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you've mentioned offhand that Asriel is 8'8" tall because he has associations with the number eight in-game. can you expand on that? to me, it seems he has stronger associations with the number six, and I can't think of anything he does eightfold. –🐝

While not nearly as strong of an association as the one between Chara and the number 9, there are a few small associations between Asriel and the number 8.

  • In the true lab, Flowey’s creation and disappearance are mentioned in the lab entries 8 and 18. These are also the only two lab entries that feature Flowey’s smile on the monitor.
  • At the end of the genocide route, Chara hacks down Flowey 8 times.
  • Asriel’s boss stats say they are infinite ( ∞ ). Coincidentally, the infinity symbol looks like an 8 on it’s side. 
  • However, Asriel’s REAL attack stat in the game’s code is 8.

While we aren’t sure if the number 8 bears any true significance to Asriel/Flowey, it enough that we wanted to reference it in Caretaker as a small homage.

Within the last few sessions, my friends and I had been exploring the capital city chassing down a pair of blood magic twins who screwed us over in a deal we had made with them. After putting a few pieces together that night, we went to sleep only to find that two, including my character, out of the three of us were kidnapped.

When my character woke up he found he was captured by the twins and was going to be used in a sacrifice that would allow the twins to keep control over the town. He ended up losing a leg in the process before his unkidnapped companion stepped in and fought them.

The next day our DM, who is my best friend, texted me.

DM: Sorry bout your leg btw

Me: Pfffffft!!! Eh Zaris will manage. Maybe. He has a broom so he can still move a bit. Unless he needs both legs for it. Then he’s a lil fucked.

DM: TBH, I was actually going to take both of your legs but Cam (our friend) interupted.

Me: Thanks babe. Appriciate it. What is a rouge without his legs?

DM: A bard

Me: Ok rude.


This was Macen’s idea, I’m glad he got to live to see it through. Thanks, Scott.

Context: Witch received a ring and let the Oracle try it on only to learn it was enchanted.

Witch: I roll strength to yank it off his finger!

Oracle: what no it’s my precious ring!

Witch: *nat 20*

DM: you proceed to break his finger as you take the ring back, even though you have no idea if it’s cursed or what magic it contains.

Witch: don’t care finders keepers!

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I saw the ask about rarity speaking French and it got me thinking. AJ is working out or lifting stuff and Rarity gets flustered and just says something in French. AJ hears it so she gets someone to translate And her face gets so red.

it’s canon now

i dont now what rarity said in fancy but it was something dirty for sure 

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+* Fancy Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo!:+*

Commissioned by @hexterah (Check out her cosplays!!)

I can’t even express how much I enjoyed drawing this! :) 。.。:+*