The witch's garden

Starting a witch garden can be intimidating. Many friends tell me, I have a black thumb, I can’t even keep basil alive. Mistake one, basil doesn’t stay alive! There are some saints who can keep a basil plant going forever, but for most people its an annual that grows for a month or two, flowers, seeds, and dies to come up again next year if the conditions are right.

Begin, by managing your expectations. First, is it a plant that is known to be easy to grow from seed like mint, or difficult like lavender? Is it a variety that needs shade or sun, moist soil or dry soil, a heavy feeder (needs fertilized often) or likes waste spaces (don’t fertilize it).

Does it come up right away like, or take weeks? Does it need frost to come up? or will frost kill it? How many seeds can you expect to come up? Does it need thinned? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t! Pick one or two easy to grow herbs and just learn what those ones like. Then after you have those two down, add a couple more next year.

If you are going to grow a garden from seed, begin the seeds several months before your area’s last frost. And don’t put the baby plants out too early, no matter how nice it is outside. I always think, oh its been sunny for two weeks, and I am just itchy to put my plants out. But wiser friends tell me to wait til Mother’s day. They are right, for my area, you just have to wait past Beltane to put the plants out. Find out from experienced gardeners in your area when its danger of frost is past.

But you can start your plants inside very early. Anytime after Yule is okay for me to start seeds. But I usually don’t get round to it till March. But the earlier the better and the healthier the plants I put out will be. But even now isn’t too late to start some seeds.

So along with picking out your Yule presents, check out your favorite seed catalog, and plan what you will buy. Go in with friends, because you rarely need all the seeds in a pack just for yourself and to save on shipping.

Get some peat moss or some planting soil and put them in whatever small containers you have around. Yogurt cups, toilet paper rolls, anything. You can poke a small hole in the bottom of the container and set it in a bigger container or on a plate and then keep them moist until the plants are standing well on their own. Don’t pour water over the top of very thin baby plants, pour water into the plate or container under your little pots so they can soak the water up.

If a bunch of little plants come up right next to each other, thin them out by carefully pulling some of them apart. You can replant them if you have more pots, or just put them in compost. Do this very carefully as to not damage the plants you are keeping.

When the stems are nice and strong and the plant looks happy and stable, you can carefully pull the dirt out of the pot, including the plant. And put it in a bigger pot or in the ground.

A few good starter from seed plants for new gardeners:

Mint, oregano, thyme, lemon balm, clary sage, mullien, valerian, and mugwort.

A few good ones to buy starts of:

Lavender and rosemary

Get Gardening!

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Hello! I was just wondering how did you make (or were did you purchase) your flower crowns? I'm considering being Persephone for Halloween and it would be really helpful to know!

I made them! (This is really funny because I was swarmed at Lush with the employees doting on me because of my flower crown I wore today) 

There’s a couple of ways to do it. The flower crown above has flowers all the way around it on elastic. I sewed the flowers to the elastic. Easy, durable, and stretchy to accommodate a variety of styles.

THIS flower crown is again made with elastic, but I only have flowers at the front. These I hot glued to the elastic. You can do this ONLY if you plan on having a few on the front because the hot glue doesn’t allow stretch from the elastic. Those are set in place, and it’s stretchy in the back.

This flower crown I used just the wired stems of the fake flowers. Most fake flowers have wire in their stems to make them nicely maneuverable. Bend the stems to fit your head and then glue the flowers you want to use. I hot glued them! I also wrapped some thread around the stems since I used several for added structure and to ensure that it wouldn’t unravel.

I hope that helped and will allow you to make your own custom designed flower crown! 

Avoiding Meth Mistakes

Calling all you amateurs!!!

Thinking back over the years, I have no doubt faltered from time to time when dealing with meth. I, for the most part, learned the hard way for a lot of these mistakes. This is simply because I didn’t really have anyone to show me the ropes. I taught everything to myself through trial and error, practically. The internet has no doubt been a great help to me.

