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I'm sure you've probably addressed this, but I missed it. What are your thoughts on Gary Johnson? Or a third party candidate in general?

The libertarian party could have given us a good candidate and taken advantage of this cluster fuck of an election year, but instead they gave us Gary “I look like I’m high during every public appearance” Johnson and his ridiculous VP choice. 

I’m unimpressed. But it’s par for the course for both this election year and the libertarian party in general. 

I would LOVE their to be a great 3rd party choice, but sadly there is not at this time. If Johnson can split the vote so no one gets the 270 votes needed that could be nice, but the House and Senate would still have to pick from the 3 with the most electoral college votes and so we’d still have either Clinton, Trump, or Johnson.

God fucking dammit. 

2016 is probably the worst year ever. 


“So maybe you’ll be an artist. You could be the next van Gogh or da Vinci. Your name could be written in history books for centuries to come. You’ll become another well known last name that doesn’t require a first name to differentiate you from anyone else. In the future, there will be art school students learning about Beaulieu’s style, and others trying to copy it. Maybe you’ll create an entire new movement in art.
You’ll make enough money that someday your mother and I will retire and live in a nice house by the beach, where I can brag about you to every passerby.
That may be my favorite of the futures I envision for you. But whatever your future, whatever talents you later discover, I know you will be the best at anything you choose.”

Fade, Santino Hassell & Ais

Restaurant Wars (spoilers)

Here we go week 2

“Off menu”


Pizza, French fry, pizza, French fry


The balance of the universe has been upset

Ronald has heelys

Pledge allegiance AND a brand omg

Oh my gosh Steven plz



This is so dumb omfg


her name is Jane OHIME SAMA

What even is happening

Yeah really nice atmosphere for his house

Pearl in that outfit

Some Chopped up in here


Garnet’s only lines were clapping omg

A row of vintage residences in Utica, New York on my recent July 22 visit.  The two on the left are very much like my own house some 70 miles north, which was built in 1840.  In fact their construction is better, using brick, as befits the abode of a citydweller (our own small town version is wood).  The house nearest us clearly needs work–it would be nice if this house can be saved–but its location may be working against it in a less than vibrant part of town.

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Noctis gently cupped his friend’s face, trying not to show how worried he was. "It’s okay.” They could sort this. Maybe. “Your name is Prompto and I’m your best friend, Noctis.” Baby steps. Don’t overload him with information. “You’re in my room right now.”

       “Either you’re lying or not telling me something,” said the blond. So his own name was Prompto, and that guy is Noctis. He moved away from the touch. There’s no way ‘best friend’ were his touchy-feely and cupping each other’s face. “Who are you really? Besides your name… Nice house, by the way. Love the ceiling.”