important lc questions...

(These are questions I can’t remember the answers to so if anyone can confirm them with a quote or 2 from a source that would be much appreciated thanks)

  • Did Levana know beforehand that there were shells in Farfarah, specifically?
  • At exactly what point were shells’ prime use (the antidote) first created? During Channary or Levana’s regime?
  • How old was Selene at her supposed death?
  • When did Dr. Erland arrive on Earth? Did he settle straight in New Beijing?
  • Were shells the only Lunar-related beings to be on Earth before full-out war? Or did Levana secretly leave soldiers/spies/etc. too?
Why I'm tired of hearing "You're the Whitest Black Person I know"

I get it all the time, and at this point in my life I’m starting to hate it. 

My mom is white, and my dad is black, so obviously I’m half black, but when I fill out surveys and info sheets I check the box labeled “African American.” I live in a town called Bend Oregon, and growing up, I was one of maybe six or seven African American students at my high school of seventeen hundred. In my social groups, I was the black friend. I had no problem with that,except these past few years things started to change and I really began to hate who I was. Not because I was a horrible person, but after my parents divorce in fifth grade my relationship with my father disintegrated, and I hated that the tone and color of my skin, created an obvious resemblance to a man I had zero respect for. 

I really started to hate, what I looked like. I was jealous of my friends who had perfect smiles and long straight hair. I wished I was like them. I envied the idealized couples on social media because they were perfect. And when I started dating I felt that I could never be quite perfect with my girlfriend because she was white and I was black. That’s not how Tumblr visualizes love. Even though I loved her more than anything I never felt that people could see us as good, just because our skin was different colors. Every filtered couple I’ve ever seen tatted’ up and romanticized on this website was white. That could never be me.

I felt that certain outfits couldn’t be worn on me. Just because I had never seen someone of my color wearing them in magazines, or blogs. Instead of fashion i felt I had to search “black fashion” because I could never pull some of those outfits off, maybe if I was white. I felt like there were somethings I could never do, just because I was black. Halloween is impossible, there’s no black Superman, or Batman, there’s no black mobsters or even cowboys (not on the packaging at least) . But I could be Urkel, or maybe Will Smith. But that’s about it.

I’ve tried desperately hard to be me. But I struggle everyday wondering if the things I love, I’m not supposed to love. When someone tells me “You’re the whitest black person I know,” I wonder if liking certain bands, or certain activities are not for me. I sincerely struggle just trying to be me, and fight the fact that my skin type does not define me.  While everyone around me struggles to learn that stereo types are not always accurate. And that certain things, like wearing button up shirts, disliking rap, writing poetry, and loving someone, are not things that belong to white people only. Liking those things DOES NOT make me any less “black” because  only by physical definition am I that. By saying that I’m “the whitest black person” you know, you’re saying that whatever you are referring to, is something for white people. You’re saying that it’s odd or unusual for someone who isn’t white, to like or do that thing. It’s subtle, but it’s offensive, and it makes it hard for me to be me.

omg, i think i have been blocked by a blog that ships and supports the major douchebag in agent carter who is disgusting and sexist and ableist (u know who i’m talking abt because apparently we cartinellishippers put too much ‘hate’ in their tags). honestly i hope they read my message instead of disregarding it as ‘hate’, and understood what i was trying to say about safety. but also i am very happy to blocked by them, i feel like i’ve done well.  

Dear people who roar loudly past in mufflerless cars and loud motorcycles. Please don’t.

Some of us like our peace, quiet, study time and sleep.

The downsides of living on the busiest intersection on campus.