I discovered Drugs Forum 2 years ago, and have been an active member about a year. By the time I found this goldmine, I had already taught myself the proper ways to do things, as well as the things to avoid. I would have loved to have found this site at the start of my addiction.

Anyway, I was thinking about a day ago about the a-many-mistake I would make near the beginning of my addiction, 4-5 years ago. Granted, with all the hits I take now days, I’m still bound to make stupid mistakes here and there. It’s like chewing… Humans are very experienced chewers, yet we still bite down on the fork every now and again. Fuck I hate that lol.

These mistake vary, and all only meet one criteria: They are mistakes, that are related to meth. And also, keep in mind, I am a meth smoker… So I don’t know if any snorting/shooting tips will be listed. Hopefully I can help any new users avoid making some of these in the future:

1) Flickering Flame: This is funny, because a lot of people don’t actually notice this… I remember when I first started, sometimes hits would be easy, and the meth would release tons of smoke. Other times, it seemed as though my flame was half as hot, and the meth slowly, slowly melted and didn’t give off much smoke. After a while I found out why. When smoking meth, make sure that the air in your room is fairly static. By that I mean “still”. If you have any fans, or heaters, or an open window, or even a draft from an open door, I recommend you close em/shut em off. If that moving air hits your bic flame, it will start to make it flicker. The flicker, though small, actually effects how the flame heats your pipe dramatically. Make sure the flame is going straight up, and not moving at all, and bigger, better hits are easier to achieve.

2) Blackened Pipe: I remember my pipe used to get dirty as fuck. I always understood why the inside got dirty, obviously; because the drug melts and heats inside the pipe, and is expected to leave some marks. What I didn’t get, was why the fucking pipe would get that thin layer of black shit over it every time. It would wipe off easy, but is still very annoying and gets everywhere. I discovered that the black stuff is actually the product of foreign matter burning up on the pipe. The oil from your skin seems to be the biggest cause. So, if you want your pipe to not get black on the outside, simply don’t touch the bowl, or at least wipe it with a cloth before you take a hit. Then I wipe it with a damp cloth after my hits for extra cleanliness. I clean out the inside with Q-tips dipped in water and cigarette ashes. The ashes add friction and rubs the black shit off fairly easy.

3) Dusty-Stem Surprise: This happened to me a few times… Sometimes the carb (hole) on the bowl of your pipe is too small, or sometimes, for whatever other reason, you need to load your bowl through the stem of the pipe. I think some people even do this regularly, which is beyond me… But anyway… IF you’re going to load your pipe using the stem, be very careful if the meth you are putting down there isn’t too powdery. Dropping chunks down is no problem, but if it’s powdery or crushed up a bit be careful. Sometimes a bit of the powdery meth can stick to the inside of your pipes walls. The rest of your meth should fall in the bowl… You go to heat the bowl, the meth melts, and you’re ready to inhale. So you go to inhale and then all that meth that got caught in the stem, nice and dry and not melted, is going to be breathed straight into the back of your throat. Goddamn once I did this, and there was so much shit in the stem… My throat was so fuckin sore all night… Ugh it was pretty nasty too. Especially the powder… It shot everywhere… Lol I couldn’t figure out what happened. Also, make sure your meth is melted before inhaling, sometimes you can prematurely inhale, and if its still dry, you can suck back a chunk.

4) Breaking your Pipe: I still haven’t learned to conquer this mistake. Last year, in 2012, honestly I think I went through about 15-20 pipes. Crack, smash, shatter… I fell asleep on a couple lol, rolled over em and broke em. The main way, however, that I break my pipes is when cleaning em. I probably break close to 90% of my pipes during the cleaning process. Don’t scrub too hard with that Q-tip! lol… Also try not to put your pipe on your lap, so you can take a hit in a minute… Because you forget to take that hit, stand up… And physics.

