Heartsounds. More Pop-punk diggity jams. I like this dude’s voice.

Drifter (2011)—–>Easy Share

Until We Surrender (2009)—–>Mediafire


“I knew this day would come. I must make you over. It is the pact between my kind and yours - and in exchange, you buy us brunch sometimes.”

Concept: two girls in a fifties diner, with the kinda accents you only get if you’ve lived in Brooklyn all your life and take no nonsense from anybody.

One of them blows bubblegum obnoxiously in the other one’s face, the pink bubble bursting just short of her nose.

“Now you stop that, this here’s a respectable establishment.” The other girl protests, drawing a grin from bubblegum girl.

“Then heaven only knows what they’re doin’ lettin’ trouble like you in.” She smiles, swallowing the gum.

“Could say the same for you, baby doll.” Not bubblegum girl parries back, but  there’s a smirk on her face. She takes a sip of the giant chocolate milkshake set between them. “You ever wonder what they think of us?” She asks, glancing around the room.

“Not for one second, I got you, and I ain’t bothered about the rest of ‘em.”

“You gotta be a little bothered.”

“If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’.” Bubblegum girl says, and tangles her fingers inbetween the other girl’s. “Ain’t that what I say? If I’m lyin’, I’m dyin’. And I ain’t never lyin’ to you.”

“I worry, is all.”

Bubblegum girl squeezes her fingers tighter.

“Never got to worry. These losers, we’ll take 'em all, we’ll run this town one of these days. Or we’ll take off an’ never look back. Baby, we’re made from the stars and made for the stars. Why, I’d snub the moon if it meant lookin’ at your face one more night.”

“You’re a really sweetheart sometimes.”

“Don’t let my momma hear you say that, she’ll think I’ve gone soft.”

“But I know the truth.”

“Someone’s gotta.”

( * Hayley had to find a way to get past the hunger, to beat the bite of her nerves, but right now she didn’t have the heart to try. She had the anger, and the pain, and the betrayal all bottled into a nice little glass labeled ignore me. So she did. She swallowed every bit of it down, but the hunger. She had been out for blood - for both sustenance and pleasure - and as feeding did for any new vampire; it got a little out of hand. The blood had been cleaned up with a quick dip in the water - the frigid cold of the winter did nothing to shock her nerves back to life. Pulling her shirt on over her bra; she pulled the last shred of herself back together alongside a face that showed no emotion. 

#this is sorta what happened with Kenny and dawn but it took a nice turn at the end #TBH I really like Kenny because of this trope. as in it was a big flaw that he kept pushing dawn #but he overcomes it in the end and that’s so realistic for young kids?? they totally can act that way #but he grows from it and I’m sad he is still like…one of the most disliked characters or labeled a nice guy #I mean yeah he had that sort of thing going but it was that flaw that made him interesting!!! idk. I just…idk 


Which fanfic is this from? 

I kid, but seriously what happened in the canon is that he wanted Dawn to travel with him and she asked him time to make up her mind. Then he challenged Ash and insisted that he wanted to let the result of the battle make her decision.

He did push her in the sense that he had try to force her to make a decision with the outcome of the battle, which is definitely wrong.

But he definitely did not “kept pushing her”. He attempted to influence her decision by challenging Ash but she gently refused, stating that she wanted to travel with Ash and watch his league before doing anything else. They did leave on a good note after that. 

 His decision to push things by battling was also partially Brock’s wrong advise, for he pushed the “men should go for broke” principle (which is an old and misogynist line in the context). 

The fanon has made a logical extension out of this and interpreted Kenny as a loser who pushed to garner Dawn’s attention but was utterly rejected. This is a valid interpretation, as people are allowed to imagine the fanon they like. I mostly enjoy these jokes when they appear on the dash but at the same time we must remember where canon and fanon diverge and that is a pet peeve of mine.

This is just another example of the fandom confusing fanon and canon.

Music update: albums I'm currently listening to

(Thoroughly enjoyable stuff. All of them. Some are weirder than others, tho)

Dj spooky- songs of a dead dreamer
Linea aspera - self titled
Stiv bators - l.a. Confidential
Adam green - minor love
Dj Vadim - ussr: life from the other side
The stranglers- rattus norvegicus
Ron sexsmith- self titled
Marthematiques modernes- les visiteurs du soir
Kid koala - 12 bit blues
Abner jay - one man band
Molly drake - self titled compilation
Bobb Trimble - iron curtain innocence
Phil ochs - I ain’t marching anymore
Moe tucker - life in exile after abdication
Anita lane - dirty pearl
Victoria Williams - loose
Barbara Dane - I hate capitalist system
Connie converse - how sad, how lovely
Silver Apples - self titled
Digable planets- blowout comb

years before any psychiatrist/therapist suggested that i have bpd my family (my parents mainly) would constantly criticize me for my black and white thinking. it just made me so angry at myself??? i either hate or idolize someone (or i’m entirely indifferent i guess), a thing is either going to make or ruin my life, and i’ve been that way for as long as i can remember. anyway i don’t really kno where i’m going with this but i guess i wanted to say that labels are nice? like listen. i know black and white thinking isn’t great. but knowing there’s a reason i think like this is beyond comforting. for a while i thought i was just a flat-out shitty person. as much as i hate my mind and as much as i want to not think like this, i know it’s not 100% my fault and i know that this alone doesn’t make me a terrible human being

anonymous asked:

Hi!! Could you help me find some nice labels and names for a David Lambert FC? That'd be amazing :))

Aah I love The Fosters and David. Of course!

First names (based on his birth year and appearance, could also be middle names):

  • Kyle
  • Joshua
  • Austin
  • Alexander
  • Dylan
  • Christian
  • Jeremy
  • Shane
  • Daniel
  • Zachary

Last names (could not find ethnicity so, like Lambert, I tried to do Old English origins, but still please take these with a grain of salt):

  • Armistead
  • Bagley
  • Barnett
  • Combs
  • Dunn
  • Faulk
  • Frost
  • Garland
  • Hill
  • Kendrick

Label ideas (based off appearance):

  • The Boy Next Door - The guy that’s very wholesome and sincere. Doesn’t usually mess up, or deliberately try and cause anyone problems. And there tends to be a certain aura of innocence about him. (credit)
  • The MaMa’s Boy - Same as above but also has a certain dependency on his mother. (credit)
  • The Whiplash - Basically his mood can go from good to bad in a matter of seconds, people around him never know how to handle this him. (credit)
  • The Paladin - He upholds natural rights and laws, are extremely reverent towards authority figures, and put the priorities of other above their own. (credit)
  • The Ambivert - He is right in the middle in between introvert and extrovert, and has characteristics of both. (credit)
  • The Ethereal - He is always there, but he never seems to get to be the center of attention. (credit)
  • The Retrophile - He is a lover of all things of a past era (or eras) and collects objects from that era(s). (credit)
  • The Acataleptic - He is often misunderstood, despite what his intentions are, the actions are perceived the wrong way. (credit)
  • The Escapist - He is someone who enjoys being able to escape his reality, however he does that is up to you as a mun, and retreat into fantasy. (credit)
  • The Rationalist - He has to rely on reason to do what he does and believe what he does. (credit)