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My best friend recently figured out she was asexual and idk I just wanted to say I'm glad you found a label that fits! It's awesome to see even more LGBTQIA people on my dash. You rock and I LOVE your blog!(:

aw thanK YOU SO MUCh

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I dont mean to sound rude, but how are you aromantic and polyamorous? sorry if it sounded rude im just honestly confused

Hi anon! I’m actually demiromantic - it says aro on my description to keep things simpler (aesthetic: minimalism) - so I only feel romantically attracted to people I’ve forged extremely close emotional bonds with! I’m not even sure I’m polyamorous, tbh, maybe just open minded, but I am very okay with the idea of having multiple partners and can see myself doing so! 

Regardless, aromantic people can be polyamorous as well! I don’t think it’s very common, but I’ve found a couple of us. Despite common belief, aromantic people can be in romantic relationships, the same way that asexuals can have sex. Lack of attraction doesn’t automatically disqualify you from romantic relationships. It might make things a bit more complicated, but it doesn’t stop you. Also it’s important that QP relationships are just as valid as romanitc ones, and that aromantic people with multiple QPPs may feel comfortable identifying as polyamorous (polyamory means ‘many loves’ - queer platonic love counts as well!) smegandtheheads wrote a wonderful little zine that actually made me feel better about being aro and poly, and explained about how they come hand in hand - it’s here if you’d like to read it! It’s more about how poly and aromanticism can come hand in hand, but I found it explained to me (then identifying as full aro) that I could validly be both orientations. 

Thank you for asking so politely! I’m always happy to talk about aromanticism or just MOGAI orientations in general, so thank you so much for the ask!

“say you’re a grey pansexual or polysexual or whatever fits best for you”

y’all really will do anything to avoid admiting bi ppl are real and don’t all fit in the nice little shoebox labeled “male/female attraction” that you forced us in do y’all

and the proof I never learnt to adult properly

I am drinking ‘nice label’ sav blanc and it is so FUCKI ng dIUSTGSTING WHY DO HUMANS EEVN EDRINKING THIS GROSS CJRO:AAAAPP [splutter]


Sometimes, I’m not sure what I think about posts with blanket statements about things not being a phase.

Because they can be.

Don’t get me wrong. They also can not be. Some people know who and what they are from a very young age and it’s wonderful and there’s no need for phases. Some of us need a bit more time than that. Some of us need to experiment, and try on several labels before we can piece together that bits that make up us.

Neither is right or wrong. And it doesn’t make for as nice a label, icon, or t-shirt, no.

But… I don’t always think that everyone who thinks of themselves a certain way will say the same in ten years. Maybe they’ll experiment with gender, and find out that they do feel most comfortable as cis, but with a more genderfluid presentation. Maybe they’ll figure out that the heterosexuality that they thought they had was entirely due to socialization, and that actually they really are more comfortable in same-sex relationships. Maybe they’ll go completely to the other side, or end up back where they started, or end up somewhere in the middle and need to find their own ways to define themselves.

The point is, there is nothing at all wrong with phases. There is nothing at all wrong with certainties. There is nothing wrong with thinking you were certain about one thing, and changing your mind, or trying something, thinking it will pass, and ending up making it part of your long-term identity.

All of that is life. All of that is okay. And people should be free to try on as many labels as they need to, so they can find the ones that stick, whether that means falling into the right ones immediately, or trying on every last one they can find and seeing what works.

The best thing to do, that I can think of, is not to insist that things are phases or not phases at all. The best thing is to support, and educate, and be there for every part of the self-expressive and self-identifying journey.

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You don't understand the meaning of anti racism. Anti racism is equality. Don't categorize into "black" "white" "native" or whatever the fuck. You're being very racist against whites. Just stop fucking categorizing it. Were all humans. Who gives a fuck out skin colour. Skin colour doesn't make people assholes. Black can be assholes. Whites can be assholes. Natives can be asshole. But they can all be nice too. STOP. LABELING.

1. Please check your grammar
2. Please address me as queen when you talk to me
3. Why do you think your opinion is relevant to me?
4. As a black person I cannot be racist against whites.
5. Please check your grammar damn.