5) Zippers Save Lives: Alright, this one I cannot stress enough. If you are going out somewhere, or are going to be walking around with meth on you, like I’m sure a lot of you… Make fucking sure you have zippers on your pockets. Put the meth in that pocket. Now you zip that pocket. Now keep your busy goddamn fiend hands out of there until you get home! Haha, I don’t know why but I always had such a bad habit of holding the meth in my hand, in my pocket. It was probably just so I could feel it, and know it’s there… There were a couple times meth has escaped my pockets. Once I was lucky. I backtracked, and found it! (luckily the dime bag was bright yellow haha), the other time… I was not so lucky. It was my last bit of cash too. That is not a fun feeling. Keep this is mind, and you will never have to endure that horrific scenario.

6) Keep a Candle: If you’re anything like me, you have poor planning skills lol. Every once in a while, I’m caught with my guard down, and have no lighter…

Oh noes t.t

But that’s okay! As long as you keep a backup candle. I’m sure you can muster at least one way to light it. Once you do, just use it like a lighter, obviously. These are good to have as backup because they are cheap, last a long time, and will always save your ass. I have relied on candle backups many times.

7) Patience: If you use water to smoke the resin from your pipe (which in my opinion is the easiest, fastest and most efficient way) be careful when boiling the water away with your lighter. That boiling water gets really fucking hot, really fucking fast. Lets it boil for a few seconds, then remove the flame. Move it around the pipe to distribute heating. Don’t just hold the flame under until the water boils away. Your pipe can break under all the heat. Happened to me once… I got a boiling hot meth covered shard of glass in my retina AND cornea… Well, no haha, I escaped without a scratch, but there goes my resin bowl t.t

8) Bowls get Hot: Alright, just a simple tip: After you hit the pipe, your bowl is going to be very hot, especially after a few hits. Just be mindful of this when setting it down. A damp cloth to cool the pipe is good to have (be careful not to put colder water on a really hot pipe, unless you prefer shattered pipes?). If you don’t use a damp cloth, just make sure to set your pipe down on a hard surface. Any soft surfaces it can melt that surface and then get stuck on the bottom of the pipe. Careful putting it in your pocket to! Burnt my thigh once… Oh, and this is real important. If you keep your pipe in something like a sunglasses baggie holder, and you keep your meth in there as well… Or if you keep your pipe and meth baggie anywhere near eachother, be very careful not to let the hot pipe bowl touch the baggie. It melts the baggie and if you’re unlucky enough, it will melt all into the meth and fuck it all up. Or it puts a whole in your baggie and you spill meth everywhere.

9) Always Hide that Stash: If you live with people who don’t know of your meth use, or have people randomly stopping by… Make sure you put your meth away every time. I don’t know how many fucking times I’ve been sitting there thinking “gosh I should really put that baggie and pipe in my dresser”…. Then I think “I’ll get to it in a few”… Then I never get to it… Then what do you know?? Someone suddenly is knocking on your door, or walking into your room or whatever… You’re scrambling like a fool trying to hide everything… Pipes a clankin n everything. I know putting of easy simple tasks like this is really hard to avoid on meth. But just force yourself, it might save you.
__________________________________________________ __________________________________________

If I think of more, which I’m sure I will, then I shall add them. In the meantime, if you think of anything to add, feel free. Notice however, I didn’t include common, obvious mistakes like “don’t overheat your meth”, because there is already mountains of information in threads that discuss common mistakes like these to the teeth. These are mistakes that one (especially newer users) might not have considered before.

Well, hope you’re all having a good long weekend. You’re all such talented, and impressif little creaturez xP
Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do… :\ I’d do just about anything actually so that advice isn’t going to help anyone very much…

Don’t do anything a responsible person would do!

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20 + dipper and mabel!!! if it's not too much to ask :)

This is your PSA that Restart by @ursamajjor is honestly one of my most favorite post-Weirdmageddon fics, and I wish more people had seen it. It’s written so poignantly and I reread it often. That being said, this is based on it!

But if you’re short on time, the tl;dr is basically Dipper finally succumbing to all his wounds from Weirdmageddon.

[20. “I’ll protect you no matter what…even if it kills me.”]

Stan’s outcry from the front of the Shack draws an abrupt end to her conversation with Grenda, but the moment Mabel pivots on her heel to face him, whatever words she’d been planning to say die in her mouth.

