• me:ok, time to interact with these very nice people I just met :)
  • my brain:...fine with me, but first you might want to consider the following scenario: sooner or later you'll say The Wrong Thing and then the whole room will go quiet and everyone will be looking at you and They'll All Know that you're a Freak and a Liar and then you'll have to change your name and leave the country forever. But go ahead, it's whatever :)
  • me:on further reflection,

one thing no one ever really mentions about nyc/manhattan is that flowers are everywhere. esp in spring/summer when the farmer’s markets have them but even in winter the corner stores have bouquets out just waiting for you to buy them for a girl

greentaleteller replied to your post:so today, a nice lady at church called me ‘son’ in…

I still treasure the time a kid asked their parent if I was a girl or boy. :D

omg, tbh that was me last summer when i was working at this tutoring centre (i’m great with kids okay?) and the kids were always asking me if i was a boy or a girl. 

‘it’s a mystery’ i reply as i disappear in a vague cloud of ethereal being

me taking my 7 cockerels to the slaughter house: okay boys don’t be too mean to the nice lady now!! she was very polite to us. have a good time, and stay safe! *kisses each of their heads*