The Time Ladies

I know we’re all really excited about River and Twelve, but can you imagine if River met Missy??!!

Time lady vs Time lady

The Doctor’s wife and the Doctor’s best enemy

The woman who knows his name and the woman who remembered his birthday

The woman who loves him and the woman who just wants her friend back

Space Hair and Evil Mary Poppins


These things happened in the RP last night:

The PCs met a (supposedly) dead guy who proceeded to make nice with the men in the party (he made nice with the ladies too).

The GM spends a lot of time trying to convince the players to enter a room, finally has the thief take a macguffin.

They eat some food. Two of the PCs have visions. Dead guy tries to get the Wizard to dance with him and succeeds.

Vasiliy comes in through a window.

Vas forgets about aggro.

The Wizard gets a bad case of “thinking the house is trying to kill you”.

The PCs try several times to exit the house.


Their host leaves, but not before informing the guys that the master bedroom is on the third floor wink wink.

The Wizard decides to try and talk to the host, is distracted by bloody sheets (because MURDER!)

They make conversation.



neighbor #4: 10,000 dogs and a Christmas decoration THIEF

SHE FUCKING STOLE PEOPLE’S DECORATIONS AND ACTED LIKE SHE DIDNT KNOW WHAT HAPPENED WHEN IT WAS CLEAR SHE USED THEM IN HER OWN DECORATION SET UP!!! wtf!!! she has plenty of money to get her own?? but no one got her in trouble or anything. we all kinda just gave her a “really?” look and just got new stuff but like tethered it to our lawns.

she has a lot of dogs….that are the same. it’s so funny to see her walking all of them. she calls them her kids.

she’s a nice lady most of the time. she always brings jello with pineapple in it to the block party and then store bought cookies that she claims she makes herself. she paid me to take care of her FarmVille farm when she went on vacation once. like $200…..the desperation. lmao

i honestly don’t like thinking too hard about my appearance but i really don’t like my figure. i was born female but i don’t identify as female. i’m still unsure of my gender identity omg i feel like i may be demimale (i guess bigender) but it kind of fluctuates so i also feel like i could be genderfluid. either way i never feel 100% female or 100% male. i don’t mind any pronouns tho omg but i’d like the usage to balance out between he/him, she/her, and they/them (or whatever other pronouns people may use). however i do feel more comfortable with gender neutral and masculine pronouns. i’d also like my body to look more gender neutral fhdhagjd but i’m afraid i won’t be able to pull it off because of my feminine features. binding isn’t really much of an issue but i can’t do anything for my hiPS UGHHGHHSA BRUH LIKE I’M A PEAr anD my buTT IS ALSO KIND OF BIG AAA. idK I’M JUST GETTING LOTS OF MIXED FEELINGS ABOUT MY GENDER AND IT TIRES ME OUT A LOT OMG IDK AAAAA

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Rumor has it Bo's found a nice lady friend in Riften that he spends all his time with. There's even been talk of marriage between the two.

Halldis felt her heart sink, and a knot formed in her stomach, though, for the life of her, she could not explain why. It was not as though they were together, or ever had been. Why should it matter to her if he had found someone? They were friends, that was all.

“That’s…w-well, if that’s even true…w-which I sort of doubt, that seems…rather fast, but…b-but anyway, that’s good,” she forced a smile, “I’ll be very happy for him. He’s very sweet, and deserves to be happy.”

Nice lady

I bumped into the new Nepalese lady again. This time she was walking away with finality, and when I got to the daycare, her kid was not crying.

She seems nice. When I see most other moms, I don’t feel like being their friends at all. It might just be my prejudice but they seem so uptight and so Japanese and it makes me think of racist bitches and parents from school. But this lady seems cool.

I’m calling her a lady hit she is probably a lot younger than me.

Write Every Day- Day 188: guilt and gums

Every time I go to the dentist they rightfully shame me for how swollen and shitty my gums are.

And every morning that I wake up with swollen gums, I ponder my life and the anticipatory appointment and acknowledge once again, that I am not an adult.

I brush my teeth and my gums with my vibrating toothbrush in the shower and spit blood and hope the next pandora song is good.

This morning I got a text letting me know politely that a young lady I went on a date with had a nice time but wasn’t interested in a second date.