As if it’s triggered some honed response of survival, Ford flies past her without another beat.

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pancakes and tlc [wade wilson]

wade shows up at your apartment after a rough job, battered and bleeding as usual. you patch him up and he spends the night on your couch.

tagging: @redgillan@mattymattymerduck, @avengerofyourheart, @wakandasoldier@darlingbuchanan@bemystucky, @idorkish, @iwillbeinmynest@aubzylynn, @angryschnauzer, @almondbuttercup

warnings: blood, gore, drugs (pain medication)

additional notes: i love wade and so i wanted to write something for him. i’ve added him to the list of characters you can request from me (when requests reopen, of course). reader is a night nurse like my wife claire temple. their gender is never specified. please tell me what you think, if you think i did wade any justice, and if you want more wade/reader from me!

Originally posted by marvelheroes

It had been over a month since you had last heard from Wade Wilson. Usually your friend texted you periodically, having memorized your work schedule ever since the two of you became official friends, but for the last several weeks you’ve received nothing but radio silence. You knew he must be busy—his job was difficult, after all, even if he did manage to pull through each time—but you couldn’t help worrying about him… or missing him, for that matter.

You and Wade had first become acquainted with each other three years earlier when you found him crashed out on your balcony in a pool of blood, groaning in pain, fully armed and decked out in his red and black spandex number. He looked up at you, appraising your pajama-clad appearance from head to toe, and greeted you with a flirtatious, “Nice stems, sweetcheeks.” Had you not been an ER nurse, you would have fainted at the sight of him, an arm wrapped around his middle as he fought to keep his entrails from spilling out, but your medical training kicked in, and so you went to work dragging him inside, wincing at the trail of blood he left in his wake.

Since then, Wade had considered you his personal medic, always hauling himself to your apartment when he needed some medical assistance (which was nearly every night when he was in town). Most of his visits occurred after your late night shifts—you had come home many times to find a bedraggled Deadpool waiting patiently on your doormat—but despite your fatigue, you were always happy to help, your concern for Wade greatly outweighing any frustration with having to work on yet another patient. You valued him for his humor and for the lighthearted air with which he spoke, and so when he wasn’t present, you missed him terribly. You had plenty of patients with outrageous injuries and stories to match, but Wade had slowly but surely become the most interesting part of your life.

You were lounging on the couch snacking on some Chex Mix and watching some Netflix original your coworker had recommended when you heard knocking at your door. You paused the show, placed the bowl of Chex Mix on the coffee table, and crept toward your door quietly. Your pulse roared in your ears as you wondered who would be here at this hour, your imagination rife with images of axe murderers and thieves. Last year goons had come to your apartment on five different occasions looking for Wade, and after some thought you had armed yourself with an aluminum baseball bat (Wade had offered you one of his pistols, but you didn’t trust yourself with a gun when you still nicked your fingers no matter how careful you were while slicing food). You snatched your baseball bat from your umbrella basket and waited a few seconds before throwing open the door, poised to strike whoever was standing there.

“Hey!” Wade called out jovially, tumbling to the floor in front of you with a pained grunt. Evidently, he had been leaning against your door, and so when it swung open, into your apartment he fell.

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You Don’t Have To Look Any Further

13 Days of Halloween:  October 19th: Jack-o-lantern carving!

So I’m working on a longer “Dex is a werewolf” fic that I will post later on!! But I am going to try and do a bunch of one shots that will kind of all go together, and I will keep them all in this tag (that is currently not working wtf) on my blog. Tags: Fluff, pre nursey/dex, canon typical alcohol, descriptions of pumpkin innards (in case that grosses anyone out), also Chowder being snarky. Title from Bite Down - Bastille + HAIM

Derek Nurse has never been a huge fan of pumpkin carving. Sure, the end result is pretty nice, but pumpkin stems are prickly, and the pumpkins themselves are heavy and dealing with the guts is more than gross. Not to mention the fact that his designs never come out as cool as he imagines them. He sighs and tips back in his chair, purposefully ignoring the way Chowder tenses and follows his movements with his eyes. He’s not that clumsy, he’s not going to tip the fuck - The back legs of the chair wobble and he grabs for the table, mentally apologizing to Chowder for ever doubting him. His pumpkin’s lopsided smile mocks him and his internal dialogue. 