I was tagged by @undercutsquad! (Tumblr are you lost why won’t you link that.)

name: Mel

nickname: Meru, Mely, various other things depending on individual and circumstance (I will respond to basically anything so long as it is pre-established and not done with ill will)

birthday: June 17

gender: agender (I’ve been pondering they/them, but I’m not too bothered by whatever)

height: 5′3″

sexual orientation: asexual and panromantic

favourite colour: dark reds, generally

time right now: 12:31 a.m. a.k.a. ten past Ples

average amount of sleep: Uh, I think 5 hours sorta-lately? And more-lately, I’ve been leaning toward ~12 on days I don’t have work aha ha…ha…

lucky number: Not sure I have one but I’m keen on 13.

last thing i googled: “time est” (I was not yet awake enough to math timezones)

word that comes to mind: transmit (buzz buzz buzz)

happy place: my room, preferrably dark

celebrity crush: Oh geeze I dunno if I even have any right now? I have mild lingering things, but it’s generally character crushes, not celebrity ones. (There are some really rad celebs out there though, great people an’ all that.)

favourite book: Strangeness In the Proportion (If I’m honest I…actually haven’t read it yet, BUT it’s Scriv’s only full-on novel so far and honestly he could rewrite the phone book and it’d make my brain bubble with joy.)

favourite band/artist: STEAM POWERED GIRAFFE (I haven’t hated any of their songs and there are only, like, three of them (out of ~70 or so that they’ve done so far, not counting live versions) that I feel solidly “meh” about. I either like, love, or CRAZY ADORE nearly everything they’ve done. Plus they art and mime and webcomic and act and run their own company and ARE JUST SO DAMN TALENTED AND GREAT PEOPLE?)

last film i watched: Umm……yeah no I’m pretty sure I haven’t seen anything since Mad Max: Fury Road. (MY COPY’S NOT GONNA GET HERE FOR A WEEK I NEED IT SO BAD.)

dream trip: …Nnnnot…going on a trip? I’m not super keen on going places or traveling. Hanging out with friends is shiny, but I can’t think of any particular places I have any real desire to visit.

dream job: Similarly, don’t really have a specific job I want (beyond “I don’t have to do anything, I just get enough money to live on and help friends so I can do what I want erryday”). I suppose art-ing as a job would be neat, if I could work quickly enough to warrant being employed for it (I don’t know how the ladies I’m working with right now can stand my slowness but they do and are ridiculously nice and I can’t tell if this is anxiety or a legit concern), and didn’t end up resenting its absence having to do it all the time instead of just doing it when I wanted to. Dunno what I’d specifically want to do, though.

I…generally don’t like tagging people, because a lot of people don’t like chain things and the pressure they come with? So, absolutely none of you are obligated to do this in the slightest. But, if you want to… moonkist-photography​ (it’ll let me tag this but not your main what the hell), superneutrality​, hairspring​, scrivnomancer​, incarnadine-embrace​.

Okay guys, I need your help - my brother, Will, is 10 years old and he LOVES to draw. However, one day, he just quit drawing. He said he didn’t know what to draw anymore.

So tonight, he told me that people on his YouTube channel were mean to him, and said that he should quit drawing and that he sucked at drawing.

I had no idea people were saying these kinds of things to him - and it really pisses me off that there are people out there who get off on discouraging at 10 year old from doing his passion.

He wanted to become an artist for a really long time, but recently stopping talking about it. I should have seen the signs, and asked what’s up. I feel awful now.

I think Will is REALLY good at drawing - here is one of the drawings of the Endoskeleton from Five Night’s at Freddy’s. He didn’t trace it, it’s all free-hand.

But Will thinks that no one likes his drawings, so he quit, even though I told him a lot of people who DO like his drawings - he doesn’t believe me.

PLEASE, if you guys could comment some encouraging words. Every reblog this gets, every comment - I will show him and maybe that will inspire him to draw again!!

Thanks guys!

Tagging some people, just to get his drawing out:

followthebluebell, hissykisses, veggiebroadway, space-bowties, rubyetc, markiplier, therealjacksepticeye, lordminion, foxtrot44, kaijutegu

I don’t know who else to tag - but if you see this PLEASE reblog it. Get the word out that my little brother is a GOOD artist, and if he keeps trying - he’ll become great!


People saying nice things about Sebastian Stan - 12/?

[In which Chris Evans says nice things about Sebastian Stan

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