Personal Response to TWoU

THANK YOU everyone who sent me kind and encouraging fan mail or reblogged my post with a nice statement. I have been on here for two years now and a debate over my story has never happened before but the last thing I want to do is offend anyone, once again I am sorry.
On a personal note, I know I most likely took the comments to heart and I should not have but…. My little secret is 🙊I was diagnosed with a mental illness a few years ago and one side affect is personal destruction(mental, body image, things I do, etc…) towards myself in general, so when I tend to receive criticism I just do exercises I was taught to get over it but some times things just hit home a little stronger than usual and this did for some reason, I don’t know why…
So please just give me a little time to get over it, I am sorry for being petty.

Fanfiction~I have some prompts and stuff that I already have written so I’ll post those for you guys later.

Side Note - English is Not my first language just FYI

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pensversusswords get out of here, I’ll just casually spend THE REST OF MY LIFE THINKING ABOUT THIS

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I want to make my closet more classic. Do you have any suggestions of essential classic items that aren't too expensive? I love your blog btw!

Thank you!! I think of ‘classic’ as just basic pieces - crew neck cashmere sweaters (grey, black, navy, or camel), dark dark wash skinny jeans, an arsenal of v-neck tshirts in grey and white, a well-fitted blazer, trim cut knee-high riding boots, a great neutral simple dress or two that can go formal/casual, a few nice cotton button downs. Add in some nice jackets and statement pieces and you’ll be all set. quality over quantity xx

me, upon seeing a showtype pointing gundog - screaming, crying

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The Dragon and the Asshole

The dragon sat there perched on the highest building in the village waiting for their next victim. Their victims were a special kind of human being. The kind that were rude and disrespectful. When the dragon’s victim is spotted they will swoop down and grab the victim by the shirt and swing them around back and forth until the victim apologizes for their rude behavior.

“Hey lady nice bottom!!” the man shouted down the street towards a very beautiful woman that was minding her own business.

“Excuse me?!” the lady replied back. “Do not speak to me in that tone ever again!”

“Why not? It’s a compliment you should be glad I said it.” the man said as he walked towards the angry woman.

“A compliment is nice and that statement was not nice at all.” she said as she got close to the ill mannered man’s face. 

The man smirked and hit the lady’s behind. The lady gasped and was about to slap the horrid gentleman when a dragon with cherry red skin and glistening coal black scales swooped down and took the uncivil man into it’s sharp long claws.

“AAAAAAAHHHHH PUT ME DOWN YOU VILE CREATURE!!” he yelled as the dragon swung him back and forth like he was a swing. 

“Not until you apologize!” the dragon said.


“That didn’t have enough feeling to it.” the dragon muttered. They swung their claws upward and he put the man’s foot in his mouth. The man was hanging upside down screaming.

“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! That wasn’t a compliment it was rude and disrespectful I’ll never do it again!!”

“That’s better.” the dragon said as they put the man back on the ground safely. The woman walked up to the man and slapped him with her purse. She then walked away with a smile on her face.

“…more hoes than people.”
Well Angela I think you created yourself a nice statement for situations you want to flee. Seriously, Story of Seasons created many interesting thing. Mistel is a possessive pervert, Raeger wants to crossdress, Fritz is a rivergod, Elise is a rich-bitch, Agate and Lillie are like twins, and Eda is your fairy godmother


hspp94 replied to your post “hspp94 replied to your post “its unreal how much i love Damon…”

i understand you in every single word you’re saying, i just wish this could be different, i still love his work as a humanitarian and as a actor but idk him as an individual so i can’t say anything but i get what you’re saying ):

plus, i still believe that he has strong feelings towards nina, because if he didnt he wouldnt have to make a point about anything, disrespectfully or not, it doesnt matter, i just believe that his marriage with nikki is a way to forget nina. idk

I honestly believe that now he has married Nikki, he’s constantly trying to make a point that Nian are done for good. We know they’re over, but despite everything, Nina has continuously made nice statements about Ian yet he’s disrespected her. 

Somereed is a whole different subject. I dont know why i dislike them, because im no shipper of Nian so that cant be peoples excuse to why, but there is something about them that i dislike. I mean, they got married after being together a year, whats that about? Even when you have known someone years, when you’re in a relationship, you learn new things. They are so rushed. Plus when they got together Nikki had only just got divorced. I dont think it was Ians love she was after ;). I SAID IT OOOOH. 

“[If universal encryption became the norm] all of our lives, including the lives of criminals and terrorists and spies, will be in a place that is utterly unavailable to the court-ordered process.’

The complete factual inaccuracy of this statement aside: nice try throwing in the big 3 boogeymen Comey, but you still just described a pretty ideal world to live in

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Dear *anyone*, Dear Santa

Dear Santa: You took credit for all the presents my parents bought me as a kid, not cool dude.

Dear *anyone*: I’ll make this a general statement: be nice to people.