God. He hates carving pumpkins.

Nursey reaches for his can of PBR, trying to pretend like the chill in the air doesn’t make him want to go burrow under the blankets in his dorm. Instead, he’s sitting out in front of the house in a rickety folding chair, hands freezing from the nasty pumpkin goop, and not wearing nearly enough warm clothing for the circumstances. When he was a kid, his mom used to let him carve his pumpkin at the kitchen table, but after the Pumpkin Gut Incident of 2015, Bitty had banned pumpkin carving from his kitchen. Nursey had tried to protest, but since he might have been the instigator of PGI-2015, his opinion was not valued whatsoever. So he sucked it up and helped Dex and C move the pong table outside, and maybe stared a little when Dex carried three folding chairs up the basement steps with one arm. You know, the usual.

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Where do I even begin???? This is going to be so long… so I’ll continue it under a cut.

Okay well, let’s start with an issue of contention (for some ungodly reason). Clark’s amazing intelligence. 

Even as a kid, Clark knows his science. So much so that even a young Lex Luthor is impressed.

And Clark, despite not being very wealthy, is eventually accepted into the Ivy League College (at least in the DC Universe) of Metropolis University solely on his grades, and not on a sports scholarship. He graduates in two years, much to everyone’s disbelief. His professors adore him, and figure (not incorrectly) that he is a genius. 

Which is why, in All-Star Superman, you have him solving some of the biggest riddles (literal and scientific) in the universe. Such as “What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?”

That’s the right answer, by the way. Plus, throughout that particular comic, he pretty much discovers tons of amazing things, just using his intellect. (I mean, he’s the son of Krypton’s greatest scientist, so why wouldn’t he be a genius??). 

This sort of intelligence is crucial in his victories over many villains. 

Take this example from the Smallville comics. Hades, the villain here, is a Greek God – all powerful, and attempting to take over the world. Supes gives him the threat shown above. Whether it’s a bluff or not, the risk for Hades ends up being too great. So Hades threw up the white flag and took off – no fuss, no further destruction. Very effective. And Clark didn’t even threaten to kill him, because Hades, as an immortal, would survive in space. But he knew exactly what would get under Hades’s skin, and exploited it. 

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Knee is feeling a lot better so I went back to the track for a training session.

Following my recent ‘Body Geometry Fit’ experience I applied the same measurements that was set on my Venge to my Langster Pro Track bike.

I added the final touch, the Body Geometry Fit stem cap, that you get after you’ve had your fit to this bike. Nice having the same stem cap as World Champ, Peter Sagan.

- @RudyMelo

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May I ask what your opinion on pluralising Enjolras is? (since you mentioned it in your tag :) )

WELL since you ask… (bootsssss too)

Personally, I favor declining Enjolras as if it were a Latinized first declension Greek name, like Aeneas. First declension nouns are almost all feminine and in Latin almost all end in -a, but there are masculine first declension nouns (especially names) and -s termination nouns are common in Greek. (This works especially well given the disagreement about whether to pronounce the terminal s in Enjolras - the name “Aeneas” can also be written “Aenea,” which suggests that the terminal s is fairly nebulous.)  So the declension chart is:

N: Enjolras
G: Enjolrae
D: Enjolrae
Ac: Enjolram (or Enjolran)
Ab: Enjolra
V: (Enjolra)

N: Enjolrae
G: Enjolrarum
D: Enjolris
Ac: Enjolras
Ab: Enjolris
V: (Enjolrae)

So I favor Enjolrae as the nominative plural. The equally legitimate Greek variant would be “Enjolrai,” but English at least leans strongly towards Latin spellings over Greek ones (and I suspect French does too).

