As you probably know by now, Daveed Diggs is one of the stars of the runaway hit Broadway rap musical ‘Hamilton’. Today GOTHAM published an interview with him that is a great way to familiarize yourself a bit with all this. For clipping. fans, there is a nice little cryptic statement in it from Daveed:

What do you do in your very limited downtime? Do you have any projects that you’re working on?
Eat, mostly eat and write rap songs. I have always been doing that in the dressing room or on the subways. I am sort of always writing songs. My band is going to have some music coming out in the not-too-distant future, and I’m also working on a solo project.

What we can say is that Daveed’s solo cassette ‘Small Things To A Giant’ is on pre-sale now via Deathbomb Arc.

Daveed Diggs at Deathbomb Arc.

How do all the people on Humans of New York sculpt such nice statements on the spot? If I was approached, I’d probably need to ask for half an hour and make some calls.

vocal unit outfits

// Jeonghan / Junghan
Flowy dresses. Wide leg pants. Monotone (one-colour) outfits.

// Jisoo / Joshua
Floral patterns. Crochet. Denim jackets.

// Jihoon / Woozi
Street style. Light washed jeans. Plain white t-shirts. 

// Seokmin / DK
Plaid. Ripped jeans. Skater dresses. 

// Seungkwan
Nice simple outfits. Statement pieces. Rompers.

but we believe that anything that you lovely people will wear will make them melt, this is just the aesthetic feel we get from them!~

groans for 10000 years i swear i’m not rude, I’m just really tired

The moment I see that an argument was starting, I snapped because I’m like

Guys???? They’re both great just chill

Baekhyun can sing well. So can Chen.

Baekhyun can dance well. So can Chen.

Like lmfao please it’s obvious they can dance. i can’t dance to save my life so if it was a dance battle to the death, i’d be dead sobs

How ya like my new handmade selenite necklace! Coming soon!!
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i kind of chuckle any time some popular work employs the ‘but you’ll never break the bonds of family!!’ trope hon i broke those bonds years ago and forged whole new ones of my own volition.

New fluorite wand and lemurian quartz necklace!!!
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I didn’t know that one of these pillows w arms that I had was used for sitting on my bed and now that I have it I’m in the perfect position to sit on my daybed and look outside my window at the stars or blog without getting under the covers

anonymous asked:

I'm going to princeton on Friday to walk around but it's supposed to rain! Would it be weird to wear rain boots in the summer? I have no idea what to wear!

I think rainboots look cute in the summer!! I would wear them with shorts and a white tee some nice sunnies and a statement necklace. If it’s gonna be a bit cooler that day I would substitute the shorts for jeans or leggings

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I was actually really happy to see zayn's tweet, because whatever the intention, it was a nice statement of support. But I'm already annoyed because zayn stans are already doing to most to throw shade at the boys for nor responding or showing support for zayn. Newsflash, zayn quit the band, the others don't actually owe him anything and its so shitty to make everything into a competition

i mean, it’s a way of showing that everything is well between them and personally i’m not so sure about that and the fact that he tweeted that isn’t proof of anything to me but that’s just the way i am! i don’t forget things easily and he annoyed the shit out of me just a few days ago with that nasty ambiguous hashtag so i’m a bit :/ about everything zayn related. and the annoying zayn stans make it even worse like they don’t chill for a second 


Sundress bought at a trade in place called Twice as Nice. This is a statement on it’s own, no need for too many accessories. I have a sterling silver ring and a sterling silver toe ring to add something. A pop of pink from a lip crayon compliments my neutral shades of shadow and I went with a golden bronzer instead of rosy blush so that there isn’t too much pink here.