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you are so beautiful, and i love your accent. and you are just the bomb diggity ok!! bye!!

oh wow this was really nice to come online too. the 4th of july celebratory mood has officially died with some recent events that happened to our family a couple hours ago and i was just now able to come online with all the hype and moving and drama… im pretty emotionally tired and it was really nice to see this, made me smile a little, thank you very very much :) 

omg we just picked up some pizza and i got a bunch of compliments on my hair from the employees and one of them was like “you get your eyebrows done too? see you look so good, get your hair done, eyebrows poppin!” then she told my friend “go show her off!” i’m so happy

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Not expecting this to be posted or anything, just wanted to send some love bc man, can people be harsh! You can leave the most polite and unbiased message asking people to respect actors and others, and STILL get crap. I don't know how you deal. I'm the most easy going person, but kinda want to cyber-slap them for you but that defeats the be nice msg. So-I'm sure you're awesome, nice, funny, pretty, smart, talented, (add infinite compliments here.) Hope that balances out the negativity :) Andie

Thank you so much Andie, that’s so sweet of you to say :) (though I don’t think I’m that great :P) But yeah I just try to be nice to everyone, and i think people can just take things the wrong way more easily on the internet. But it’s all good. And fyi I do try to answer every non-list request message I get. It was just in cases like that where I got a lot that I decided one post would be better :) Thanks so much for your kind words <3

I am such a fan of Thomas Sanders for getting me through some rough times with laughs but I’ll never be able to thank him for it because a) I’m terrible at drawing and b) how’s a great guy like him gonna notice someone like me, he gets so many notifications per day and I’m just so unimportant

idk he means a lot to me because he just makes me laugh especially when I’m super depressed like I am these days, there isn’t a day where I’m not sad anymore but he’s just something I look forward to

he’s just super nice