The other alternative is to treat Enjolras as a third declension noun, which then gives us the problem of deciding what the stem is. The simplest pluralization would be “Enjolres” (stem: Enjolr-). We could also get “Enjolrases” (stem: Enjolras-), which is the most English-like of the options. I see some people playfully insert a “t” into the stem, which is guess is possible, but doesn’t strike me as linguistically likely (even if it is kinda hilarious, which is a perfectly good reason to do it). In that case you’d get “Enjolrates” (stem: Enjolrat-). If we’re going to insert any consonant, though, I think it should be an “r.” That would get us the nicely Latin sounding “Enjolrares” (stem: “Enjolrar”). (I don’t know if an “-as” termination 3rd declension noun even can be masculine - it’s a feminine ending - but given that there are exceptions for 1st declension nouns, I suspect there could be exceptions here too.)

tl;dr: Enjolrae(/Enjolrai) is my favorite, but Enjolres would be my second pick. Enjolrases and Enjolrares are plausible, but I don’t like how they sound. Enjolrates is unlikely but quite fun to say. There are lots of options and I’m not claiming any actual authority or special knowledge, just a set of preferences with some explanation!

And the name Enjolras now looks like absolute gibberish too me because I’ve written it to many times in a row.

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cannot be helped. i shall just take things into my hands then. what do you think of an au where akashi is a mythical beast that everyone fears, while kuroko is a herbalist. they meet in a forest while kuroko is picking herbs. (i especially love if it's an awkward thing from akashi's part, that loser)

THIS TOOK ME 17 DAYS WHOOP-DEE-DOO sorry for the lateness but i really couldn’t think of a story for this UNTIL I JUMPED THE UNDERTALE BANDWAGON! If you have any idea of Undertale’s plot then you’re going to regret giving me this prompt because guess what, you get THIS 6200 fucking words monster in return I’M SORRY IN ADVANCE FOR THE ENDING.

on a side note, my inbox usually stays dead for months so really, thanks for dropping by again with yet another cute prompt! This really means a lot to me, so here’s my (conveniently timed) x-mas gift for you, anonbro! Happy holidays u cutie <333

Title: when the sunflowers bleed

Word Count: 6k words

Summary: Having lived alone in his forest for centuries, Akashi one day finds a friend, and perhaps more, in Kuroko. Fantasy!AU, inspired by Undertale, cute herbalist!Kuroko, horns!Akashi yummmm

Warnings for literally one single VERY GROSS line of gore right at the very end. I promise half the fic is fluffy tho, pl ea SE   T RUST ME

Also I tried my best making Akashi a loser but he melted into his usual smoothness in the next scene… Akashi-sama… have i made u proud…

Read on AO3

“Now be quiet and listen. Deep in the woods lives a ferocious beast. One whose very name strikes fear into the hearts of men. Much of it remains unknown however, for no man who has ventured into these woods has ever returned ali—”

“Kise-kun, please don’t go killing off Aomine-kun to suit your own needs,” interrupts Kuroko, adjusting the satchels on his belt. “You are not very good at telling stories. I have already heard all of this, so could you please let me go?”

A light grunt escapes his lips when the golden-haired boy grabs him by the shoulders. “But Kurokocchi! You don’t understand!”

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hates pandas... loves lizards... sounds like my ideal man. wanna get married????

Yeah, sure, I’ve got some time on Sunday

Although, you should know…

…that I WILL be wearing this swan shirt at the altar. It’s non-negotiable.

10 minute manicure ed. 3: Glitter & More Glitter

Base coat: OPI’s You Don’t Know Jacques Suede
One coat OPI’s Spark De Triomphe on pinky/index/thumb fingers
Three coats OPI’s I Lily Love You on ring and middle fingers

I LOVE ILLY!!! When i saw the promo pictures for OPI’s Nice Stems collections, ILLY is the only polish that stood out to me (although i almost bought Come To Poppy just for the name hahaha). I put it over YDKJS so it turned kind of a purple color, but i’m holding the bottle so you can see its true color. The irregular iridescent glitter in the pink jelly base is what makes it different than any other glitter out there, and i love it!!