She had tried to ghost me but in my insane neuroses I had gotten tired of people ghosting me when my instincts told me that the person sitting across from me was enjoying themselves.

I told her I figured and I hoped she had a good one.

I had gotten better at accepting this sort of silence from my acting life, auditions, callbacks, hold. It’s all beyond your control, it’s all a sea of people searching for “the one”, or “the best option”. And I can’t blame them.

I did set up my new smart TV last night with the help of my roommate and even got my sound bar to work with an optical cable I’d never seen minutes after my roommate had given up and gone to bed.

“Yes!” I cried to my mostly empty apartment, for in that moment I was still no adult but I was at least, momentarily, “a man”.

Lots of auditions/callbacks today.

Really glad I disabled anonymous comments on my blog.

See yall soon.

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I want the H! [ hella late omg hkjlk for Hikari !! ]

Send me a “I want the H” and I will randomly generate a number!

5. “Far Too Long Since We’ve Seen Each Other” Hug

“Hey, I remember you!” Ludger paused to think of her name, but he couldn’t remember her telling him it at any point. Either that or he’d been too embarrassed at the time for his mind to register anything except the desire to avoid damaging his image further. “You were the nice lady who complimented my hair that one time! Normally I get told how I’m growing old already or how dumb dying my bangs is, so I remember these sorts of things. It’s pretty good to get some appreciation every once in a while.” 

Sort of awkwardly, the Kresnik stepped close to his acquaintance and very slowly slid his arms around her to give her a hug. As a firm believer in the magic of hugs, he wasn’t shy in giving those away even to people he met once once or twice. The fond memory helped in his confidence as well. 

“I hope you’ve been doing okay. I’ve been okay myself. Oh, and my name’s Ludger before I forget to tell you this time.”

The really nice lady across the street died…
My roomate was walking the dog before bed 30 minutes ago and her son was out front and asked if he had seen her at all this week, and said that they hadnt heard from her since monday. Her trash cans were still out front (trash day was monday) and she had a bunch of mail in her mailbox. Fire department and police showed up and they got into the house and apparently found her. Her other son showed up before they got into the house too.
She was such a nice lady, Id only talked to her a few times but I really liked her. She really wasnt even particularly old too…. Makes me realize I need to stop taking my mom for granted like Ive been doing

“Treat others as you wish to be treated" Spoke with a close friend of mine today. Long story short, Friend X and Friend Y met two girls this weekend. Hung out and then proceeded to later go out to a bar, where they spent a lot of money wining and dining these girls. Girl X is approached by some old fart who is way past his prime and is a C level celebrity. Girl then proceeds to LEAVE my friend to go hang out with him. Don’t use a guy just to further your agenda. These girls had no intention of hanging out with my friends, but knew that he could get them into the right places to meet someone else. I always see this at clubs with girls. Girls will enter with certain guys, just to be able to get in, and then later proceed to leave with a completely different group. Ladies, if we are nice enough to find time to take you out, wine and dine you, the least you could do is show us some respect. It’s rude, unfair, and pretty hurtful to be treated otherwise. At least have the courtesy to say thank you or do something that shows that you’re grateful. Friend X took these girls out with the best intention to show them around LA, have a good time, and this is how they treat him? It’s not about the money or even the time when it really comes down to it. All it is about is respect. Respect also doesn’t mean just saying “thank you for dinner”. Respect means being on time. Be respectful to me. If we agreed to meet at 6:30, don’t come out at 7 saying you’re late because you didn’t have time to do your eyebrows. It drives me crazy when people are late. Respect also means being courteous to other cultures. When you go out for sushi, don’t use your hands to eat sushi like a pig. And for the love of God PLEASE do not ask for a fork instead of using chopsticks. I’d rather just take you home and not have to deal with you rather than sit there feeling embarrassed. Respect means don’t cancel plans the day of and then later post snapchat phot 10OAK. Respect means respond in a reasonable fucking amount of time. You know who you are. Don’t lie to me or others that you were busy doing something or that you had to do this or that. You can respond to a text, because I see you on Instagram.

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Ah, hello!  I thought, “Why, what a nice, sweet lady for helping a poor, pitiful priest out in his time of need, really top notch.  Surely such kindness deserves a reward?”  And I thought, “Gingersnaps.  Yes, gingersnaps would properly express my gratitude.”