in L.A. – Venice Beach, specifically, trying to make a go of things as a P.I. slash superhero. She’s there on a personal mission that’s a bit of a mystery, but as always with superheroes she gets caught up in doing some good, and as always with P.I.s there’s a dame with nice stems involved!

Special thanks to asteisms for bringing this to our attention!